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Stay Cool and Active With the Best Workout Tank Top for Women

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Clothing has a direct correlation with the quality and quantity of physical activity you do, and eventually impacts the long-term results you will see. Regular t-shirts are loose and moisture-retaining, so they will stick to the skin after an intense workout session. This can be extremely distracting. 

To combat sweat, flapping clothes, and overheating during a workout, you need to invest in the right gear. The most essential part of the gear is the tank top. There’s a huge variety of fabrics, designs, and cuts for tank tops on the market. And picking the most appropriate balance between a moisture-wicking material, breathability, flexibility, and quality can get tough. 

To help you put together a light and comfortable yet durable workout outfit, we’ve gathered some of the leading workout tank tops for women in 2024 here for you. Along with our top recommendations, we’ll go through tips, precautions, and considerations to keep in mind when buying a workout tank top. 

Comparing the Leading Workout Tank Tops for Women in 2024

Imily Bela Workout Tank Top  —  Best Overall

Perfect for daily wear, vacation, shopping, sleep, beach, and working out, this spring workout tank top is made from a perfect blend of polyester, rayon, and spandex. This composition gives the tank top the much-needed elasticity you need for exercise and aerobics. The skin-friendly fabric feels super smooth and cozy against the skin. 

Moreover, this patchwork tank top for women features a classic u neck that is designed for a casual fit. The fabric is stretchy and extremely breathable, making it ideal for summer, spring, and humid weather. This sleeveless tank top can be paired with jeans, leggings, or pair it with other activewear items. Furthermore, the care and maintenance are easy and manageable.


  • Sleeveless casual fit
  • Rayon, spandex, and polyester mix for comfort
  • Easy to wash 


  • Drying it in the sun might fade the color a bit

Under Armour Workout Tank Top  —  Runner Up

This HeatGear tank top from Under Armour is made from 94% polyester and 6% elastane, making it durable and strong enough to endure heavy sweat and stretch. The pull-on closure makes sure you can get ready for the gym in just a few seconds since putting the top on and off is such a breeze. This workout tank top for women is super easy to clean and maintain as well, you can simply toss it in the washing machine and tumble dry safely. 

Moreover, this tank top is capable of stretching four ways without losing its shape and form. It fits close to the body, hugging the skin for a perfect fit. The material is treated to be moisture-wicking which means you can work out and sweat as much as you like as the top will quickly dry off.  


  • Breathable soft pinhole mesh 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Four-way stretch construction for comfort


  • No exchange or return policy

BALEAF Workout Tank Top  —  Honorable Mention

This flowy workout tank top for women gives you style, comfort, and flexibility to set the right pace for exercise. The airy and light top will drape elegantly on your body as the 19% lyocell, 76% polyester and 5% spandex composition gives it smoothness and flow. The fabric is quick-drying due to the moisture-wicking technology used. 

Further, this quick-drying technology makes sure that the fabric absorbs moisture faster than cotton to keep you free from extra sweating and odor. This also helps you to stay cool and exercise better. The buttery soft fabric and all-natural composition make sure the top lasts for a long time. It features a relaxed, casual fit with long armholes, perfect for pairing it with a sports bra underneath. 


  • High and comfortable crew neck
  • Moisture-wicking technology 
  • Versatile design for multipurpose use


  • The mesh is sheer

Dragon Fit Workout Tank Top  —  Also Consider

This running tank top for women comes with double straight straps and is designed to support the body just like a bra. The high coverage at the front makes exercises like planks comfortable while the U-shaped back offers extra support. With more back exposed and greater airflow from the ventilation panels, you’ll never overheat or over sweat as you work out. 

Furthermore, the built-in bra has wide shoulder straps and a racerback design that shields shocks and keeps the bra from shifting or moving during rigorous workouts. The fabric is super breathable and stretchy to allow comfortable movement. The casual fit and design allow you to pair the top with almost any kind of bottom, from sports leggings to jeans or pants. There are loose shoulder straps for the perfect support that won’t cause pain if worn for the whole day. 


  • High elasticity and stretch
  • Removable bra cups 
  • U-back with air vents


  • Doesn’t feature moisture-wicking technology

Best Workout Tank Tops for Women Buying Guide

Here’s a comprehensive buying guide for women’s activewear tank tops.

What to Look for When Buying Women’s Tank Tops for Workouts

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re shopping for gym tank tops and t-shirts:

The fit

The key to getting a great tank top for your next workout session is getting a well-fitted one. Pick a fit that’s not too tight, or else it may constrict your motion and cause you to end up chafed. It also shouldn’t be too loose, as extra fabric would flap around and disturb the workout. Loose fabric can also cause chafing.

A perfect-fitting tank top should snugly fit the body and have enough room for you to stretch and move comfortably. However, the comfortable tightness of the tank top may vary from person to person. The arms should be close to the armpit rather than hanging far, low, and loose.


Cropped tank tops are trendy these days but they might not be a comfortable choice for many. Crop top length sure looks cute, but it can feel a little too short, too flashy, or simply not functional enough for flexible movement. On the other hand, if you’re someone who prefers less fabric or material on the body as you work out and get sweaty, a cropped tank top is for you.

Material and breathability

Search for tank tops that are super breathable with moisture-wicking fabric. The special nature of this fabric makes sure that the material doesn’t stay wet; it absorbs and wicks away the moisture. Look for a polyester blend that is comfortable, soft, and capable of keeping you cool. Working out tank tops for women are made usually from a blend of elastane, polyester, and/or nylon.

If you’ll be doing some low-intensity activities, you can even go for cotton tank tops. All you have to do is make sure that the fabric is smooth and comfortable against your skin. Also, check the material for its level of sheerness. It’s better to go for an opaque top instead of a see-through one.


The straps of a tank top should effortlessly support your chest. Regardless of whether you’re getting a tank top with a built-in bra or will be wearing a sports bra under the tank top, the straps should be supportive. The kind of strings and neck that will feel supportive to your will depend on your body type and chest size.

For instance, spaghetti straps with a built-in bra will feel supportive to someone with a small chest while for someone with a larger chest, a wide strap tank top atop a sports bra would feel better. The best way to judge this is to try the tank top on before purchase.

Different Styles of Women’s Workout Tank Tops

A few common athletic tank top styles are:


These tank tops have a thin moisture-wicking lining to keep away sweat for temperature management.


This kind of tank top comes with straps that meet at the back to become a single strap just below the nape of the neck. This gives extra ventilation.

Built-in bra

This style offers support with removable pads at the front. They can help in preventing chafing during extreme workouts and athletic activity.


This tank top is tight-fitting and has a traditional T-shirt cut with small armholes and a high neckline.


This tank top comes with quite a low cut, almost going to the waistline. This enhances breathability and airflow.

Choosing a Tank Top According to Body Type

Three common body types and suitable workout tank tops for them are;

Apple shape

Apple shape bodies have smaller legs and hips but the belly and biceps are on the bigger side, just like an apple. Women with apple-shaped bodies should get a deep-neck tank top to give an illusion of a longer upper portion rather than a wider one. It will help elongate and slim down the body.

Pear shape

Pear-shaped bodies have smaller/narrower upper bodies than the lower frame. With a larger lower body, the shoulders might seem sloping and narrow. Such people should look for wider necks and slimmer straps for their tank tops.

Benefits of Workout Tank Tops

A few advantages of women’s workout tank tops are:

  • Since our bodies sweat to maintain the core temperature, a tank top is designed to help your body do that by offering a breathable surface. Workout tank tops are usually made from a moisture-wicking fabric material that quickly dries the sweat and leaves you feeling cool and dry.
  • Athletic wear fabric is treated to discourage the growth and multiplication of bacteria. This enhances overall hygiene and health.
  • Quick-drying tank tops for workouts retain little to no odor since they get less sweaty and bacteria growth.
  • If you’re exercising outdoors, workout tank tops will keep you protected from the sun and keep you cool with their breathable surfaces.
  • Since tank tops are a recommended item for workout and gym gear, they offer excellent form and support.
  • Women’s exercise tank tops are designed for comfort and style.
  • They are flexible and durable for excessive movement.
  • Helps you feel empowered by framing the body and flaunting the progress you’ve made.


Workout tank tops not only make you look sharp and great but have tons of benefits. These tops are designed to keep away bacteria-causing moisture from your skin, prevent chafing, and allow free movement.

This guide explains everything you should consider before buying one and suggests some of the best workout tank tops for women in 2022.