Update Your Wardrobe With The Highest Rated Crop Top Sweatshirt

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Not many things are trending more these days than high-waisted bottoms. Whether it's a pair of jeans, workout legging or any type of shorts, this style is ultra-flattering and looks great on almost anyone.

What to pair with this type of pant may be a little tricky, however, in order to balance out the bottoms to get the most flattering, elongating fit, a shorter, cropped-style top that just skims the top of the jeans is a great option.

Below are some crop top sweatshirts that are ideal for pairing with your high-waisted bottoms and are a great staple piece in anyone’s wardrobe. These cropped tops all have a drawstring hooded design and are available in an unending print and color range.

These hoodies are also light-in-weight, super comfortable, and can go from a day of running errands to a fun night out with a simple change-up of accessories.

Our Favorite Crop Top Sweatshirts Worth Considering in 2023

MakeMeChic Crop Top Hoodie Sweatshirt  —  Best Overall

This supersoft hoodie sweatshirt comes in a cropped design and has some added stretch for comfort. It has a regular to loose fit, is lightweight and makes a great addition to any athleisure wardrobe. Wear this hoodie on the weekends with any high-waisted pants or shorts and it is also versatile enough to keep in your gym bag for any apres gym activities.


  • This top comes in a ton of fun colors and tie-dye prints


  • This top may run on the smaller side

SweatyRocks Crop Top Sweatshirt Hoodie  —  Runner Up

This cropped hoodie is made from a lightweight blended material that is not too thick or too thin and has a chic cropped shoulder. This sweatshirt can be worn year-round and pairs perfectly with any high-waisted pants for a more structured look or pair with sweats for a more relaxed vibe. It also has a hemmed bottom and can be layered under or over depending on the weather.


  • This hoodie comes in a wide variety of color options


  • Not all options come with the same type of hemming

Imily Bela Crop Top Hoodie Sweatshirt  —  Honorable Mention

For the kids and teens in your life, this crop top hoodie sweatshirt is a great option. Depending on height, this cropped sweatshirt probably hits at the waist and is ideal for all activities. This hoodie can be worn on the daily, ties easily around the waist, and pairs perfectly with any type of jean, sweatpant or skirt.


  • The solid and pattern color options are all on-trend


  • Pair with a longer shirt or camisole underneath for some concealment

Moxeay Crop Top Hoodie  —  Contender

A great basic to keep on hand year-round is this lightweight cropped hoodie sweatshirt that is made from a soft, breathable fabric that will keep you comfortable for all-day wear. Another hoodie option with a raw cut hem, this top is ideal to wear to the gym with workout leggings or bike shorts and sneakers.


  • This top is very cropped and wider at the bottom


  • The raw hem area may unravel rather easily

ROMWE Scalloped Hem Crop Top Sweatshirt  —  Also Consider

For a slightly longer take on the typical crop top sweatshirt, check out this unique scalloped hem one. Great for a casual or dressy look, this sweatshirt is light-in-weight, with a round neck and scalloping that goes all around the bottom. Easily pair this sweatshirt with jeans and your favorite shoes and know that the scalloped edges give this shirt an edgy vibe that helps you to keep the accessories to a minimum.


  • This crop top has some slight stretch in it


  • This top may run slightly small

Three Sixty Six Dry Fit Crop Top Sweatshirt  —  Another Option

While all our options can be substituted for any athleisure or gym outfit, this crop top and long-sleeve hoodie is especially suited for any workout as it is made to perform. This top has a dry-fit fabric technology that is moisture-wicking, fast-drying, and breathable. It is also soft and lightweight, ensuring all-day comfort whether you are taking a jog outside in the cooler weather or conducting an intense workout at the gym.


  • Included thumbholes keep the top from sliding up as you exercise


  • There are minimal color options

Buying Guide: Crop Top Sweatshirts

Crop top sweatshirts are all the hype these days, even if they may seem a little impractical to some people. Mostly paired with high-waisted jeans or trousers, it only makes sense because high-waisted bottoms are also in trend. A simple crop top sweatshirt with a pair of high-waisted jeans is the most common casual outfit for girls these days.

Why Should You Purchase Crop Top Sweatshirts?

The best thing about crop top sweatshirts is that they are extremely versatile. Provided that you style them properly, you can pull them off on almost every occasion. They are great for summers as they keep your stomach exposed. You can pair them with jeans, shorts, or skirts to achieve that casual look. You can even wear them in autumn or spring provided you layer them up properly. You can even wear them under denim overalls for a laid-back look that will keep you warm. In winters, you can wear an overall coat on top to stay casual, yet classy.

Probably the most common use for crop top sweatshirts is in the gym. This is because they are extremely comfortable and do not cause any hindrance in exercising. Since they are loose over the chest and leave the navel area exposed, you can move your body around any way you want. Paired with the right leggings and joggers, they make the perfect outfit for a trip to the gym or just exercising at home. Since a single top can be worn on so many different occasions, you need to invest in a few sweatshirts right now.

How to Choose a Crop Top Sweatshirt According to Your Body Type?

Before purchasing a crop top sweatshirt, you need to keep in mind your body type. Since they are extremely short, it is important that you have an idea of how they are going to look on you. A crop top sweatshirt does not need to be fitted at all. In fact, it should be a relaxed fit, otherwise, the whole purpose is defeated. In order to choose the right size, you will need to measure your own dimensions and then compare them with the size chart provided by the brand. Since it can be difficult to know exactly how loose you want the fit to be, a better option is to measure a sweatshirt or a hoodie that you already own, and that fits you well. It does not have to be a crop top. Make sure you measure the chest width and the body length, and purchase the right size. Also, keep in mind that if your sweatshirt is made from cotton or a blend of cotton, it may shrink a little after being washed.

When it comes to exact body type, especially plus size women who think that a crop top sweatshirt will not suit their body type, they are wrong. The trick is to find the right one. Since such sweatshirts are going to be paired with high-waisted bottoms, your belly fat will be hidden anyway. Just make sure that the sweatshirt you purchase is not fitted at the waist, and is loose enough to allow you to move around freely. Women of all body types can pull off crop top sweatshirts, provided they pair them with the right clothing and accessories.

What Material Is Ideal for Crop Top Sweatshirts?

Crop top sweatshirts are available in several materials, and you need to keep a few considerations in mind when choosing one.


The best and probably the most common material for crop top sweatshirts is cotton. It is extremely soft, lightweight, and absorbent, which makes it ideal for everyday wear. You can even wear a cotton sweatshirt to the gym as it will keep your body dry even during an intense workout. You can even choose materials like polyester that are blended with cotton for added flexibility.


Crop top hoodies made from fleece are ideal for chilly weather. Fleece is made from a combination of cotton and wool, and if you layer a fleece sweatshirt properly, it will keep you warm. Also, it does not stain easily, which makes it easier to maintain. You can blend fleece with other materials for added durability.


Nylon is another common material for crop top sweatshirts. It provides an elegant fall to the garment that cannot be achieved with cotton or fleece. However, nylon sweatshirts are not ideal for everyday wear or for the gym. You can wear them during the rainy season as nylon does not let water pass through easily.

How to Wash Crop Top Sweatshirts?

Washing crop top sweatshirts does not require a lot of tactic, but you need to be a little careful if you want them to last long. Always check the tag to see if they are machine washable. If they are hand-wash only, avoid putting them in the machine strictly as it can damage the material. Whether you wash them in the machine or by hand, use cold water and mild detergent. Avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach and fabric softeners. You should also be mindful of only washing similar colors together. Only use a gentle cycle in the machine. Also, avoid putting your sweatshirts in the dryer, especially if they are made from cotton. The high heat can cause the material to shrink. It is best that you let them air dry fully before you fold or iron them.