These High-Waisted Biker Shorts Will Keep You Comfy & Stylish

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Having biker shorts back in session is a godsend to working out in warmer weather while also providing stylish clothing options for those non-exercise days.

Below are some of our favorite high-waisted biker shorts. Their higher waistbands are soft, stretchy, and ensure comfort during any physical activity. You can even enjoy some gentle tummy control, body smoothing and feel confident knowing they won’t slide down during even the most strenuous of activities.

In addition to their high rise, these shorts are also made with non-see-through fabrics, interior and/or exterior pockets for convenience, and come in a ton of fun prints and color options so you can wear a new pair every single day of the week.

Our Picks of the Hottest High-Waisted Biker Shorts

Yogalicious Shorts  —  Best Overall

As the name implies, these shorts are versatile enough for an intense yoga class or taking a long spin class. Their specialty tech fabric feels ultra-soft to the touch, has a four-way stretch, and allows you to perform at your peak without any worry. These shorts are also high-waisted and have two spacious side pockets with compartments large enough to fit your smartphone, wallet, and keys.


  • These shorts have gentle compression with a wide waistband for comfort
  • These shorts have a side pocket that will fit your phone and/or keys


  • The material is on the thinner side

BALEAF Shorts  —  Runner Up

These biker shorts will be ideal for any of your favorite indoor or outdoor activities including yoga, running, or walking. These shorts are soft, stretchy, and have a high-rise with a wide waistband to ensure maximum coverage while bending or stretching. These shorts are also slightly longer in length, have two big side pockets on each side and one small hidden inner pocket for convenience.


  • These shorts provide slight compression
  • There are over 40 colors and styles to choose from


  • These shorts may run one size small

90 Degree By Reflex Shorts  —  Honorable Mention

If you prefer a shorter inseam, these biker shorts are a great option. These shorts actually come in a range of lengths from including 5, 7, and 9 inches, and have four-way stretch fabric for ease of movement through any physical activity. These are another pair with a flattering high waistband, keeping you comfortable and confident that they won’t slip down and get in the way during any workout or activity.


  • These shorts have two side pockets and one hidden interior pocket
  • The fabric is not see-through


  • If you prefer biker shorts with thin material, another option might be better

NexiEpoch Biker Shorts  —  Softest Material

Perfect for yoga, pilates, running, jogging, and hiking, these biker shorts will keep you going no matter the activity. These particular shorts have a 4-inch inseam but are available in other lengths as well and have a buttery smooth material for comfort. They are also sweat-wicking, thick enough for discretion, and their four-way stretch ensures elasticity.


  • These shorts come in 14 color and print options
  • The interlock seams minimize chafing


  • These should not be put through the drier

CAMPSNAIL Biker Shorts  —  Best Printed Design

These biker shorts have an innovative premium fabric that will offer an instant cooling effect even during the sweatiest workouts. The fabric feels buttery smooth to the touch, is very soft and lightweight, and will not slide down during your favorite activity. The higher waistband provides smoothing tummy control while contouring curves and streamlining your shape.


  • In addition to solids, these shorts come in fun, on-trend prints including tie-dye and camouflage
  • These shorts are squat-proof


  • There is only one length offered

JOYSPELS Shorts  —  Best Seamless Style

These high-waisted yoga shorts are a slightly unique option as they are made with a seamless knit fabric that is designed to contour perfectly to your body for a streamlined look. The seam design on the fabric provides a flattering shape to the legs and tummy area without adding width or bulk and their gentle compression keeps you feeling comfortable without feeling too tight. A high-rise waistband provides maximum coverage while bending and stretching and their longer length keeps you chafe-free.


  • Targeted venting provides breathability and comfort
  • Thes shorts are perfect for working out or just lounging around


  • These shorts may show some sweat stains

IUGA Workout Shorts  —  Also Consider

Similar to our other options, these are another reliable pair of bikers that combine style, comfort, and performance. Perfect for fitness enthusiasts, these shorts have two large side pockets perfect for a cell phone and credit cards and a hidden inner pocket to stash keys and money. Four-way stretch allows for maximum movement and their non-see-through fabric provides confidence during any activity.


  • These biker shorts are made to contour perfectly to the body for a streamlined look
  • There is a hidden pocket in the waistband


  • There is only one inseam available

Buying Guide: High Waisted Biker Shorts

Women have been riding actively since the 1950s. However, it was not until the 1990s that high-waisted biker shorts and other clothing created exclusively for female riders became popular. Biker shorts, once an afterthought, are now the apparel of choice for any enthusiast searching for appropriate performance apparel, not just bikers. High-waisted biker shorts are perfect for yoga, summertime jogs, strolling with pals, and just chilling out. Some of the designs are also great-looking informal wear that can be used for a bike tour and then out to supper at a neighborhood café without changing. Read through our buying guide to purchasing the top high-waisted biker shorts in 2022.

What Factors Should You Consider While Buying Biker Shorts?

Purpose vs. aesthetics

High-waisted biker shorts are both a wardrobe staple and a functional piece of equipment. As a result, there are several variants of the basic style of biker shorts. High-waisted shorts are commonly seen in yoga sessions, among marathoners and strollers, when weight training, and elsewhere. Furthermore, today's clothing is even more casual than the fashion scene that has many of us living in sweatpants.

These biker shorts are lightweight, flexible, and stylish. They could be excellent for a busy day of rushing between school classes or doing errands. Our advice is to avoid selecting biker shorts only on the basis of color or design. Ensure you go through the specs as well to see if the shorts match your performance requirements.


Biker shorts, like any other athletic clothing, must drain moisture away from the skin. This allows you to stay cool. Instead of retaining sweat, the cloth should help it to escape. This is a significant distinction between all-cotton clothes and apparel made of airy fabric mixes. Cotton absorbs perspiration, however, it holds on to it and gets soggy with time, losing its form and chafing against the body. In all-cotton biker shorts, your legs may quickly become horribly irritated. This is not only inconvenient but can also limit your productivity and keep you out of business for days while you recover. The finest high-waisted shorts are often composed of synthetic fabric mixes that promote airflow while also wicking perspiration away from the body and enabling it to dry.

Which Features Should You Look For to Prevent Chafing From Biker Shorts?


Biker shorts with a high-waist design curve to a thinner fit at the waistline. To avoid cloth sliding and irritation, biker shorts must be as near to your skin as feasible.


Bike seats are molded to the shapes of the bones at the bottom of the hip and are tailored to hold the cyclist. When this setup eliminates discomfort while cycling, it is not the most pleasant for extended rides. Built-in leatherette cushioning gives a few extra millimeters of robust padding in cycling shorts.


High-waisted shorts for biking should have some tightness to assist blood flow and improve muscular function during and after activity.

What Are Different Styles Available for Biker Shorts?

Tight shorts

Tight shorts are the most recommended for riders because they give all-around convenience. By keeping tight to the skin and draining away perspiration, they help to prevent friction. The majority of them have chamois cushioning for added comfort in the seat. They are also offered in a variety of compression settings.

Bib shorts

Suspender straps are included on bib cycling shorts. This design is used by cyclists who want shorts that will remain in place throughout extended rides.


Skinsuits are sports outfits that combine a jersey shirt with shorts to push the bib idea even further. Bib and skinsuits have the drawback of being bulky and inconvenient to remove in restroom stalls.


Baggy high-waisted biker shorts often have a built-in cushioned lining, combining convenience and elegance. Mountain bikers and recreational cyclists alike love them.

Liner shorts

Liner shorts are thinner high-waisted biker shorts that are worn beneath regular shorts to offer tightness and cushioning when riding. For a more pleasant bike ride to the office, certain commuters wear cushioned liner shorts below their attire.


Cycling skorts include a tight lining below a short skirt, making them both fashionable and functional.

What Features Are Must-Have for Biker Shorts?

Chamois padding

Built-in chamois padding in high-waisted shorts provides a form-fitting barrier between the bike seat and the skin, especially the bones at the bottom of the hip.

Chamois cushioning comes in a variety of thicknesses, widths, and lengths, and is rarely manufactured of chamois skin nowadays. Select cushioning that does not stretch too far front or back and is pleasant to wear when strolling and riding. Padding for ultralight chamois is 4-6mm dense, whereas padding for mid-weight chamois is 7-10mm dense.


Built-in pockets may be seen in simple biker shorts. Each leg of bike shorts will include a pocket insert. High-waisted shorts with several zipped pouches are known as baggy biker shorts.

Adjustable sizing

Hook-and-latch buttons on the waistband of wide high waisted biker shorts allow riders to relax or compress the shorts for more convenience or a good fit.


A built-in lining is common in simple biker shorts to offer tightness and convenience. Chamois cushioning is optional and can be used or incorporated into the liner.

What’s the Price Range of High-Waisted Biker Shorts?


Good-quality biker shorts may be found for $19 to $50 for those who are just beginning to learn riding or cycling and are not sure which clothing would fit great for them.


You can get biker shorts in a variety of designs, like racer jerseys in the $50 to $130 price range.


For $130 to $210, performance-minded riders will discover premium materials and racer-oriented designs.