Walk Around in Style With the Best Shoes for Men

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Shoes are a vital piece of every man’s attire. Whether you are very enthusiastic about your appearance or simply wish to wear functional clothing, your outfit is never complete without shoes. Some men purchase shoes because of how effective they are for sporting activities, while others choose formal alternatives for use at their workplace. Whatever your preferences are, you can find the perfect choice by exploring the leading shoes for men in 2023 highlighted in this buying guide. 

Shoes of top-notch quality are expected to look good, fit the wearer perfectly, and last a long time without getting damaged. It is even more impressive if a pair of men’s shoes have these remarkable features without being over-the-top when it comes to cost. While shoes like these may sound far-fetched, the truth is that they exist! Below is a guide on selecting glorious pairs of men’s shoes.

Comparing the Top Shoes For Men of 2023

Under Armour Shoes  —  Best Overall

shoes for men reviews

Key Features

  • Mesh material makes the shoe breathable
  • Solid rubber sole for increased durability
  • 11 color choices provide selection versatility 
  • The charged cushioning midsole improves responsiveness
  • EVA sock liner ensures the shoe’s comfort

The Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 9 is the first awesome men’s shoe on our list, and it is everything you need. Its midsoles design and overall lightness make the shoe convenient, responsive, and perfect for running. And are you a fashion enthusiast? If you are, these shoes will definitely match your unique fashion tastes as there are several color options for you to choose from. 


  • The shoe is both lightweight and comfy
  • Its designs are very attractive
  • The shoe retains its quality for long


  • It is not appropriate for formal use

KPP Shoes  —  Most Affordable

shoes for men reviews

Key Features

  • Slip-resistant sole for safety while running
  • The breathable mesh ensures comfort
  • The lightweight build makes them great for running
  • Quality midsole support and cushioning

 If you want a pair of shoes that combines affordability and top-notch quality, the KPP Men’s Running Shoes are worth considering. These shoes make athletic activities a lot easier, as they weigh little and are designed to hold the feet snugly and comfortably.

These KPP shoes are versatile fashion accessories; there are 11 design variations to choose from! 


  • They are more affordable than other similar shoes
  • You can use them for multiple sporting activities
  • The shoes are durable and scratch-resistant


  • The maximum size is not very large

GOOBON Shoes  —  Best for Workouts

shoes for men reviews

Key Features

  • Air cushion sole absorbs impact vibration
  • Rubber soles prevent slipping during workouts 
  • Breathable fabric for a comfy feel

When it comes to gym footwear, there is no better pair than the GOOBON Air Shoes for Men. These shoes also have a high number of design variations (13), meaning you will most likely find one you love. So whether you’re heading to the tracks, taking a walk down the street, or turning up for a casual party, these are the shoes to be rocking! 


  • You will not slip while using these shoes
  • They are very comfortable 
  • The shoes provide support and sufficient bounce
  • They are durable


  • Their maximum size is 12

New Balance Shoes  —  Best for Trail Running

shoes for men reviews

Key Features

  • The leather and mesh upper fit is convenient and lightweight
  • Midsole cushion for non-stop comfort
  • The Rubber outsole is great for outdoor trails

Among shoes designed for running, some are specifically made for trail running, and the New Balance Men’s 481 V3 Trail Running Shoe is the apex product. This pair of shoes weighs little and has an impressive, rugged appearance appropriate for outdoor use.


  • The shoe is strong enough for outdoor running
  • It remains comfortable throughout its use
  • It comes in eye-catching designs


  • It costs more than basic running shoes

Dr. Scholl's Shoes  —  Best for Formal Occasions

mens shoes review

Key Features

  • Lycra collar for comfort when worn
  • Faux-leather build for traditional Oxford design
  • Six colors for different appearances
  • The 1-inch raised sole is comfy

Unlike other shoes on this list, Dr. Scholl’s Men’s Sync Oxford is not a casual shoe for running or other sporting activities. Like most Oxfords, this pair of shoes is great for formal attire and should be your choice when going to the office or a business meeting.

These shoes also come in different colors, meaning you can find one you prefer over others.


  • These shoes are very durable
  • The available colors will suit your dress sense
  • The lace is convenient to use


  • They are not compatible with casual wears

Finding the Top Shoes For Men: A Buyer's Guide

People are more likely to notice your shoes than anything else. This is because they have evolved into a must-have fashion accessory rather than just a foot protection accessory.

The good news is, there are several shoes available for purchase, based on function and appearance. So to help you choose correctly, here is a buying guide that includes important information about the features of men's shoes and their functions.

What Are the Most Common Types of Shoes For Men?

People wear several types of shoes regularly, but some are used more often than others. Here are a few of the outstanding shoe categories.

Oxford shoes

If you are a fan of footwear, you will not be surprised that the first shoe on our list is the Oxford shoe. Oxfords originated in Ireland and Scotland, and they are named after Oxford University, where they attained a high level of popularity. Sometimes called Balmorals, you won’t be wrong if you say that Oxfords are the most important formal dress shoes.

The majority of Oxfords are brown and black because both colors are versatile and can be combined with different formal outfits. Oxfords, however, are formal shoes and should not be combined with informal clothing. The notable specs of Oxfords are their sleek design and their lace-up closure.

Based on variations in design, there are different types of Oxford shoes, including wingtips, cap-toes, saddles, whole-cut, and classic Oxfords. While leather is the main material used to manufacture Oxfords, faux leather, canvas, and suede are other common alternatives.

Chelsea boots

With their bold and unmistakable appearance, Chelsea boots are easily among the popular shoe types that have softened the hearts of men. Chelsea boots are large, stylish shoes that give wearers a solid, rugged look.

These eye-catching footwear are classified as boots and not just shoes because of their design, covering the foot, ankle, and lower leg parts. In addition, Chelsea boots do not have laces, but instead, they are equipped with a pull loop at the back and stretchy side panels, making it easier to wear these shoes.

Chelsea boots are versatile when it comes to function, as they can be paired with both dress suits and jeans, making them great for formal and semi-casual appearances. Chelsea boots have rounded tips, are made from either suede or leather, and are often colored tan, black, or brown.


Loafers are yet another type of shoe that do not have laces or any type of closure, but instead, they stretch to accommodate the wearer’s feet. There are no shoes better than a pair of loafers when it comes to a combination of comfort, ease of use, and versatility.

Since they do not have zips or laces, you can simply slip your feet into a pair of loafers. Also, their appearance is a blend between corporate and casual, meaning you can wear them to your place of work, on a date, or for a fun night out with friends.

For variety, some loafers are decorated with tassels and come in a wide range of colors. You can also don these pieces of footwear with or without socks. Loafers are similar to moccasins, but the main difference is that moccasins have laces while loafers do not.


This category of shoes is not a distinct shoe type on its own but rather, refers to a group of shoes decorated with hole-like patterns around the toe cap or sides. Simply speaking, any shoe with these decorative patterns is called a brogue. Loafers, Oxfords, and Chelsea boots can be categorized as brogues as long as they have this distinct feature.

Brogues are important because their design provides a creative escape from the plain appearance that many formal or dress shoes have. So, if you are looking for a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal, get a pair of brogue shoes. 


The final shoe type on our list, sneakers, is perhaps the most popular, particularly among younger or sports-inclined folks. Sneakers are a refreshing break away from the formal or semi-formal shoes that have been explored above.

If you are a fan of casual clothing, you can combine your jeans with sneakers for the perfect relaxed look. Also, you should grab a pair of sneakers if you have an active schedule that requires you to do a lot of moving around.

Sneakers are perfectly comfortable since their interior is usually soft. They're also lightweight, ensuring that your feet won’t hurt even after extended use. Apart from regular sneakers for walking about, some variations are specially designed for sporting activities like running and hiking.

Since sneakers serve casual and athletic functions, there is no limit to the number of available colors and designs. So if you are on the hunt for sneakers, the large number of variations should make it easy for you to find a pair that suits your specific requirements.

What Should I Consider When Choosing Shoes For Men?

You should keep in mind several points when scouting for men’s shoes. Some of these points are explained below.


The appearance of your shoe is the most obvious feature that you should look out for when making a choice. There are numerous options for you if you want a flashy shoe, as well as if your tastes are more conservative. 


The size of a shoe is the next item on the list of characteristics that you should never ignore. Note that the size of the shoe highlighted by the manufacturer may differ from the size chart used in your country. So to avoid getting a pair that is either too big or too small for your feet, make sure you find the corresponding size based on your country's chart.


Shoe type is directly tied to its function, and some noteworthy shoes have been discussed in the previous sections. If you want a corporate look, you can go for Oxfords or Chelsea boots. Loafers are ideal for a semi-casual combination with jeans, while sneakers are great for casual outings or sporting activities.