Show Some Skin With These Stylish Knot-Front Crop Tops

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Summer is staring at you from the corner and you haven’t bought the right front-knot crop top for your wardrobe yet? What are you waiting for? In your defense, there’s no proper guide to help you. Right? We’ll take that burden away from you.

In all honesty, buying crop tops is no easy job. With so many styles, colors, and patterns to choose from, it can get confusing. Furthermore, fashion and trends change in the blink of an eye. So how do you plan on keeping up with them? Crop tops are worn by teenagers and adults, so whether you go for a unique fit or something that is inspired by a celebrity, we’re sure you’d look great!

Our Picks of the Hottest Knot-Front Crop Top in 2022

WDIRARA Deep V Neck Tie-Front Crop Top  —  Best Overall

You can’t go wrong with this three-quarter sleeve top! It has flowy, flared sleeves and a deep V-neck that is fastened with a tied knot at the bottom. you can adjust the knot to make it a bow or let longer pieces hang down, plus, it’s available in 15 different colors so there is a lot to choose from. Style the shirt with a pair of high-waisted jeans or shorts and you’re good to go!

THANTH Basic Short Sleeve Crop Top  —  Runner Up

Available in 11 colors, this short-sleeve knotted crop top is going to be your new go-to shirt. It’s fitted and ruched at the chest with a subtle knot in the center. We love that the shirt pulls up more underneath the knot, making it the perfect short to wear with jeans during the day or with a skirt to dress it up at night.

Romwe Knot-Front Cuffed Sleeve Striped Crop Top  —  Honorable Mention

This short sleeve crop top is the most comfortable T-shirt. It is available in 20 different colors and patterns so there’s an endless amount of ways to style it, plus, it has cuffed sleeves. It’s loose-fitting which makes it casual but cropped enough to be dressed up. The loose knot at the bottom of the shirt leaves a little keyhole cutout that doesn’t show off too much skin and the ties can be pulled tighter to conceal the cutout.

ZAFUL Casual Long Sleeve Knot-Front Crop Top  —  Editor's Pick

We are obsessed with this ribbed knit crop top which is available in 12 fabulous colors. The top has long, billowy sleeves with elastic cuffs at the wrists and a deep V-neckline. What we love most about this cropped shirt is the scrunched center which can be pulled looser or tighter depending on the look you’re going for.  Once you’ve pulled the strings to your desired length, you can let them hang down or tie them in a knot or bow.

SheIn V Neck Tie-Knot Crop Top  —  Also Consider

This is the ultimate tank top to rock with a pair of jeans or shorts. It’s loose and airy and has thin spaghetti straps. The ribbed knit top is available in three colors – green, white, and black, and has tiny accent buttons down the entire front. The crop top is secured at the bottom with a knot and you can untie the strings to make them hang down, tie them in a bow, or tie it in a knot.

Knot-Front Crop Tops: A Buyer's Guide

What To Consider When Buying Crop Tops

When it comes to fashion, you should never shoot arrows in the dark. It’s different if you want to strike a unique look, but if you want to play safe then take inspiration from what’s trending these days. By the end of this article though, you will be able to spot the finest front knot crop tops for your wardrobe.

Common styles

We’ll share a few styles that are in these days. You can choose from these styles to elevate your look.

  • Colorful

Everybody appreciates colors and rainbows, right? If you are inclined towards your artistic side then there is nothing better than opting for a colorful top. The graphic print will make you look cool and different. When it comes to colorful crop tops, you can be a bit creative. However, this style might not appease those people who don’t want to stand out from a crowd. If you like to blend in then this one might not bode well with your personality. 

  • Black

As they say, you can’t go wrong with black. Honestly, they are right because black is the safest and one of the most attractive colors that you can go for. If you belong to the category that does not like to experiment with new styles and colors then go for a black front knot crop top. You can pair this up with nice jeans or your favorite pair of trousers to strike an elegant look. With black, you can still grab a few compliments so don’t think too much about it.

  • Unique

Here’s where it gets interesting and fun. This is solely for those people who are bold and courageous. Okay, jokes apart but unique crop tops are in fashion these days. You can go for a feather front knot to make yourself stand out. Or perhaps a pre-knotted front with a different look? 


This is perhaps the most important factor that you need to consider. What kind of personality do you carry most often? Are you shy by nature? Then perhaps you might not be comfortable showing too much skin. Shy and introverted individuals can go for a simple front knot crop top with a high-waisted bottom to stay in their comfort zone. You can also go for an oversized knot to make your outfit look outstanding. Pair this with the right jeans and a beautiful, but small bag to be the star of the evening. 

On the other hand, we have people who wear crop tops to look different. For that, you can go for a right or a left-sided crop top because you can’t go wrong with them. 


Another important factor that you need to consider is the occasion at hand. Are you buying a new top for a birthday party? Or perhaps an event at work? Or is it just to expand your wardrobe? You should choose the top based on your answer to this question. We don’t want you to look odd, so for your convenience, we’ll lay out a few tips.

For everyday work, you can choose a simple front knot crop top with a pair of culottes to leave an impression. This style is not too fancy, and not too simple either. If you are going to a party, on the other hand then you need to stir the pot a bit. For parties and casual events, oversized tops can work wonders. Just make sure you choose the right color that matches your footwear. This loose style will let the straps fall to the front. You can rock this look with a bottom that is slim-fit. Or go for palazzo pants if you are looking to impress people. 

Final Words

Choosing the right front knot crop top for an occasion can be tricky. So you can always rely on stores and brands to make that decision for you. You can always buy entire outfits that come with accessories as well. They create a whole look for you that you can choose according to your personality and preferences. But of course, we don’t want you to go bankrupt. Furthermore, you can’t wear branded crop tops casually. Since they will cost you a pretty penny, you don’t want them to lose their magic by wearing them every other day to work, right? If you are looking to create a look on your own, go for something simple first. When you feel at ease, then try something different and unique.