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Conquer The Court With The Best Women’s Tennis Shoes

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There are few great sports where the gender ratio of players is 1:1. True sports of the modern era. And, tennis is one such sport. For every Djokovic, you will find a Serena ready to conquer the court with nothing but a racket in hand and the willpower to vanquish nations. However, a good racket and the will to succeed aren't a recipe for success in this game. You will also need high-quality gear. Today, we'll specifically be looking at the leading women's tennis shoes in 2024 that will help you ace every game.

On paper, you can wear any lace-up shoe with a sole made out of rubber on the court. However, shoes specifically made for tennis are all about capitalizing on their technicalities to help you perform better. Unlike sneakers or running shoes, tennis shoes offer more lateral movement and more stopping power. We'll be telling you all about these bad boys as we move forward with today's article.

Top Women's Tennis Shoe Models Reviewed

MOSHA BELLE Tennis Shoe  —  Best Overall

Mosha Belle women’s tennis shoes are made out of a mesh material that makes you feel super airy when you're on the court. Powered with hollow carved technology, they have a rubber outsole that provides the optimal level of stability and shock-absorption properties for dreamy comfort. Also, since these shoes are true to their size, they will fit you very well, providing an anti-slip grip as an added plus.

Other than that, the Mosha Bell women’s tennis shoes are available in seven different sizes to meet the needs of maximum customers, so you are sure to find your size. And, there are also fourteen cute colors with fun patterns to help you class up the game.


  • Offers great comfort
  • Shock-absorbing outsole 
  • Anti-slip base
  • Comes in a variety of vibrant shades


  • The shoe soles may be a bit too hard for some

STQ Breathable Walking Tennis Shoe  —  Another Top Pick

Available in a fantastic range of colors and designs, the women’s tennis shoes by STQ are a great pick for a number of reasons. The sporty edition makes it an excellent choice for athletes but is equally good if you wish to wear the softest, most comfortable shoes as you go for a walk, hit the gym, or simply run errands during the day.

Featuring memory foam insole, the lightweight shoes with cozy cushioning make them a treat for the feet. What’s more, these sports shoes also feature a lightweight mesh upper with a 3D technical overlay to keep the insole breathable and more comfortable as you indulge in your favorite sports. Get a pair for yourself right away to experience real comfort with footwear.


  • The pull-tap with adjustable lace-up makes it easy to wear
  • Breathable mesh design for added comfort
  • Solid MD compound outsole
  • Excellent moisture-wicking technology


  • Not comfortable for people who like the regular pull-up design

Akk Tennis Shoe  —  Runner-Up

The AKK women’s tennis shoes not only work for tennis but are all about supporting the girl power in all walks of life. They have their insoles made of soft memory foam to provide added cushioning and padding. These tennis shoes are also powered with shock-absorption properties to make a comfy fit for you, so there won’t be any chance of experiencing fatigue. The rubber outsole is crafted to provide a non-slip performance free of injuries.

Both the soles and uppers of AKK women’s tennis shoes are very elastic and breathable. In addition to that, these shoes are also super lightweight which allows you to respond quickly and always be on your toes during the beautiful game. There are eight size options and twenty-one colors for you to choose from.


  • Super comfy and lightweight
  • Breathable knit mesh uppers
  • Cushioned soft insole
  • Non-slip performance 
  • A large variety of sizes and colors


  • They lack optimal ankle support

Vooncosir Tennis Shoe  —  Honorable Mention

Vooncosir women's tennis shoes have a well-knitted non-slip rubber outsole for enhanced traction and tear-resistant application. The insole is crafted of soft memory foam to provide stability for long hours. And the best part is that no matter what the weather, these shoes will offer you a consistent degree of comfort and breathability.

Vooncosir has designed these shoes for everyday use, from sports and fitness activities to shopping. They come in eight sizes and eleven cute colors, so you will have ample options to choose from. However, according to the complaints of some customers, their size might feel small at times so we recommend you to go for a size up from your regular size.


  • Lightweight and breathable fabric
  • Tear-resistant material
  • Slip-free material
  • Suitable for all weathers


  • Sizes run small

Kapsen Tennis Shoe  —  Contender

Due to their breathable insole and knit upper material, the Kapsen women's tennis shoes promise a cool and comfortable wearing experience and prevent sweating. They have a non-slip outsole design for better traction and durability. These shoes also boast optimal flexibility with their blade sole to provide the needed support and shock absorption for all activities.

Featuring eight different sizes and fifteen gorgeous colors, these women’s tennis shoes are multi-purpose and perfect to be worn on various occasions such as for walking, running, fitness purposes, sports, traveling, and casual use. The only downside is that the shoe size is pretty small, so we recommend choosing one size bigger than your normal one.


  • Non-slip sole design
  • Good flexibility
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Versatile use


  • The shoe size runs a little small

STQ Tennis Shoe  —  Also Consider

Boasting knit mesh uppers with drying properties to keep your feet cool at all times, you can count on this pair of shoes as a soft and breathable fit. Due to their cushioned insoles, the STQ women’s tennis shoes are extremely supportive and anti-fatigue. They can very well be your ultimate weapon on the court.

What makes them unique is their lace-up closure for easy wearing and taking off. There are eight size options out of which you can choose your best fit to use these shoes for all indoor and outdoor activities. STQ’s tennis shoes are also much admired because of their fourteen classy colors that are sure to go with every outfit.


  • Super lightweight design
  • The lace-up design makes them extremely easy to wear
  • Crafted for multi-purpose use
  • Fourteen color options


  • The sole quality could be better 

Best Women's Tennis Shoe Buying Guide

If you've never been in the market for a new pair of women's tennis shoes, we have a spoiler for you. It's huge. We're talking about the kind of huge that will leave you overwhelmed. So, to help you navigate through this market, here is a comprehensive buyer's guide section.

Things To Consider When Buying Women’s Tennis Shoes

Let's start things off by taking you through two important considerations that you must make before buying a new pair of tennis shoes:


Unless you're a recreational player of the sport (in which case we recommend buying a pair of shoes that provides more cushioning and comfort), you will need a pair of kicks that are specifically made to support and enhance your playstyle.

Experts recommend buying something with more sturdiness if you tend to play volley or consider yourself a serving player. For those of us who enjoy playing on the baseline, a pair of tennis shoes that offer high amounts of speed and some sort of lateral support should be the go-to. 


Just like different types of cars thrive on different types of tracks, you will find women's tennis shoes designed for specific types of courts. If you often find yourself in indoor courts, we recommend buying carpet court women's tennis shoes. These boast softer soles and like ones made for grass and clay courts, aren't made to take that much of a beating.

Enhanced durability and shock absorption are found in hard court and hybrid tennis shoes. The latter type has quite a universal design with herringbone patterns on the grip. Such an all-court women's tennis shoe is great for someone who has no real preference when it comes to terrain.

How Long Does a Typical Pair of Women’s Tennis Shoes Last?

There are plenty of factors that determine the overall longevity of your new pair of tennis shoes. Your weight, the quality of the shoe's stitching and materials, the type of court, the aggressiveness of your playstyle, and the frequency of your visits to the court all factor into it.

The United States Tennis Association (USTA) states that the average tennis shoe's midsole will start to degrade after 45-60 hours of playtime. This playtime can be achieved in a mere month by pro players and after this time, the springiness and comfort of the shoe will start to go down so it is worth replacing the pair.

Buying Tips for the Top Women's Tennis Shoes

Now that you know all about the lifespan of women's tennis shoes, let's equip you with these three tips that are sure to aid you when navigating the market for one:


Wouldn't it be wonderful if you'd be able to dominate the court in terms of both performance and style? And by style, we don't mean you hopping and volleying through each round. We mean making a statement with your outfit. So, try matching up your sweatband, polo shirt, and tennis shoes, and then contrast them up with your bottoms and socks to be the envy of the court. 


Your new tennis shoes must fit you perfectly. From correctly measuring your foot to ensuring the accuracy of the size chart, making sure of your shoe's fit will go a long way in enhancing your comfort and safety. We recommend a snug fit on the sides after your tennis shoes are laced up with just enough room to wiggle your toes around inside the toe box. 

Talking about lacing systems, you must go for something super easy and uncomplicated. Trust us, the last thing you want is to have your flow broken by a lace that got united and that will now take up your valuable time and effort.

How Much Do Women's Tennis Shoes Usually Cost? Are They Even Worth Buying?

In a sport like tennis, where every movement is a potential ankle twist, a high-quality pair of tennis shoes can save you frequent trips to the orthopedic and allow you to enjoy every second of the sport in comfort without worrying about injuring your foot. So, it goes without saying that a new pair of tennis shoes will be a worthwhile purchase.

Women's tennis shoes usually retail for around $60 where a higher price tag will usually get you a better brand name. These premium brands also usually equip their shoes with proprietary technologies that help enhance the game even more. What's important is that your new pair of kicks fit well, are comfortable, and are meant to upgrade your movement.