Improve Your Game With the Best Hockey Skate Insoles

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Hockey is one of the most exciting games and has various formats and rules. To play skate hockey, one must have appropriate apparel and accessories to enhance comfort and convenience. If you are a hockey player looking for extra foot support, we recommend you get hockey skate insoles. This product is designed to support your posture and protect you from injuries. We have reviewed the most premium and high-quality hockey skate insoles of 2022 so you can upgrade your performance. That’s not all. You will also get a detailed buyers guide featuring the consideration factors types of hockey in source and the material they are made from. Ready to upgrade the way you play? Let's start this article without any further ado for your ultimate skating experience.

Reviewing the Popular Hockey Skate Insoles of 2022

Superfeet Hockey Skate Insoles  —  Best Overall

Our first pick is the Superfeet Hockey Skate Insoles. They are developed to offer more structure and support to your shoes while maintaining posture even when playing under critical conditions. This product features therapeutic foam cushioning, ensuring that the muscles are not damaged. Its pain-relieving design and deep heel cup reduce tension and allow you to perform better on the hockey field. The shock-absorbing capabilities keep your feet safe from injuries.

These insoles are made of EVOlyte carbon fiber that encourages enduring use with maximum arch support. They come in a range of sizes and are ideal for both men and women. We chose this as our top recommendation because of its longevity and foot support.


  • Made from enduring and long-lasting material
  • Protect you from injuries while maintaining a foot angle
  • Helps maintain posture during the game


  • The narrow design does not suit everyone

EasyFeet Hockey Skate Insoles  —  Flat-Foot Support

The Easyfeet Running Insoles are designed for those with different conditions like flat foot, heel spurs, bunions, and other medical concerns. It highlights a high-arch design, allowing them to run without pain. They have a versatile use that encourages you to participate in numerous activities such as sports, walking, hiking, or everyday use. This item is constructed with a firm TPU cushion and a memory foam foundation to reduce stress while boosting breathability.

The anti-pronation biochemical reinforcement technology in these insoles provides exceptional support to maintain posture and the spinal area while cushioning your feet. This keeps you secure from accidental falls and injuries. This insole pair is available in various sizes, so you can find a perfect fit without alterations.


  • Made for people with foot conditions
  • Keeps aeration maintained and reduces stress on feet
  • Available for a variety of foot sizes


  • The thin front section needs some additional padding

Uisui Hockey Skate Insoles  —  Versatile Sizes

The Uisui Hockey Skate Insoles are made from PU memory foam that delivers utmost comfort and stability during use. They are available for men, women, and children of all ages, so you don't have to alter them with a knife. This article boasts a high-elastic body that is eco-friendly and breathable, so you don't get hot or uncomfortable during the game. They also integrate a gel pad that delivers shock-absorbing properties and reduces the stress on the feet, ensuring fewer chances of injury and loss of balance.

It is a multipurpose article that you can wear for outdoor activities. Lastly, it is available in three sizes for men, women, and children, providing them with suitable designs and sizes.


  • Extra comfortable that reduces your stress
  • Helps maintain body temperature
  • Suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities


  • They retain a slight odor

Spenco Hockey Skate Insoles  —  Best Arch Support

The Spenco Hockey Skate Insoles are made from nylon, ensuring an extra flexible and comfortable use. They are made from a blister-resistant fabric that guarantees durability and long-lasting use. In addition, these insoles feature an EVA forefoot cushion that boosts your confidence, encouraging you to upgrade your performance in the game. They emphasize a shock-absorbing body that protects you against unexpected falls and twists.

The lightweight design enables you to upgrade your performance and tackle opponents much better. They are available in six different sizes allowing you to find a suitable fit that does not need any alterations.


  • Helps you maintain balance
  • Long-lasting use
  • Flexible and adjustable


  • Not very breathable

Powerstep Hockey Skate Insoles  —  Medium Support

The Powerstep Hockey Skate Insoles are designed for people with a neutral arch. They showcase a full-length body that covers your entire shoe, ensuring a controlled movement. These insoles have an added heel pad that delivers controlled movement, reducing the risk of overpronation, which is common during hockey. They are ideal for everyday use, enabling you to wear them for basic activities like walking.

Because of their comfortable padding, you are expected to reduce foot conditions and boost your performance in the field. They are available in a number of sizes, so you can pick something that matches your hockey skates without much alteration.


  • Controls any abnormal movement
  • Deliver a comfortable experience
  • Available in many sizes


  • Are a bit wide for some skates

Buyer’s Guide for Hockey Skate Insoles of 2022

Just grabbing any product from the market won't do the trick. Since you are planning to elevate your performance in the hockey ground, it is imperative to buy a top-tier product that matches well with your personal requirements. This section is an aid to help you understand your needs and essential considerations. We have analyzed the things to remember, types of hockey skate insoles, and what they are made of.

What Things to Remember When Buying Hockey Skate Insoles

We have elaborated the consideration factors you must keep in mind when making a buying decision below.


Placement is an important factor linked directly to the size of your insoles. If you chose a full-length insole, remove the already-present insole provided by the brand. People who opt for a quarter or half-length insoles keep the insole by brand inside. This adds to height while providing better stability. Also, you won't feel uneasy or injure your feet while playing hockey.

Foot arch

Your feet either have a neutral or normal arch, low or flat arch, or high arch. This is why it is an influential factor when purchasing hockey skate insoles. Almost every insole style is suitable with neutral or medium angles. Simultaneously, you may want a product with particular instructions for high and low arches (flat feet). It is essential to seek something that retains your foot in a natural position to avoid injuries. Arch compatibility is usually mentioned on the packaging.


The size of your insole is generally the same as the size of your shoe. A full-length insole, for example, would be the same size as a men's size 10 shoe. People who like half or quarter insoles, on the other hand, might consider purchasing something smaller. In such circumstances, the manufacturer will normally indicate the insole and the shoe size that it’s appropriate for.

Types of Hockey Skate Insoles

Typically, you will find three basic types of hockey Skate insoles in the market:


These are an ideal option if your feet seem tired. People who work out, play, and train a lot might need added comfort during their activity. Therefore, these insoles are designed to deliver comfort and protect them from getting injured. A comfort hockey insole may protect you from injuries, but it has a shorter lifespan than harder ones.


These insoles are designed to adjust according to the shape of your feet. They are super elastic and easy to adjust. You can use a molded hockey skate insole to comfort your flat or high arched feet. They do not make much difference for people with standard feet.


Rigid hockey insoles are used to control abnormal foot movement. They might not be as comforting, but people with less experience can prevent abnormal foot movement using these insoles.

What are Hockey Skate Insoles Made of?

Hockey skate insoles are normally made from foam, leather, or TPU.


Memory foam and gel are other popular cushioning and comfort options. You certainly need to relax your feet and tensed muscles to improve your experience on the hockey field. It is an excellent alternative for cushioning, support, and pain alleviation. This is suitable for people with arthritis or heel difficulties.


It is one of the most durable and long-lasting materials available. TPU has the flexibility to move with the shoes, but it is not as breathable as leather. TPU is available in various hardness levels, allowing you to choose anything based on your present foot health. TPU is one of the few materials that require an additional layer of cushioning to absorb moisture. You can make that happen by wearing a more absorbing sock.


Leather is one of the most long-lasting materials. It has very little elasticity and does not promote pronation or affect the posture of your feet. Leather is breathable and ventilated, yet it is not the most comfortable material available. It is delicate enough for cutting but takes great care. Leather is also one of the more difficult materials to cut.