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Manti Te’o

Manti Te'o

Date of Birth: January 26, 1991
Height: 6'2"
Hometown: Notre Dame, Indiana, United States
Best Quotes:

That has to be the hardest thing that I've had to do so far; to be able to operate, and to be able to try to continue with my daily routine, but knowing that I just lost two women that I truly loved. That was the hardest thing. And the other hardest thing was my girlfriend's service was the day of Michigan's game. And I remember when I found out I knew when they were going to close the casket and all that stuff, and it was during walk thru.

I think whenever you're in football, it takes your mind off a lot of things. You know, this team is very special to me, and the guys on it have always been there for me, through the good times and the bad times. I rarely have a quiet time to myself because I always have somebody calling me, asking, 'do you want to go to the movies.' Coach is always calling me asking me, 'Are you okay? Do you need anything?' I have three roommates, Zeke (Motta), Carlo (Calabrese) and Robby Toma, who are always yelling at each other, 'who's going to play Call of Duty.' I'm rarely by myself, and that's how I like it. I'm always around my guys, always around my family.

[I was the] victim of what was apparently someone's sick joke and constant lies. [That] was, and is, painful and humiliating.

Manti Te’o (born Manti Malietau Louis Te’o in Laie, Hawaii on January 26, 1991) is an American college football player as a linebacker for the University of Notre Dame. As a teenager, Manti was one of the most decorated high school athletes in Hawaii’s history. In 2012, Manti won eight postseason awards, becoming the most successful collegiate football player of all time. In 2013, Manti’s career was marred by a girlfriend hoax.

Best Known For:
Manti is best known for his football career successes and the girlfriend hoax that engulfed his life in 2012-2013.

Personal Life:
On September 11, 2012, Manti said that he suffered the loss of both his grandmother and girlfriend, Stanford student Lennay Kekua, within the span of one day. His “girlfriend” supposedly endured a car accident and died after battling leukemia. On January 16, 2013, Deadspin outed the football player as a liar, claiming the girl in question never existed. Notre Dame addressed the story on Jan. 16, claiming Manti was a victim of a Catfish-esque hoax, saying someone posed as a girl named Lennay online, fooling Manti during his relationship that was “exclusively online.” However, this contradicts previous accounts of their relationship, which say they had met after a football game and that she visited him in Hawaii.

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