Get Ready for Your Next Night Out With One of These Figure-Hugging Dresses

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Whether you are going out to a club or spending a casual day lunching and running errands, you can never go wrong with a strapless tube-style dress. As with all dresses, they are one-and-done dressing, versatile, and can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Below we have found some strapless midi dresses that will make great additions to any stylish wardrobe. These dresses are all made from stretchy, comfortable fabrics, and have figure-hugging styles that can work with a variety of body types.

Some of our options make great all-day or day-to-night dresses with their soft, stretchy fabric and endless color options. We have also included some amazing semi-formal to formal options that will only serve to flatter the figure while keeping you tucked in and comfortable for a night out on the town.

The Top Strapless Midi Dress Compared

BORIFLORS Dress  —  Best Overall

This basic yet versatile bodycon midi dress is a great one-and-done outfit option. This dress is made from a polyester and spandex blend making it ultra stretchy and comfortable and its basic tube design makes it a dream to style. When the weather cools layer it with your favorite puffer or motorcycle jacket and boots, and wear it alone with some cool jewelry when the weather warms up.

Made By Emma Dress  —  Runner Up

This form-fitting strapless-style dress is another great option, similar to our first one, however, this one comes in a bunch of cool printed fabric options. This is a mid-weight dress with added spandex to make it form-fitting while being comfortable to wear. This dress will be a showstopper on its own and can easily go from day to night with a simple accessory change-up.

Madam Uniq Dress  —  Honorable Mention

If you are looking for a more formal occasion-appropriate dress, this bodycon one is an amazing option. Similar to a higher-end celebrity fave, this ‘second-skin’ strapless dress has a bandage-style design that makes it ultra-flattering. The thick knitted fabric is extremely stretchy and will feel good as it pulls you in, conforms to the body, and has a back zipper closure for easy on and off.

HEO Clothing Dress  —  Best Color Options

This elegant strapless tube dress is easy-to-style and can easily be worn to a wedding or casual lunch date depending on simple accessory changeups. What makes this dress so versatile is its all-over solid, seamless look with no texture or designs and its bodycon fit gives some much-needed shape when worn alone. This dress also falls to a flattering midi length and can elongate any figure with a stunning pair of heels.

YMDUCH Dress  —  Best Two-Piece Option

Similar to our first option, this basic soft and stretchy body con number is a great day-to-night dress. This option is unique, however, as it comes as a one or two-piece set complete with a cropped bandeau style top and midi skirt that can be worn together or mixed and matched with other wardrobe pieces. This dress also pairs easily with a fitted denim jacket and sneakers or a blazer and heels for a fun night out on the town.

LAGSHIAN Dress  —  Most Comfortable

Another great midi dress option is this one that has a silky-sheen-like appearance and full-on ruching from top to bottom. The ruching gives this dress a more formal look and makes it great for most evening, formal and semi-formal occasions. This dress is also made from very soft and stretchy fabric for a comfortable and moveable fit and its midi length can be pulled shorter or longer as needed.

Bebe Dress  —  Also Consider

If you are or were a fan of this clothing brand then you are familiar with their provocative, on-trend style of clothing. This particular strapless bodycon dress is another great option with a cool full back zip closure in silver that gives it an all-over cool vibe. Its midi length balances out the strapless top and it has plenty of stretch for comfort.

Buying Guide: Strapless Midi Dresses

The top strapless midi dresses in 2022 are extremely popular because they are such a versatile option. However, a lot of women get confused when it comes to choosing one and styling it appropriately. This guide is formulated for women who are completely new to this domain to get acquainted with such dresses.

What Is a Strapless Midi Dress?

As the name suggests, a midi dress is a mid-length dress that falls above the ankles but below the knees. It is also sometimes referred to as a mid-calf dress. Some people confuse it with a maxi dress, but a maxi dress falls all the way down to your ankles, so the main difference between the two is the length. A strapless dress obviously means that it has no shoulder straps. Since they are made from so many different materials and a variety of colors and patterns are available to choose from, you can wear them during different seasons and occasions. Most strapless dresses are meant to be fitted, which means that they will be ideal for formal occasions as well.

How to Choose the Perfect Strapless Midi Dress

When shopping for a midi dress, you will find tons of options in the market, so it is easy to get overwhelmed. However, if you keep a few pointers in your mind, you will be able to choose the perfect one for you.


While the overall length of a midi dress falls somewhere between your knees and ankles, the exact point can affect how it looks on your body type. A dress that falls exactly in the middle of your calf, which is the widest part of your leg, will make you look short, and the dress will appear longer. So, when purchasing a midi dress, make sure it falls a few inches above your ankles, or a few inches below your knees, but never in the exact middle.

Accentuate your waist

The purpose of a strapless midi dress is to accentuate your curves, specifically your waist. If you buy a bodycon dress, make sure it is completely fitted. To accentuate your waist further, you can add a belt to your dress. This will not only complete your look but will add style and class to your dress.


The most important feature that you need to consider in a strapless midi dress is its versatility. You want to make sure that the dress you buy can be worn and styled for different occasions. You should be able to style up or down according to the occasion by adding or eliminating jackets and pieces of jewelry. Make sure you wear the right pair of shoes that complement both the dress and the occasion.

How to Style a Strapless Midi Dress

The strapless quality of a midi dress makes it ideal for more formal occasions. However, you can always play around with them and dress them down or up accordingly. We have mentioned a few tips that you can follow to style a strapless midi dress in several ways.

Dressing up

For dressing a strapless midi dress up, the simplest way is to add jewelry. Since a large part of your neck and upper chest is going to be exposed, you can add a chunky necklace, but make sure that the color suits the dress. If your dress is plain, you can wear any kind of jewelry, but you will have to be more careful with patterned dresses. If you wear a large necklace, avoid chunky earrings. To complete the look, you can add bracelets and rings that complement the entire outfit. You can also wear stockings underneath the dress, but it is totally up to you. Lastly, the safest shoe option for a formal look is a pair of heels.

Dressing down

If you want to wear your strapless midi dress to a casual occasion, you can purchase a monotone dress made of polyester. You can pair such a dress with leather and denim jackets, to give a more casual look. With such jackets, any pair of sneakers will be ideal. Most women like to wear white sneakers, as it makes the dress casual. Moreover, ankle-length boots will also look good with a midi dress, especially if you are wearing it during the fall or winter season. A casual, crossbody bag will complete your look.

How Did We Shortlist Our Top Picks?

Our team is dedicated to only providing you with the best products in the markets, so we go through a rigorous process when shortlisting items. Here are a few things that we keep in mind.


Customer reviews are honest as they come from people who have purchased and used the products. So, when selecting the top strapless mini dresses in the market, we analyzed the reviews and only included those that overall had a very positive response from customers. We steered clear of the negative ones.


The brand is an important consideration, as it will define your entire shopping experience. After-sales customer support is extremely important, so we gave preference to those brands that provided return and refund policies. It is important that you are able to contact the brand after buying from them and are not stuck with the wrong sized dress.


When you feel like you got value for the price you paid means that you made the right purchase. Therefore, we did not include dresses that seemed to be too overpriced for their quality. We only included those brands that we thought were providing value for the price they were charging.