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Dustin Hoffman

Also Known As: Dustin Lee Hoffman, Tootsie, Hook

Dustin Hoffman

Date of Birth: August 8, 1937
Height: 5'5"
Hometown: Los Angeles, California, United States
In a Relationship With:
Lisa Hoffman
Best Quotes:

I feel cheated never being able to know what it's like to get pregnant, carry a child and breast feed.

I mean, I don't think I'm alone when I look at the homeless person or the bum or the psychotic or the drunk or the drug addict or the criminal and see their baby pictures in my mind's eye. You don't think they were cute like every other baby?

I envy people who can just look at a sunset. I wonder how you can shoot it. There is nothing more grotesque to me than a vacation.

Dustin Hoffman (born Dustin Lee Hoffman in Los Angeles on August 8, 1937) is a famous American actor and director who has starred in various films, television shows and on-stage productions over the past fifty years. He has won two Academy Awards (out of seven nominations), six Golden Globes (out of 13 nominations, and four BAFTAs. As an actor, he has starred in serious films like Rain Main and hilarious films, like Tootsie and the Meet the Parents series. One of his most famous roles is playing the student who was seduced by an older woman (Anne Bancroft) in The Graduate.

Best Known For:
Dustin Hoffman is best known for his amazing roles in The Graduate, Tootsie, Rain Main and All the President’s Men.

Personal Life:
Dustin Hoffman has been married twice –first in 1969 to Anne Byrne. Dustin adopted Anne’s daughter from a previous marriage. The couple split in 1980, and Dustin got married again to Lisa Hoffman. They have four children together.