Throw Your Hair Up with the Best Hair Ties

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A hair tie can transform your hair in a matter of minutes. Tying your hair up can change the look of your face shape and make you look younger. If you want a change without a cut or color, putting your hair up in different styles will give you that feeling of making a change without a long-term commitment. Hair ties let you create braids, ponytails, buns, and many more styles quickly and easily. With our help, choosing a good quality pack of hair ties will take no time at all. Later in the article, we will discuss several features you should consider to buy the best hair ties. But, first, you might want to read our list of the top hair ties in 2024.

We're sure you’ll find a set you love!

Detailing the Leading Hair Ties of 2024

Goody Elastic Hair Ties  —  Best Overall

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Key Features

  • Smart stretch core technology
  • Pack of 27
  • No metal elastics
  • Designed for medium to thick hair

Goody Ouchless women’s elastic hair ties are made from no metal elastics. These hair ties won’t pull or snag your hair. They are comfortable to wear all day long. The new smart stretch core technology makes these hair ties 40% stronger. These hair ties come in a pack of 27, so you can carry spares in your bag for when you need to tie your hair up unexpectedly. The black color is subtle and will not draw attention away from your face or outfit. These hair ties can create various styles, including long-lasting braids, messy buns, and ponytails.

Qarwayoc Hair Ties  —  Best for Color Variety

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Key Features

  • Pack of 50 hair ties
  • Available in several colors
  • No metal elastic
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Qarwayoc black hair ties come in a pack of 50. These elastic hair ties will hold your hair firmly in place for the whole day. These hair ties are easy to put in and remove without snagging your hair, thanks to how smooth they are. The black hair ties are subtle and won’t draw attention away from the hairstyle itself. However, if you want to add a little color to your hairdo, these hair ties are available in multi-packs of different colors, including purple, red, blue, and green, or brown, tan, blue, and gray. You can even buy these hair ties with a bit of sparkle in them.

Gosicuka Hair Ties  —  Best Bang for Your Buck

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Key Features

  • Come in a pack of 120
  • Made from rubber
  • Can stretch up to 10.6 inches
  • Soft black fabric coating

Gosicuka black hair ties come in a pack of 120. They are great for thick curly hair. These hair ties can be stretched up to 10.6 inches and bounce back into shape. They will hold your hair firmly for as long as you need them to. With so many hair ties in one pack, you can share them amongst your family and keep spares in different purses. In addition, the metal-free rubber will not snag your hair and cause split ends. You can use these hair ties to make various styles, including a conjoined twist, braids, or buns.

QRTVI Baby Hair Ties  —  Best for Thin Hair

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Key Features

  • Come in a pack of 120
  • Comes in a large variety of colors
  • Made from cotton
  • Can stretch up to 5.1 inches

The QRTVI multicolor baby hair ties come in a pack of 120 in various vibrant colors, including pink, peach, orange, yellow, red, dark blue, light blue, purple, brown, maroon, lime green, black, and grass green. These hair ties are made from cotton, and although they are made for children, anyone can use them. They will hold a variety of hair types in place firmly for the day. You can tie up small children’s hair, teenagers’ hair, or adults who have thin hair. They will make anyone look super cute! These hair ties can stretch up to 5.1 inches and still bounce back into shape. This company offers 100% of your money back if you are not happy with the product.

Minihope Hair Ties  —  Best for Everyone

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Key Features

  • Pack of 50
  • Black color
  • Made from elastic
  • 3 inches wide

The Minihope no-metal girls' elastic hair ties come in a pack of 50. These practical black elastic hair ties are durable and can be used repeatedly without losing their shape. They are metal-free so that they won’t get caught in your hair. This means they can be removed without pulling hair out, or breaking hair, causing that dreaded split ends. The simplistic black design means they won't take attention away from the quality of your hair and will complement any style. They will hold your hair securely, at the office, during workouts, and whilst looking after the kids. 

Gimme Hair Ties  —  Best for Blending In

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Key Features

  • Come in a pack of nine
  • Available in a variety of neutral colors
  • Made from microfiber elastics
  • Available in thick fit, fine fit, or long fit

The Gimmes hair ties come in a pack of nine and are available in blonde, brown chestnut, choc, chestnut, and neutral colors. These hairbands fit any hair type and complement a variety of hairstyles. Each band is made from hundreds of microfiber elastics that work together to eliminate dents by spreading tension. They do not break or shed, and they provide a gentle grip with a stronghold. These hair ties will hold your hair in a variety of cool styles all day. The colors allow the band to blend in with a variety of hair colors and look barely noticeable.

Interhomie Hair Ties  —  Great for Thick Hair

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Key Features

  • Come in a pack of 100
  • Available in different colors
  • Made from rubber
  • Can stretch up to 9 inches

Interhomie hair ties come in a pack of 100 so you can share them with family and friends, or simply fill a variety of purses with emergency hair ties. You never know when you will quickly need to hide a bad hair day by tying your hair up! These hair ties come in either black or multicolor sets. The multicolor set includes subdued colors, including beige, brown, grey, and black. They are made from rubber with a soft outer layer, so you can remove them easily without damaging your hair. These bands stretch up to 9 inches and easily bounce back into shape. You can expect a firm day-long hold from this reliable product.

Buyer's Guide: Find The Perfect Hair Tie

Now that you’ve gotten to know our favorite hair tie products, we recommend checking out our full buying guide below.

What Are the Benefits of Hair Ties?

Hair ties are versatile. As such, there are many benefits of owning them.

Keeps your hair off your face

When doing physical activities such as yoga, pilates, jogging, or going to the gym, it is important to keep your hair out of your face and off your neck whilst you work out. It will keep you cooler and less distracted. Similarly, if you are writing or painting, you will want to keep your hair out of your eyes. A hair tie is the easiest way to do this.

Saves time

If you are running late for work, or an appointment, tying your hair up with a hair tie is a fast way to style your hair. Tying your hair in certain ways will make it look like you have put effort into your hairstyle, even if you barely have at all.

Creates a variety of styles

Some of the styles you can create with a hair tie include the donut bun, bow style, plait, half-up, french twist, low bun, side messy bun, dutch braid, fishtail braid, side mini fishtail braid, gibson tuck, waterfall braid, spiral lace braid, half-crown braid, ponytail, and many more.

Things to Consider When Choosing Hair Ties

To ensure you make the right choice when choosing your hair ties, consider the following factors.


When buying hair ties, they will more often than not come in a multipack. The larger the pack, the better. Trust us on this! Like hairpins, no matter how many you buy, you will lose them regularly and find yourself needing to buy more. If you like the look of a small pack of hair bands, buy several. Alternatively, you can buy large packs of up to 150 hair bands.

Hair type

Some hair ties will have a description of what type of hair they are suitable for. For example, some hair ties are perfectly suited to thick hair, and others are better suited to thin hair. Consider your hair thickness and length before you buy the hair ties.


When it comes to the color of your hairband, it is simply down to your preference. You can buy a bunch of vibrantly colored hair ties and make your hair look really cute and cheerful. However, this would not be suitable in a professional setting. Many hair ties come in natural hair colors to camouflage into your hair. You will mostly find hair ties that match blondes, blacks, and brunettes. However, there are so many hair bands on the market; we are sure you will find any colored hairband with a quick search on the internet.


You will find that most hair ties are made from either elastic or rubber. Both these materials make suitable hair ties, provided they are smooth. You don’t want your hair to be pulled by any rough materials, as this can cause hair breakage or pull out the hair from the roots. If you don’t mind spending more money on your hair ties, silk is a fabulous option. Silk hair ties are strong and will not pull on your hair.

Avoid metal

Sometimes you will find hair ties with a piece of metal on them. This metal is there to connect the two ends of the elastic. Unfortunately, while it does its job effectively, the metal will get caught on your hair and cause breakages and split ends.


Look for products with high amounts of elasticity. You want a hair tie that will stretch enough to easily place your hair inside it and snap back into shape. This is the only way your ponytail will stay in place during activities and for long amounts of time. The product should have a description of how far it stretches. If this information is not available, you can contact the manufacturer directly.

Customer reviews

Always read customer reviews for any product you wish to buy. For example, reading the customer reviews for hair ties will tell you if they snap easily, maintain their shape well, and what types of hair they aren’t compatible with.

How We Chose the Best Hair Ties

When choosing the best hair ties, we compared how well they tie up different types of hair. This includes thin straight hair, thick curly hair, thick straight hair, and thin curly hair. We also judged how well they held up long hair and mid-length hair. We also read countless customer reviews to ensure there weren’t any recurring malfunctions within a product. We're confident you will love any of the products we have recommended.