The Best Work Bag To Elevate Your Office Look

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Accessories are some of the most important elements of any work attire, and a work bag is at the top of the food chain. As a professional, the sharp look is only complete when you strut a sleek bag as arm candy and pair it with a confident power walk. Hence, we’ve compiled a list of the best work bags in 2022 to give your office style the perfect oomph.

The world of professional bags is quite illustrious and glamorous, but they are also essential to make your work lives more manageable. The best work bags now come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, with intense organizational features, spacious compartments, huge pockets, plus special slots for phone charging, keys, cards, and wallet storage. We’re here to make the process of finding the perfect work bag easier, so sit back and enjoy our top five picks of the greatest bags for office settings, plus a buying guide that goes into details of everything you should know before you open up your wallet.

Comparing the Top Work Bags of 2022 in Detail

Volganik Rock Work Bag  —  Best Overall

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Key Features

  • High-quality nylon construction
  • Multiple color options to choose from
  • Water-repellent tote surface and sturdy seam seam
  • Gender fluid canvas bag

Touted as a unisex work tote, the Volganik bags are a spacious solution to stay organized and on top of your professional progress. The sturdy finish of this work bag ensures that you get to carry it in an easy-to-carry manner, without ripping or fraying apart. Moreover, with whopping three pockets on the front and one on the back, there’s no limitation of storage space for everyday essentials within easy reach.

This sturdy nylon bag is waterproof to avoid accidental spills and keeps your valuables safely tucked in. The zipper closure keeps valuables out when you're commuting. This work bag does not weigh much and will not dig into your shoulder muscles. It would easily fit a 15-inch screen device.  

Nubily Work Bag  —  Runner-Up

Work Bag review

Key Features

  • Sleek and structured construction
  • Comfortable handle with buckle detail
  • Suitable for 15.6” laptops
  • Contains a detachable crossbody strap

The Nubily laptop bag is a sleek, classic, and timeless addition to your professional styling game for the sharp businesswomen in you. From dark hues of black, blues, and greens to neutral beiges and soft pastels, each color variation of this briefcase-style bag tells a story of the person who’s rocking it. This stylish arm-candy with a spacious compartment, organizational slots, and slip pockets for phones and other essentials allows you to make a powerful fashion statement without compromising functionality. In addition, the solid construction, high-quality stitching seams, and 2-way strap make it a perfect work bag.

Ecosusi  —  Contender

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Key Features

  • Adjustable handles provide various carrying options
  • Available in 5 stylish colors
  • Bottom studs help keep your bag clean from dirt on the floor
  • Fits conveniently under airplane seats

If you're looking for a sleek work bag option, look no further than this cute vegan leather bag by Ecosusi. This large-capacity bag is engineered with 3 internal layers tailored to not only fit your many items but keep them organized as well. The middle layer, which includes padding, is designed specifically for your laptop and can fit up to laptops up to 15.6". The magnetic buckles and high-quality brass-tone hardware is resistant to wear and tear and can hold a lot of weight, meaning it'll last you many trips (whether those are to the office or not is your choice!)

MONSTINA Work Bag  —  Honorable Mention

Work Bag review

Key Features

  • Sturdy faux leather detailing
  • Highly organized internal structure
  • External USB-powered cable
  • Zipper-ed pocket front and center

Are you tired of tote bags that lose their form, ending up like a sack or pouch? Then you should get Monstina’s latest work bag for all your professional needs, which will retain its shape even if you stuff it until the top. The outside of the bag is reinforced with leather detailing on the bottom to retain its shape, whereas the high-grade nylon material on the rest of the purse reduces any wrinkles, creasing, and wear signs. 

The inside of this tote bag is an organization freak’s heaven because the tote has a well-designed slot for everything you can imagine. With a soft padded main compartment for laptops, the 15 pocket slots can store your tiniest supplies and essentials in their designated space. 

LOVEVOOK Work Bag  —  Best Backpack Style

Work Bag review

Key Features

  • Theft-proof slot on the back
  • External USB-charging port over the side-pocket with a power bank connector
  • Available in three sizes
  •  Comes with a top handle and back strap

Who said the work bags strictly have to be briefcase style or arm-slung options? Backpacks are equal contenders for workspace carriers, and this particular Lovevook bag is the perfect accessory to flaunt on your next meeting. This backpack is user-friendly with its USB-cable slot, a secret back pocket, and elastic-fitted side panel for storing a water bottle, from multiple solid color options to floral prints. 

The internal organized storage section also brings order to how you keep your stuff. So, you do not have to spend hours juggling through the pool of mess to pull out your required items from the bag. This backpack is equally great for travel, leisure, and school with its luggage strap and breathable padded straps. 

Bag Wizard Work Bag  —  Also Consider

Work Bag review

Key Features

  • Faux leather detailing with hardware details
  • Extremely lightweight construction
  • Rolled faux leather handles
  • Contains 12 pockets for extreme organization and storage 

If your shoulders have been at the receiving end of constant suffering and sore muscles, the tote bag from Bag Wizard comes with flexible and soft straps that feel light as a feather. The high-quality canvas on the outside is sturdy, plus the lining inside ensures excellent craftsmanship. The tote bag is highly spacious with large external pockets, whether you are out for a meeting, a casual stroll, or on a shopping spree. The premium quality zipper closure ensures that nothing spills or falls from your handy tote bag. This particular bag combines user efficiency and style quotient in a single package. 

Buying Guide: Work Bags

From the sea of less than average quality bags, your goal is to pick out the best bag for the working woman. The best women’s work bag requires some considerable research and forethought on your part. And our nifty buyer’s guide will help you navigate the complex world of offices while helping you figure out what’s hot & what’s not.

Why Should You Get a Work Bag?

A work bag isn’t just a pretty accessory; it’s a whole office that you are carrying around with you. We aren’t exaggerating - with your professional ecosystem, limited to laptops and gadgets, these space-friendly, storage-appeasing, and organization-savvy work bags have practically become make-shift offices. The stiff and conventional briefcases and satchels for workplaces have become quite outdated, as tote bags and backpacks have become the hot office accessory.

All in all, work bags are the perfect option to keep all your office essentials organized in one place and be on the move - whenever and wherever it’s needed. Interestingly, nowadays, the most high-end and affordable office carriers are designed with a casual approach to function equally well inside and outside the professional environment. You can take your neutral tote bag to a meeting with your laptop, tab, and other essentials; plus, you can also use it to carry for a casual outing or a travel trip.

The Criteria to Finding the Best Work Bags

Here’s an abstract checklist to help you pick the best women’s work bag.

Work bags have to be spacious

When carrying a bag to the office, the tiny purses won’t cut it. So instead, you need an office carrier that is spacious enough to carry your laptop and everyday essentials, including your cellphone, wallet, keys, chargers, power banks, and whatnot. Plus, it’s no secret that a women’s work bag also contains personal and beauty essentials, among other things, so spacious compartments are a must.

Look for more pockets

There cannot be enough pockets in your work bags. While the front and side pockets on a work bag are great for easy accessibility and reach, the internal pockets are essential to keep your valuables safe and out of reach. The office-suitable backpacks also contain an anti-theft pocket on the back, where you store your phone and cash from the prying eyes.

The choice of colors matter

Office bags are no longer restricted to black and neutral colors. You can opt for any hue in the rainbow spectrum to find the perfect shade of work bag for you. However, if you are in the finance and corporate sector, a pastel pink wouldn’t be a good fit for the work environment. In such a case, you have a range of dark tones in navy blues, emerald greens, beige, and grey to choose from.

If you work in a creative industry or hip start-up, you can be more daring with your color choices for a work bag. Plus, you can never go wrong with classic black or neutral color. Always remember, when you are narrowing down the color for the work bag, pick the one that represents your personality but does not clash with your work environment.

Find the style right for you

Are you a tote person with causal aesthetics, a sporty backpacker, or a high-ticket investor with sleek and stylish work bags? You guessed it right; there are many variations and styles when picking out the best work bag for a man or a woman. The choice of a bag style depends on an individual’s preference and requirements, but it also depends on the prevalent trends. In the last few years, fashion-forward backpacks have become a common sight in the workplaces. Plus, briefcase-style, stiff totes are also popular among fashion-savvy businesswomen.

Other Essential Factors of a Work Bag That You Should Not Neglect?

When you are fixing to pick the best office bag from the wide selection available, look up the following factors to narrow down the selection procedure.

Comfort of the strap

A sub-standard bag strap can ruin your whole mood and cause serious discomfort. For instance, you must steer away from the straps that could dig into your delicate skin and feel uncomfortable on the shoulder joint. On the other hand, a well-built strap, whether long or short, with the right thick and reinforced hardware, feels light on your shoulders, without tugging or any pressure. For individuals who experience uneven weight on their shoulders, backpacks are better for proper weight distribution.

Material durability

Although they aren’t subjected to extreme conditions, work bags should be sturdy enough to stand the usual wear and tear. However, daily commuting, temperature fluctuations, and heat can gnaw away at your carrier’s strength and durability. However, these issues can be a minor nuisance if the material of your work bag is premium quality and highly durable. Look for office bags made of high-quality nylon and genuine or faux leather that will not easily rip or tear.


The portability of a work bag is attributed to its lightweight construction and user-friendliness. If you have invested in bulky bag design, the added weight of your items would only add more pounds to your shoulder. Furthermore, since the work bags are preferred for their on-the-go approach, you constantly need to carry them with you - whether you’re out for a short lunch or a formal meeting. So, find a work bag that you’d want to carry around and flaunt, not one that you’d want to lose on the first instance because it’s too heavy or uncomfortable.


You want maximum efficiency with the bag you carry around for work, not a magic hat that would pull out random stuff when you urgently need your keys. Therefore, the best work bags must have a highly organized layout. This includes proper internal structure, allocated slots, and compartments, so you know where everything goes. There’s no need for you to scramble inside the bag when everything is stored, where it’s supposed to be.


Disclaimer! When shopping for your ideal bag to carry for work, look into your bank - decide on a budget and stick to it. There is no end to work bag designs and variations from the most high-end designer options to the unbelievably-priced affordable options. You’ll be spoiled for choice, hence our insistence on setting a budget beforehand. When opting for a bag, introspect if you need a genuine leather piece; or a faux leather tote that would fulfill the purpose without you going broke. Great options are available in high, mid, and low range price points; you just need to look for a work bag that speaks to your personality and work requirements.