Say Bye-Bye to Unwanted Hair With the Best Permanent Hair Removers

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From razor blades to waxes, hair removal techniques have come a long way in this day and age. Whether it's creams or laser hair removals, the variety of permanent hair removers has never been more plentiful!

While the former can cause allergic reactions, the latter will empty your bank account faster than Amazon's Black Friday sale. So if you're looking for a permanent hair removal device that is safe to use and painless, consider opting for an at-home IPL-equipped permanent hair remover.

Haven’t heard of it? These devices apply a gentle burst of light to your hair's roots. By interfering with their growth cycle, these gadgets can offer a permanent solution to your unwanted hair woes. Here are the leading permanent hair removers of 2022!

To help you discover only the best brands, we’ve curated a list of the leading permanent hair removers 2022 has to offer!

Our Favorite Permanent Hair Remover Worth Considering in 2022

Aopvui Permanent Hair Remover  —  Top Pick

Starting things off with a bang, we have this permanent hair removal device from Aopvui! It utilizes sophisticated IPL technology to provide you with quick and efficient results, and when it comes to quickness Aopvui claims you can do full-body hair removal with this device in just 15 minutes!

Allowing you to use it on any body part, you can switch between two modes. You can also adjust the energy levels on this device, depending on your hair color and skin tone.

Approved by the FDA, this option also boasts an ergonomic grip which makes it extremely easy to hold.


  • Quality construction enhances longevity
  • Comfortable to hold for long periods
  • Suitable for all body parts


  • Doesn't work as well with darker skin tones

JOOYEE Permanent Hair Remover  —  Best Value

Similar to our top pick, this permanent hair-removing device from JOOYEE is also equipped with the safe and effective technology of IPL. You can use these flashes to remove the hair from various body parts using the manual mode. And when it comes to smaller areas, JOOYEE recommends using the device's auto mode.

Coming to you with five flash intensity settings to cater to myriad skin tones and sensitivities, customers particularly appreciate the ergonomic shape of the remover and how easy it is to use!


  • Results are visible in a very short period
  • Amazing price to performance ratio
  • Painless, effective operation


  • Overheats a bit at the highest setting

ARTOLF Permanent Hair Remover  —  Best for Thick Hair

The ARTOLF Permanent Hair Remover comes equipped with a Xenon quartz light tube that is good for 999,900 flashes. Since this pick offers five control settings to accommodate different skin types, these flashes can be of varying intensities.

To further add to the adjustability options, this hair-removing device also offers two modes to cater to both large and small areas. This option also comes with a handy instructional manual that explains how to use it.

So if you’re not as tech-savvy, you can rest assured that ARTOLF is beginner-friendly!


  • Clear and concise instructions 
  • Cutting time is efficient


  • Prone to overheating

Huieter Permanent Hair Remover  —  Best for Beginners

The IPL bulb on this permanent hair-removing device from Huieter gives you 999,999 flashes. This is roughly equivalent to a full 20 years of treatment! You can emit these flashes in auto or manual modes, depending on the area you'd like treated.

Huieter claims you can get done with full-body hair removal in less than 10 minutes, and if you’re looking for quicker results you can rest assured the processing time takes up to eight weeks.

Another plus? These 10-minute sessions won't be painful as this device works to gently zap away at your hair with minimal heat and zero burns.


  • The process takes only 10 minutes
  • Lightweight and easy to hold


  • It may take some time to see results

Xikkpaa Permanent Hair Remover  —  Multiple Light Settings

999,999 flashes of high-quality IPL are offered by this permanent hair remover from Xikkpaa. The remaining flashes are displayed on a big and bright LED screen, and customers particularly appreciate the smart technology.

Ensuring the device only flashes once it is in close contact with your skin to protect your eyes, if you love a good brand that offers extra accessories you’ll find total joy in the featured eye goggles!


  • Features five light settings 
  • Works great on all body parts


  • It is a little expensive

Permanent Hair Removers: A Buyer’s Guide

This comprehensive buyer's guide will help you differentiate between quality and not-so-quality permanent hair removers.

Things to Consider

Continue reading to familiarize yourself with some key things to look for in a permanent hair removal device.


Like any electronic device, safety is a priority. Look for models with a safety switch that only toggles the flash once the device touches your skin.

Prioritize ones that come with a pair of safety goggles and have some sort of third-party certification to their name. You can also browse through some customer reviews to get a better idea about your permanent hair remover's safety features.


Your new at-home hair remover must also be compatible with your skin and hair type. To promote best buying practices, look for models that come with adjustable intensity settings to cater to maximum categories.

To enhance your buyer’s knowledge, you can also take a look through some customer testimonials. Past buyer experiences can inform you of the pros and cons of your new device, and when it comes to major flaws this exposure can save you from purchasing a subpar product!

The Average Cost of Permanent Hair Removers

As far as the dollar signs go, you can expect to pay anywhere between $70-$120 for a new IPL-equipped permanent hair removal solution. Generally speaking, higher-priced models will be equipped with more power and adjustability settings.

To add to this, they will probably have some sort of third-party certification to their name.

Buying Tips

Here are two killer tips to help you make a more informed choice when selecting a new permanent hair remover for yourself:


It's no good owning a hair-removing device that is a hassle to hold or operate. This is why we recommend only opting for ones with an ergonomic shape and design. You can get a better idea of how to hold or use your new gadget by going through some customer reviews.


Every brand in this market will push forth its product as being the most effective. What you need to ensure is that the product is actually effective.

To promote best buyer practices, avoid brands that boast of quality yet have a low customer rating. Another red flag is a brand that has no customer reviews.

How Did We Shortlist Our Favorite Permanent Hair Removers?

Here are some factors we kept in mind while curating our list:


Buying a separate hair remover for different body parts is a hassle. Let's not forget how it isn't exactly easy on the pocket either. This is why we made sure to only shortlist models that were versatile enough to be used all over the body by simply toggling between modes.


As far as longevity factors went, we prefer devices that came with some sort of warranty package. We also made sure to only select IPL hair removers that were well-made and didn't require you to replace their epilation cartridges.