Forget About Adjustments With the Best Ratchet Belts for Men

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All men wear belts. While they can appreciate the style that a belt can add to a man’s attire, they can also relate to the struggles of wearing a belt, particularly adjustment. Think about the belts you’ve worn and how often you were able to achieve a perfect fit. Close to none, we reckon, as traditional belts come with only five to seven 1” adjustments, forcing you to plow through them as you try to find a reasonable fit, ragging them in the process.

However, traditional belts with holes are soon to become a thing of the past as rachet belts, particularly for men, slowly catch the trend. Ratchet belts feature a ratchet system that latches onto the leather and provides a unique look for the buckle. Additionally, they give the user a choice between around thirty micro-adjustment slots, helping them find a custom fit in a matter of seconds. If you’re looking for one yourself, we’ve listed some of the most popular ratchet belts for men in 2022!

Leading Ratchet Belts for Men Reviewed in Detail

CHAOREN Ratchet Belt  —  Best Overall

If you’re looking for a ratchet belt that performs well in all departments, then look no further than the CHAOREN ratchet belt for men. Being 1 and 3/8” in width, it is made from 100% genuine leather and comes attached with a scratch-resistant buckle, toping many in terms of durability. Moreover, they come with ¼” adjustments, so you can stay rest assured as far as flexibility is concerned because it will be able to handle any fluctuation in weight.

The CHAOREN ratchet belt is quite simple to understand and use, allowing you to adjust the ratchet system with a click of the buckle and forget about ugly belt holes for the rest of your life. Furthermore, the ratchet system also ensures that your leather would stay protected and prevent your belt from suffering from tears and bends contributed by traditional belt holes. 


  •     Can trim down to your desired length
  •     Provides exceptional comfort
  •     The belt is featured in 5 different sizes
  •     Good for gifting as it comes in a premium box with the belt wrapped in special paper


  •     Limited in terms of color and design choice due to its minimalist finish
  •     Difficult to store due to its sturdiness and resistance to rolling up

Mark Fred Ratchet Belt  —  Most Functionality

Mark Fred manufactures its products intending to deliver the most functionality, and they indeed have not failed with their ratchet belt for men. In the case of ratchet belts for men, functionality implies flexibility, which has been served well with the embossed size markings on the belt strap. These make it easy to measure and trim the belt to achieve that tailored fit you always wanted. What’s more, this belt comes with a unique latching mechanism: an automatic buckle where you only need to slide the strap, and the belt will auto lock!

Furthermore, the Mark Fred ratchet belt is made from high-quality Italian premium leather, which, when paired with a fine metal buckle, calls for a smooth yet sturdy finish. Additionally, the best part about this belt is that it is colored differently on both sides, where you can alternate between the two with ease thanks to its reversible ratchet – two colors, one belt!


  •     Comes in a wide variety of colors, ranging from black and navy to brown and white
  •     Sleek and stylish design with a charming matte touch
  •     Designed for both professional and casual settings


  •     Not very light and ideal to store on regular belt hangers
  •      Requires attaching the buckle, which can be relatively tedious to setup

Bulliant Ratchet Belt  —  Most Exotic

If you’re the type of man who prioritizes style over functionality and are simply looking for a well-fitting ratchet belt that looks stunning, then you’ve come to the right place. Variation of different color combinations as well as a wide range of designs, the BULLIANT slide ratchet belt has it all – more than a belt designer, you can as well call them a belt designer. Made from 100% genuine leather, this ratchet belt for men is reasonably durable and exceptionally soft, providing you with satisfactory comfort.

Furthermore, it comes attached with a metal buckle, which, while varies in color and design, has a strong zinc coating, making it scratch-resistant. Additionally, this belt is all the more exquisite. It comes packed in an elegant, premium box that can directly be presented as a gift to anyone special without mustard of doubt!


  •     Comes with 32 ratchet notches, each constituting 1.25” of micro-adjustment
  •     Soft leather makes for a comfortable experience
  •     Extremely exquisite due to its wide variety of colors and designs
  •     100% guarantee which is backed up by full refunding and/or free replacement


  •     Quite expensive and not easily affordable for most men
  •     Requires time to set up due to preliminary adjustments such as strap trimming

Columbia Ratchet Belt  —  Best for Outdoors

As ratchet belts for men are tailored more towards indoor settings, Columbia has come up with a hybrid solution that works for outdoor situations – their military-style ratchet belts! Made from 100% imported cotton, this product speaks “casual” more than anything else, meant for both day-to-day activities as well as outdoor adventures such as camping and hiking. Its hybrid is further reinforced with Columbia’s brand image, which is very well-known in the international market for manufacturing hybrid garments.

This hybrid ratchet belt for men saves you the trouble of having to browse through several waist sizes by giving you only one choice. While that may seem inflexible, fret not, for it comes integrated with a strap that is 1 and ½” inches that easily be adjusted and fastened to fit a wide range of waist sizes. Additionally, they come with a hefty range of six colors, ranging from beige and charcoal to red and brown, accommodating most fashion dynamics.


  •     Provides great comfort with its flexible cotton fitting
  •     Extremely affordable for what it has to offer


  •     Hand-wash only, being unable to be cleaned in washing machines

Timberland Ratchet Belt  —  Most Durable

As ratchet belts for men are generally much pricier than their traditional counterparts, many would still find them preferable and, thus, quite relevant. If you’re one of those people who seek a neat belt, regardless of whether it has holes, then the Timberland PRO leather belt has you covered! Made from 100% genuine leather, this belt ranks as the most durable on this list, designed for both casual, day-to-day activities as well as heavy-duty, on-site operations.

Furthermore, even though this belt has holes (which would concern any man regarding adjustability), the manufacturers have tried their utmost to ensure you achieve the best fit possible. This is very apparent because they offer a whopping range of eleven sizes for just this belt alone.


  •     Delivers maximum comfort due to its superior material and lightweight
  •    Guarantees the best fit if you order one size larger than your pant size


  •     Hand-wash only, being unable to be processed in washing machines

Features To Look for in a Men's Ratchet Belt: A Buyer's Guide

Now that you know all the different choices there are in ratchet belts for men, it is up to you to determine which one is best suited for your needs. This would require a decent level of analysis into your surroundings as we want you to get your money’s worth, nothing less or nothing more. We have tried our best to make this process easy for you by piecing together a guide consisting of some important pointers that you should mainly base your purchase decision on.

Do Men Need a Ratchet Belt?

Who are you kidding, waste sizes rarely remain static and are often victim to various ups and downs throughout the year. Despite these constant fluctuations, a traditional belt usually provides five to seven 1" spaced holes – is that sufficient? No, because belts tend to be too tight or too loose with such limited adjustability. A ratchet belt for men eliminates this problem by replacing holes with over thirty small teeth-like notches lined on a nylon track sewn into the leather belt's back. This allows you to easily snug the belt to match your exact waist whenever you need to, resulting in a perfect yet consistent fit!

Factors To Consider Before Buying a Ratchet Belt for Men


What material do you want your ratchet belt to be manufactured from is one of the most important considerations to make. While durability is something that everyone ideally wants, the degree of durability required will depend on the sort of situations you will mostly be putting yourself in whilst wearing a ratchet belt. For instance, leather is a prevalent material that can cater to heavy-duty purposes – while it can be compatible with casual settings, do note that it is pretty sturdy and relatively heavy. On the other hand, nylon webbing is more suited for everyday wear and is significantly more comfortable and lighter, albeit it can get easily damaged in harsh conditions.


The buckle is what makes a ratchet belt a ratchet belt. Buckles are spring-loaded components that require to be attached to the leather/nylon strap, constituting the heart of the ratchet system, without which you would not be able to make any adjustments. Buckles can come with certain functionalities of key interest. For instance, some buckles have a locking mechanism that enables an effortless and precise strap adjustment with respect to your waist. On the other hand, some buckles make it easy to remove belts with the help of a side lever, which, when pressed, unlocks the buckle; this is particularly useful if you’re fond of attaching different buckles to the same strap for the sake of diversity.


While some people view ratchet belts for their pure functionality, many perceive them as a thing of beauty that, on top of doing what they do best, also brings their attire up a notch. If you’re the kind of person who’s going to be wearing your ratchet belt specifically to notable events, then you should experiment. Many brands manufacture ratchet belts with a wide choice in both design and color, helping you choose a combination that best complements your formal attire. On the other hand, however, if you’re going to be wearing your ratchet belt for day-to-day activities, then your criteria on design and colors need not be so strict.