Upgrade Any Outfit With These Stylish Knotted Headbands

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As we head into the warmer months, you will probably want to get your hair up and out of your face as often as you can. This is where a headband can really come into play and turns a plain topknot or ponytail into an effortless, stylish look.

Below we are featuring some great headband sets that will only help in making your good hair days even better. These headbands all come in sets of 6 or more and their wide color selection ensures your wardrobe and accessory mixing and matching is effortless.

All of these headbands feature the on-trend top knot that just takes your style up a notch as they are super flattering and look great with all your favorite dangly earrings as well. Because they also come in multiple pieces, these sets also make great party favors for kids, tweens, and teen parties, and gifts for friends and family.

Our Picks of the Hottest Knotted Headband

Maxdot Headband  —  Best Overall

This set of 8 knotted headbands comes in a variety of colors that can be used in a variety of ways. Wear a different color every day of the week, coordinate them with your outfits and you can even trade with friends. These headbands are also made from a soft fabric material with a cute on-trend knot that is super-flattering on all faces.


  • The fabric will not pull on the hair
  • The size will fit most heads, including both girls and women


  • You cannot pick your colors

Huachi Hair Bands  —  Runner Up

These turban-style headbands go fully around the head and are made from ribbed knit material for all-day comfort. Channeling 90s chic, these classic headbands have a knot twist design and come in a wide range of colors that will potentially match every outfit in your wardrobe. These elastic headbands are also stretchable so they easily adapt to most head sizes and will never be too tight.


  • These headbands will look great with all hair lengths
  • They will keep your hair out of your face during exercise or just running errands


  • These bands are not very wide

Funtopia Headbands  —  Honorable Mention

This is another great set of knotted headbands that come in 9 solid color options. These headbands are fully wrapped with soft, smooth fabric that won’t pull on the hair and the inner band features some stretch to ensure they are comfortable to wear for long periods.


  • These headbands will fit all different types of hair
  • They will not fall off your head


  • These may be too big for kids

Kisslife Headbands  —  Most Vibrant Colors

This set of knot-top headbands is similar to our other options and includes 10 different colors that are great for both adults, teens, and even some kids. They are also wrapped in ribbed cloth fabric that is stretchy and smooth to the touch.


  • One size fits most
  • These headbands do not slide


  • No print options are included

Ivyu Headbands  —  Cutest Knot Design

Another great option is this set of six headbands that have a subtle print that is perfect for the upcoming warmer months. These headbands have a light, airy cotton and linen fabric that feels very spring-like and will be the perfect transitional accessory in your wardrobe.


  • Choose from neutral and pastel color options
  • They will not hurt behind your ears


  • These headbands may be slightly wide

Jaciya Headbands  —  Best Variety

With 10 different colors to choose from, this set of headbands will keep your hair stylish all year round. Suitable for all hair types, these headbands will not only keep the hair out of your face but can be a fashion statement all on their own and even have some sweat-absorbing qualities for comfort.


  • There are colors for every season
  • The size is slightly adjustable


  • These should not be stretched too far out

Siquk Headband  —  Also Consider

With a whopping 12 different colors to choose from, this headband set will not disappoint. You can easily keep some for yourself and have plenty left over for friends and family. They are made of soft, flexible fabric and wrapped with black satin covering the bottoms so they will always feel comfortable on the head.


  • Enjoy a combination of pastel colors for spring and darker neutrals for fall
  • They have a good grip


  • These are not ideal for working out

Buying Guide: Knotted Headbands

Headbands are pretty simple as far as hair accessories go, but add a little knot and it changes everything. Learn more about the top knotted headbands in 2022 with this brief buyer’s guide.

What Are Knotted Headbands?

Knotted headbands are like regular headbands. They are worn over the head and serve two purposes - to keep your hair in place and add a little style to your look. However, knotted headbands separate themselves from typical headbands by having a design that resembles that of a knotted cloth. This gives the illusion that the wearer has a piece of fabric wrapped around their head, when in fact, it’s actually just a regular old headband.

Why Do You Need a Knotted Headband?

It’s stylish

Wearing fabric on your head has been a form of fashion for centuries, and even millennia, across many different cultures. For as long as humans have had long hair, they’ve looked for a way to keep it from getting all over the place. The use of fabrics and other materials to hold hair in place gave birth to all sorts of hair accessories, from ponytails to scrunchies and more.

Knotted headbands are particularly stylish because they imitate that classic look of wearing fabric or cloth around your head to keep it in place. It’s a very traditional look, and not everybody may be a fan of old-timer style, but it’s very timeless, and you can rock the look no matter where you go.

What makes the knotted headbands so special in a fashion sense is that they’re actually quite versatile. You can wear them at home, to the mall, or when hanging out with friends, and it won’t be out of place at all. You may not find a use for it in more formal and “luxurious” outings, but it’s still something worth considering if you’d rather wear something unique and statement-worthy.

It’s more convenient than using actual cloth

You know how there are neckties that you can simply clip or pin onto your collar instead of tying them around your neck? They may look like they were designed for kids, but these neckties can save you quite a bit of time in preparing, and they’re also easy to take off whenever you feel like doing so. The same can be said for knotted headbands - these headbands imitate the look of wearing a cloth around your hair without actually having to worry about tying the cloth. You can put it on and take it off in seconds, and you won’t even need to learn about different knots, either.

They keep your hair in place

Finally, let’s talk about the reason why people often get headbands in the first place - to keep their hair in place. When you have long, light, and thin hair, even the slightest breeze can ruin what was supposed to be the perfect hairstyle. And if you plan on moving around, such as walking around town, you’re bound to get your hair in a mess unless it’s either heavy and thick enough to stay put, or it’s tied or kept in place with a hair accessory.

Among the many hair accessories available, headbands are by far the simplest. You don’t need to tie your hair, and it covers the entirety of your scalp lengthwise, regardless of hair length. So as long as your hair’s not super short, you can keep it in place. This wouldn’t be possible with a ponytail, for example, as you’d need to have long enough hair to achieve this.

Things to Consider When Buying a Knotted Headband


Knotted headbands imitate the look of knotted cloth, and you’ll want to pick a cloth that matches the look you’re going for. Generally, softer fabrics are used on the hair, as you can still feel them even with hair present, and they shouldn’t be damaging your hair at all. There are also special types of fabrics with frills and patterns, and you may want to consider these before choosing a cloth type.


As with all other types of accessories, it’s important to consider the color of the headband. Headbands are designed to cover quite a bit of your head, and they’re very easily spotted at a glance. They’re far more obvious than the likes of ponytails, so you’ll want a color that matches your look, or at least a color that you like wearing.

And knotted headbands come in more than just simple colors, too. They may come in checkered patterns, polkadots, stripes, and more, and this can all be printed on al sorts of cloth. Combining the two different elements together, you’ve got plenty of options at your disposal. You just need to find the right color and fabric that really fits the needs of your current look.


This last element isn’t as important as the other two, as headbands are more universal than the likes of clothing, but not everybody can wear the same headband. In general, there are two categories for headbands - kids and adults. Since kids have the most rapid growth of their heads while they’re young, there’s all sorts of sizes for kids aged less than a year old, a few years old, or when they’re preteens and teens. Once you’re an adult, though, you should be able to fit any adult-sized headband.