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Mary O’Connor

Mary O'Connor

Date of Birth: January 1, 1930
Hometown: United States
Best Quotes:

I'm never too old to make out in a car.

Oh, s**t!

How does he have pubes?

Mary O’Connor worked at the Playboy Mansion as Hugh Hefner‘s secretary for more than 40 years. She frequently appeared on the E! reality series The Girls Next Door, and the entire Playboy family was devastated by her death in January 2013.

Best Known For:
Mary is best known for working as Hugh Hefner’s secretary, and for appearing on E!’s The Girls Next Door.

Personal Life:
Mary was a phenomenal cook. The bunnies would frequently go to her house to have dinner as a way to relax. She was involved with a man named “Captain Bob” for more than 25 years. Sadly, he passed away before her. She also had a dog named Miss Kitty, as well as several birds.