Throw On One of These Sweatshirt Dresses for Easy Comfort & Style

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We all know one of the easiest pieces to wear in any wardrobe is a dress as it is a one-and-done outfit. If all your go-to dresses feel just a little too fancy these days, a great alternative is a sweatshirt-style one that has all the comfort of your go-to athleisure piece in a longer, cooler style.

Below are some great sweatshirt dresses that are not only Zoom-appropriate but will keep you comfortable and help make the process of getting dressed fast, fun, and efficient.

We have included dresses with and without hoods and ones that vary in length, from above the knee to below, giving you a ton of great styling options. Pair these dresses with your favorite leggings or tights, all your favorite chunky jewelry pieces, and a fun, bold bag for a chic style statement.

Our Picks of the Hottest Sweatshirt Dress

NUTEXROL Dress  —  Best Overall

Made from warm and snuggly cotton and fleece, this hoodie dress is a great option with endless styling possibilities. This dress is slightly different from some of our other options in that it is meant to fall below the knee, has slits on both sides of the hem and large pockets give you extra storage space. Pair this dress with high or low boots or sneakers for a chic yet casual vibe.


  • This dress is very thick and warm


  • If you prefer a more lightweight dress, another option might be better

XUERRY Dress  —  Runner Up

If you prefer a non-hooded option, this v-neck tunic dress is another comfortable, easy-to-wear option. It is made with a lightweight, soft fabric that gently skims the body without being too clingy for an all-over flattering line and has some thoughtful detailing including two side pockets and chic slits on each side.


  • This sweater comes in over 12 color options


  • This may be too short for a dress if you are on the taller side

Daily Ritual Dress  —  Honorable Mention

Made from a super soft terry and spandex blend, this long sleeve dress features sweatshirt-inspired elastic cuffs, a relaxed A-line shape, and may become your next go-to outfit. This dress is a great piece to keep in your wardrobe on those days when you really don’t know what to wear as its solid color and minimal structure can be styled in a ton of different ways. Throw on a pair of opaque or textured tights, some booties, or even open-toe sandals for a fun night-out look, and add a chunky necklace or two and cool sneaks for a relaxing day of errands.


  • This dress comes in 10 different neutral color options


  • The lighter colors may be slightly see-through

Goodthreads Dress  —  Best Short-Sleeve Option

Slightly different than our other options, this sweatshirt-style dress has short sleeves and can easily take your casual weekend style to the next level. This is made from a terrycloth blend that makes it super soft, super comfortable, and features a stylish short rolled sleeve. For cooler weather, this dress easily layers with a long sleeve tee underneath or a short leather moto on top and will look great with all types of shoes.


  • This dress can be easily sized down for a more body con fit


  • This dress might be longer on more petite builds

YESNO Dress  —  Best Oversized Dress

For a slightly more oversized sweatshirt-style dress, this casual one is a fun option. Meant to be loose and relaxed on the body, this dress works for a wide variety of sizes and features an ethnic floral print in a bunch of different color options. This dress has strategically placed distressed areas giving it a cool vibe, a high-low hemline, and extra-large corduroy pockets for comfort and storage.


  • This dress is made from thicker materials


  • It comes in one size only

The Drop Dress  —  Also Consider

This sporty hoodie mini dress is comprised of the softest materials, making it your go-to dress for everything from early morning errands to a beach cover-up. This particular dress was created with the help of international influencers to design of-the-moment, everyday pieces for the modern girl, and is made to drape beautifully against the skin with no awkward pulls or gaps.


  • This dress can be worn year-round


  • It is only available for a certain amount of time

Buying Guide: Sweatshirt Dresses

Sweatshirts have been around for decades, but sweatshirt dresses are all the rage nowadays. Make sure you buy the top sweatshirt dresses in 2022 that complement your body and style.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Sweatshirt Dress

Below is a list of top factors to consider when buying a sweatshirt dress that combines class with comfort:


The first thing to consider when buying a sweatshirt dress is its fabric. Sweatshirt fabrics are available in different types of fabrics, including cotton, fleece, french terry, polyester, and sherpa. So, choose the fabric of sweatshirt dresses, depending on your location and the occasion you want to wear it on.


Sweatshirt dresses are available in different sizes and lengths. The longest are the ones that reach below the knees. However, longer sweatshirt dresses are not as common as shorter ones. So, choose a size that compliments your physique and height. The most versatile size is the one that reaches the knees. It makes the legs look longer and fulfills the purpose of a dress.


Sweatshirt dresses are supposed to make you look cute and chic without compromising their comfort. So, when you choose a sweatshirt dress, you should make sure it is comfortable to wear. Moreover, if you are buying a sweatshirt dress for colder weather, it should keep you warm.

What Are the Different Types of Sweatshirts?

Sweatshirts are of different styles and designs. Typically, sweatshirts are available in the following styles:

Crewneck sweatshirt

Crewneck sweatshirts are the classic style of sweatshirts. They are made of fabric slightly heavier than the t-shirt fabric. Typically, crewneck sweatshirts have a round and collarless neck design. These are cozy, comfy, and functional sweatshirts worn by both men and women. Moreover, they are usually warmer than t-shirts, so, perfect for wearing in colder months.

Polo sweatshirt

Polo sweatshirts are not as casual as crewneck sweatshirts. They resemble a polo shirt in terms of collar design. Moreover, they are mainly for men.


Imagine a sweatshirt with a hood with drawstrings attached. Hoodie sweatshirts are made for men and women. These hoodies are available in zipper and pullover designs. Moreover, they are made of cotton, polyester, or mixed fabric. A typical hoodie will have a kangaroo pocket in front to keep your hands warm on a cold day.

Sweatshirt dresses

Sweatshirt dresses are mainly for women. These are like longer sweatshirts that work as dresses. It means you don’t have to wear pants or skirts under them. Usually, these sweatshirt dresses are form-fitting. These dresses are perfect for occasions where a t-shirt or sweatshirt is more casual.

What Are Sweatshirt Dresses Made Of?

Sweatshirt dresses are usually made of the same fabrics that sweatshirts are made of. Typically, you will find sweatshirts made of the following fabrics:


Polyester fabric wicks moisture better than cotton. It is less prone to shrinking and has a better sheen than natural fibers. If you want more polyester in your sweatshirt dresses, go for at least 60% polyester.


Cotton is the most common fabric for sweatshirt dresses, and you can easily find 100% cotton sweatshirt dresses. It is a natural fiber, so it will fade over time. Moreover, it retains moisture, so it may not be suitable for hotter areas.


Hemp is also a natural fiber that can be easily sourced organically. It is usually blended with cotton, which makes it more affordable. Since it is blended, it is more absorbent than cotton. Usually, 45-55% blended hemp with cotton is perfect.

Sweatshirt Dresses Care Tips

Buying sweatshirt dresses is fun, but you should know how to take care of these dresses to make them last longer. Some general care tips for sweatshirt dresses are as follows:

Don’t overwash

Most sweatshirt dresses are low maintenance. It means they don’t have to be washed as often as a t-shirt. Moreover, wearing a sweatshirt dress a few times before putting it in the laundry basket can help preserve the fabric. However, you should wear it a few times only if you are casually lounging in it. If you use the same dress for working out, you will need to wash it every time after the workout, or the odor will make everyone around you uncomfortable.

Spot-treat stains instantly

It is essential to spot-treat your sweatshirt dress immediately if you spill something on it. To do that, you should rinse the stained part under lukewarm water. Then, use some white vinegar on the spot to loosen it and let the vinegar soak in for about an hour. Lastly, machine-wash it on a cold cycle. Usually, it removes the stain, but if it persists, use hydrogen peroxide and let it sit for 10-15 minutes before rinsing it with lukewarm water.

Avoid hot water

Hot water is the ultimate enemy of wooly clothes and sweatshirt dresses. It can make the clothes shrink or become an irregular shape. Always wash such clothes in your machine on a cold cycle. Otherwise, you will end up with a sweatshirt dress that is one size smaller than your actual size.

Shrink a big sweatshirt dress

While hot water is a sweatshirt dress’ enemy in one scenario, it may be its best friend in another. For instance, you have a favorite sweatshirt dress, but it is way too big for you. You can shrink it by soaking it in extra hot water and then drying it in a dryer on high heat.