For the Most Comfortable Workout Experience, Check Out These Flattering Biker Shorts

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There is no shortage of biker shorts on the market and sometimes with so many options, it’s hard to pick which ones to try.

We have done some of the legwork and have featured below some of our favorite biker shorts that can be found on Amazon. Our picks are some of the highest-rated and best-selling shorts available and, most importantly, are all high-waisted for comfort, compression, and confidence.

These options include four-way stretch for a complete range of movement, non-see-through fabrics, interior and/or exterior pockets for any belongings and they come in a ton of fun prints and color options. They are also a great alternative to leggings for warmer days and are completely acceptable and stylish to wear on those non-exercise days.

Comparing the Top Biker Shorts

Yogalicious Shorts  —  Best Overall

As the name implies, these shorts are versatile enough for an intense yoga class or taking a long spin class. Their specialty tech fabric feels ultra-soft to the touch, has a four-way stretch, and allows you to perform at your peak without any worry. These shorts are also high-waisted and have two spacious side pockets with compartments large enough to fit your smartphone, wallet, and keys.


  • These shorts have gentle compression with a wide waistband for comfort
  • Non-see through material provides coverage when you squat, bend, or lift


  • May feel a bit compressive around the thighs

NexiEpoch Shorts  —  Runner Up

Perfect for yoga, pilates, running, jogging, and hiking, these biker shorts will keep you going no matter the activity. These particular shorts have a 4-inch inseam but are available in other lengths as well and have a buttery smooth material for comfort. They are also sweat-wicking, thick enough for discretion, and their four-way stretch ensures elasticity.


  • These shorts come in 9 color and print options
  • The shorts have two side pockets for storing essentials


  • These should not be put through the dryer

JOYSPELS Shorts  —  Honorable Mention

These high-waisted biker shorts are a slightly unique option as they are made with a seamless knit fabric that is designed to contour perfectly to the body for a streamlined look. The seam design on the fabric provides a flattering shape to the legs and tummy area without adding width or bulk and their gentle compression keeps you feeling comfortable without feeling too tight. A high-rise waistband provides maximum coverage while bending and stretching and their longer length keeps you chafe-free.


  • Targeted venting provides breathability and comfort
  • Have a 30-day, money-back guarantee


  • These shorts may show some sweat stains

BALEAF Shorts  —  Best Coverage

These biker shorts will be ideal for any of your favorite indoor or outdoor activities including yoga, running, or walking. These shorts are soft, stretchy, and have a highrise with a wide waistband to ensure maximum coverage while bending or stretching. These shorts are also slightly longer in length, have two big side pockets on each side and one small hidden inner pocket for convenience.


  • These shorts provide slight compression
  • There are 40 colors and prints to choose from


  • These shorts may run one size small

IUGA Workout Shorts  —  Best for Intense Workouts

Similar to our other options, these are another reliable pair of biker shorts that combine style, comfort, and performance. Perfect for fitness enthusiasts, these shorts have two large side pockets perfect for a cell phone and credit cards and a hidden inner pocket to stash keys and money. Four-way stretch allows for maximum movement and their non-see-through fabric provides confidence during any activity.


  • These biker shorts are made to contour perfectly to the body for a streamlined look
  • Has a hidden waistband pocket for securing cards or cash


  • There is only one inseam available

90 Degree Shorts  —  Most Comfortable

If you prefer a shorter inseam, these biker shorts are a great option. These shorts actually come in a range of lengths including 5, 7, and 9 inches, and have four-way stretch fabric for ease of movement through any physical activity. These are another pair with a flattering high waistband, keeping you comfortable and confident that they won’t slip down and get in the way during any workout or activity.


  • These shorts have two side pockets and one hidden interior pocket
  • Feature four-way stretch for ease of movement


  • If you prefer biker shorts with thin material, another option might be better

PERSIT Shorts  —  Best Prints

If you are into printed bikers, these yoga shorts are sure to become your next fave. Made from sweat-wicking, buttery-soft material, these shorts will feel like a second skin while still providing tummy control for a smooth, secure fit. Two side pockets provide convenience so you can stash keys, cash, or phone, and the four-way stretch fabric ensures a comfortable fit for all-day wear.


  • These shorts are available in 14 print and solid colors
  • Made from quick-drying fabric that wicks away sweat


  • There is only one inseam length available

Buying Guide: Biker Shorts

Biker shorts are an excellent addition to any workout regime. Originally made for use with riding a bicycle, a large variety of sports and exercise enthusiasts now use them to improve their training and workout performance.

Biker shorts can help protect your muscles from strain, and help you look firm and fabulous while you work out. There are many biker shorts on the market, and although they seem similar, they are not all created equally.

To help you choose the top biker shorts in 2023 for your needs, we will discuss several things you should consider before making a purchase. We have done extensive research into the subject so you do not have to.

Continue reading to see our useful suggestions.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Biker Shorts


To get the best-sized biker shorts, you should measure yourself properly. This involves taking the measurements for your waist and leg length. Some biker shorts may advertise as a certain size but run a little small or a little large. For this reason, it is important to use correct measurements to choose instead of dress size.


High-waisted biker shorts will hold your stomach in a little while you work out, and will not roll down and put you off your workout. Consider how high-waisted you want your shorts to be. There is an ideal height that is different for everyone.


Compression clothing adds some pressure to your muscles while being flexible enough to allow a range of movement. You should look for biker shorts offering a substantial amount of compression. There are many benefits to using compression clothing. Some of these include:

Supporting muscles

Compression holds muscles together and reduces the chances of straining. This also aids blood circulation which aids muscle recovery.

Reduce muscle pain

Studies show that wearing compression clothing keeps muscle soreness at bay. This effect also lasts once the clothing is removed. This allows you to exercise for longer than you otherwise would.

Reduces swelling

Compression clothing can reduce swelling. This works in the same way a compression sock works for those who get swollen ankles due to fluid build-up.

Aids recovery

The garments increase blood pressure and reduce muscle fatigue. Wearing this sort of clothing while you exercise and after you exercise is a great way to add a little more self-care to your workout.

Wide waistband

Look for biker shorts with a thick waistband. Thin waistbands may create too much pressure and become uncomfortable.

Four-way stretch

Four-way stretching material means you can exercise freely without worrying about embarrassing tears in the fabric. Choose shorts with a lot of stretch so that they do not hinder your workout regime.


Many clothes made from stretching fabric go see-through around the curvy parts of the body. You don’t want to be the person showing their underwear in the gym or the street, so ensure you purchase a pair of shorts that remain opaque no matter how much you stretch them.


Some biker shorts have pockets and some do not. Consider how you will carry your belongings while you work out. Think about how many pockets you will need. You may want only inner pockets or only outer pockets. You may want fastening pockets or prefer a smoother surface with no zips or buttons.

Inseam options

Consider how long you want the shorts to be. Think about how you will feel most comfortable. Some biker shorts are available with different inseam options. This allows you to purchase the style you love in different lengths better suited to different activities.

Color and style

Do you want a color and design that stands out from the crowd or would you prefer something more subdued? If you would prefer a look that is a little bit out of the ordinary, we recommend searching for this look first. Look for the other criteria we mentioned later.

Number of panels

For shorts that conform well to your body shape, choose biker shorts with plenty of panels. Without plenty of panels, compression shorts may feel too restrictive.


Stitching is especially important if you are choosing shorts with a lot of panels. The stitching needs to be as flat as possible to avoid chafing. Flat-seam stitching is the best type of stitch for this purpose.


You may want to purchase biker shorts with lining. Exercising can cause you to sweat. Rather than show how much you are sweating, it may be less embarrassing to store the sweat in a moisture-wicking and breathable liner.

Look for a liner that is relatively thin, and won’t bunch up when riding a bike or using a rowing machine, for example.

Leg grippers

Also to save your crotch from discomfort, you should consider purchasing biker shorts with leg grippers. These are essentially a sticky addition that keeps the leg fabric on your leg, preventing material from riding up and becoming too constrictive around the crotch area.

Biker Shorts Price Range

Biker shorts will vary in price depending on quality and brand. You can purchase them for as little as $7 and as much as $50.