The Best Leg Waxes for Soft, Smooth Legs

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We can all agree that leg waxing services at the salon are expensive. A half leg alone can rack up your bill to upwards of $50. Let's also not forget the endless wait times and the oh-so-dreadful traffic. However, many people will sacrifice their money and time to save themselves from the painful ordeal of DIY waxing. Well, today, we'll take you through the top leg waxes in 2022 that make at-home waxing just as painless and effective as the one ‌by the esthetician at a high-end salon.

Finding such remarkable waxing kits can be ‌hairy (come on, we had to!). So, to help you sort out the endless options on the market, we'll supplement our “best of” list with a comprehensive buyer's guide. Excited to get a perfect and painless DIY wax? Well, let's dive right in!

Premier Leg Wax in Detail

KoluaWax Leg Wax  —  Best Overall

These hard wax beads from KoluaWax have been planned using Coconut Oil, which provides nourishment to your skin after each use. Speaking of use, applying this leg wax is super simple. You just need to melt the required amount of wax beads and then apply the wax to the designated area using one of the 10 disposable spatulas that come included.

Pull the hardened wax in the opposite direction from the hair growth and tada! Hello, soft and smooth-shaven legs! The KoluaWax Leg Wax comes in a 1-lb bag. And along with the 10 disposable applicators, you also get a handy manual to get started with your waxing routine. While there is a lot to like about this pick, its ease of use has won it the top spot on our list.


  • Coconut Oil formulation makes it great for sensitive skin
  • Wax beads have a very pleasant, fruity smell
  • The application is super simple, and wax spreads easily


  • Not great for extremely thick hairs

Waxkiss Leg Wax  —  Best Strips

The Waxkiss waxing strips ‌make your life easier and remove any undesirable hair from your body in no time. These strips do not come with the wax, though. So, you’ll need to buy a soft hair removal wax on your own.

These non-woven leg wax strips measure 9 x 3 inches so they can provide waxing coverage to large portions at once. You can also easily trim these strips down to a specific length and apply them to smaller areas. You can opt for 200 or 300 strips per pack. Regardless of the option you go for, your product will be backed by a 100% money-back guarantee in case you're not satisfied with the purchase.


  • Offers great waxing coverage
  • High durability and stretchiness
  • Comes with a full refund guarantee


  • It might be hard to remove because of the thickness

Cirepil Leg Wax  —  Premium Pick

Unlike our previous pick, these hard wax beads from Cirepil do not require any strips to take off your hair. You simply need to melt the beads on a warmer and go about spreading the thing on the required area. Also, this area doesn't have to be restricted to the legs. You can use this option on your face, chest, arms, armpits, and bikini line too!

The best part about the Cirepil Leg Wax is that it is completely safe for your skin. It is loaded with a powerful polymer formula to ensure easy spreading and no sticking. You can grab this pick in a 14-ounce tin or a refill bag that weighs 14 or 28 ounces.


  • All cruelty-free ingredients
  • Gentle and pain-free hair removal 
  • Suitable for all hair types


  • Produces an unpleasant odor upon microwaving

GiGi Leg Wax  —  Softest Wax

The Gigi all-natural soft wax formula leaves your skin smooth, thanks to its honey-infused formulation, which gently exfoliates your skin. This exfoliation ensures a virtually painless wax.

This pick can deal with all skin types, including dry, combination, oily, and sensitive skin. As far as packaging goes, you can opt for a five or 13-ounce tub or portable plastic bottles that contain 2.8 ounces of wax fluid.


  • All-natural ingredients formula
  • Smooth skin after-results
  • Appropriate for all skin types
  • Amazing price point


  • Difficult to remove

Lifestance Leg Wax  —  Best for Beginners

This package includes 1 pound of hard wax beads, coupled with ten disposable waxing tools. The beads themselves have been made from high-quality, all-natural ingredients. Once melted, they give off a creamy texture that is easy to spread.

Speaking of melting, this leg wax has a low melting point. This means you don't have to wait too long to use it. Lifestance claims it only takes 10 minutes to melt 3.5 ounces of it. This pick comes in three varieties: green wax, pink wax, and off-white. You can also reclaim your money within two months of purchase if you're not satisfied.


  • The creamy texture makes it easy to spread
  • Quick application due to low melting point of beads


  • Leaves a waxy residue on the skin sometimes

Buying Guide: Leg Waxes

Before you go about buying a DIY kit to wax your legs at home, you must know these tips and tricks to make a more informed choice.

What Are the Different ‌Leg Waxes?

The two types of leg waxes are:

  • Hard leg wax
  • Soft leg wax

Both types are made to effectively strip off hair in some capacity or the other. There is a difference, though. Let's talk about this difference in a bit more detail:

Hard leg wax

Hard leg waxes usually come in bead form. You're supposed to melt them and then apply the paste to your leg using an applicator or spatula. The wax hardens. That's where this type gets its name from. You're then supposed to pull the wax off. Hard waxes are great for people with sensitive skin.

Soft leg wax

Unlike its hard-formed cousin, soft leg wax does not harden when applied. Therefore, you need a cloth strip to apply this type of wax. When you pull off the strip, the wax removes the hairs on the area ‌effectively and you don't have to repeat the process for the same area.

What Should You Know Before Getting a New Wax for Your Legs?

We recommend making a note of these two things before you enter the market for a new leg wax:


You must decide on a quantity, depending on how often you wax your legs. The tip here is to go for a smaller net weight if it's your first time going DIY and then scaling it up with time.


Your new leg wax must be easy to apply, spread, and remove. We recommend going through some customer reviews to get a better idea of this.

Buying Tips

Now, ‌look at these two tips that are sure to help you make a better decision when in the market for a new leg wax:


If you're opting for hard wax, consider products that come with the applicator. Granted, you can always get a wax spatula separately, but why spend the extra dime when your new kit can come with all the essentials included?


Leg waxes can come in either scented or unscented variants. While unscented wax should be the way to go for people with sensitive noses, you can also go for ones that leave a fruity smell on your legs. Just make sure this scent is pleasant enough and not too overwhelming. You can go through some customer testimonials to get a better idea about this.

What to Consider When Buying Leg Wax

Let's end this section off by taking you through these two key considerations you must make when selecting a wax for leg hair removal:

What should it contain?

From nourishing butter to moisturizing honey, the finest quality leg waxes will offer a lot more than simple hair removal. They will leave your legs super smooth. Such nourishing formulas are worth keeping an eye out for.

What should it not have?

Your new leg wax must not contain any toxic chemicals or potential allergens. If you suffer from any skin conditions or are prone to allergies, make sure you consult your dermatologist before buying a new waxing kit.