The Best Bucket Bags That Will Never Go Out Of Style

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One of the newest styles of bags to hit the fashion scene is the bucket bag. These bags are aptly named, as they have a cylindrical shape, tall sides, and large interior, making them very closely resemble a bucket. Though these bags sound a bit strange, they are actually very cute and are becoming incredibly popular. If you want to stay on top of the latest trends, consider purchasing one of these unique purses.

Because bucket bags are rapidly increasing in popularity, retailers are keeping up with consumer demand and as a result, there is an extremely wide selection of bucket bags to choose from. Such a large variety may make it difficult to find the best, most stylish bag. To help you find the right bag for you, we have compiled a list of the five greatest bucket bags of 2022.

Top Bucket Bags In 2022

BOSTANTEN Bag  —  Best Overall

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Key Features

  • Has space for storing everything from a laptop to an umbrella
  • The external bag is made of top-notch cowhide leather and golden hardware
  • Comes with two straps options to wear it as a shoulder bag or a handbag
  • Zippered pouch and magnetic metal buckle for securing your items

Showcase your fashionable side with this one-of-a-kind handbag. Measuring approximately 10.4x5.9x12.7 inches, it has enough capacity to hold all of your daily essentials and still looks stylish for going to work, shopping, or out on the town. It has a removable inner pouch that includes one large main pocket, one zippered pouch, and two slip pockets. This pouch is reinforced with fabric lining, which enhances the longevity of the bag. Its external structure also has two slip pockets and two metal buckle pockets. The many pockets of this bag make it easy to organize your iPad, iPhone, wallet, cosmetics, compact mirror, and more.

Additionally, this bag comes with two different, detachable shoulder straps. One is made of leather, while the other is woven. These straps give you the ability to customize and mix up the look of your bag.

Travelon Bag  —  Best For Theft Protection

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Key Features

  • Slash-resistant body and straps to protect from theft
  • Pockets equipped with RFID blocking technology to prevent electronic theft
  • An LED light on the tethered key clip helps in finding items easily
  • Polyester fabric for easy cleaning

This bucket bag is perfect for those who travel often or frequently carry very valuable items. It has slash-resistant straps that allow you to lock the bag to the post of a chair or table. Additionally, its body is made from slash-resistant polyester, so that thieves are unable to cut your bag free and run with it. Therefore, your bucket bag will remain safe, no matter how busy or unfamiliar the area is.

Moreover, this bag eliminates the need to carry an extra wallet, because it comes with a main compartment, front pocket, and rear pocket. Hence, you can easily organize your everyday essentials like keys, cards, cash, tablet, and more in this bag. Plus, it has two expandable mesh pockets on the outer body to hold both a water bottle and an umbrella.

AFKOMST Bag  —  Best Minimalistic Look

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Key Features

  • Comes with straps of different lengths for carrying in a various manner
  • Interior pocket has a zip for securing items
  • Soft and glossy PU leather gives a classy look
  • Two slip pockets to place small items like earphones or lipstick

This bucket bag can replace your sporty duffle due to its cool design and large capacity. Made from soft vegan leather and fine-detailed stitching, it has a luxurious appearance and looks more expensive than it is. If you don't want to carry a big bulky bag, this is just the right option for you, since it is small yet spacious. You can fit your phone, keys, cards, cosmetics, and more inside. The main pocket is even roomy enough to accommodate an umbrella, notebook, or tablet.

The bag has two inner slots that allow you to place and quickly access your cards, slips, or important papers. It also comes with two removable straps. One is short in length so you can wear it as a shoulder bag, while the other is adjustable in length to wear it as a crossbody bag. Moreover, it is equipped with a drawstring and magnetic closure that makes opening or closing the bag easier than ever.

Realer Bag with Purse  —  Best For Studying And Shopping

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Key Features

  • Adjustable straps to be used as a shoulder bag, tote, crossbody, or handbag
  • Matching wrist wallet for carrying small items with style
  • Rigid base to prevent collapsing
  • Made with vegan PU leather for sturdiness and shine

If you don't like slouchy bags, this beautiful item is the best option for you because its bottom is thick and hard, which keeps the purse upright. Even after overloading or placing it on the floor, it doesn't fold or collapse. It measures 13.8x5.9x11.8 inches and has several compartments to store multiple items like keys, glasses, books, earphones, makeup products, and more. It is also roomy enough to hold a 13.3 inch laptop or an A4 size magazine. This product also comes with a clutch that you can carry separately or fit inside the bucket bag. You can use this bag for college or shopping due to its large size and firm structure. Additionally, it has adjustable straps for convenient carrying.

OLIVIABYKY Bag  —  Best for Date Night

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Key Features

  • PU leather-made body with cross style stitching makes it look classy
  • Zipper closure for securing items
  • Roomy enough to keep beverages, iPhones, and smaller daily life items
  • Shiny golden chain attached with the strap levels up your fashion game

If you're someone who loves to steal the spotlight, then you should choose this bag. It looks extremely beautiful with its golden chain strap and rigid bucket-like structure. It is manufactured with PU leather that does not smell and makes it very durable. It has a large zipper compartment where you can place everything from a smartphone to your wallet. Its strap can be adjusted or detached, allowing you to use it as a shoulder bag for a hands-free option, or as a handbag.

Finding a Fashionable Yet Practical Bucket Bag: A Buying Guide

A perfect bucket bag can not only hold everything you own but will also go well with everything you wear. There are many bags available that may look good, but may not last long. Hence, we have prepared a detailed guide to help you find a cute and high quality bucket bag.

Why Are Bucket Bags Better Than Other Bags?

A bucket bag is far better than a regular purse because it offers a wide range of flexibility. It offers endless storage options, yet it is compact and fashionable. Plus, you can adjust the length of its strap to use it as a crossbody bag or handbag. This bucket-style bag is also available in different patterns, from plain to bold. Finally, bucket bags have a soft look but can still stand upright and maintain their structure without collapsing due to the barrel shape.

Which Factors Should You Consider When Buying a Bucket Bag?

Consider these factors to ensure you purchase a high-quality bag that will last you a long time.


If you want a bag that will match every outfit you wear, try a black-colored or leather-like brown bucket bag, because these colors are extremely versatile and will look good no matter the season. Additionally, metallic-toned bags look good throughout all seasons and are also very versatile. If you love experimenting, however, don't be afraid to try different colors. A brightly colored or bold printed bag can be an excellent statement piece that will take your outfit up a notch.


The size of a bag differs from one to another, so it is important to check the dimensions before you buy. You should determine the essentials that you need to carry with you in your bucket bag. Some people only prefer to carry a phone, cash, and keys with them, while others have an extensive list of items to store in the bag. Make sure that whatever bag you buy has enough room for all your items, and also has enough pockets to keep them organized.


Checking the material is also important to ensure you get your hands on a durable bucket bag. Most people opt for faux leather bags because they look expensive and last for a long time. You can also choose a bag made of polyester, another high-quality material. Make sure the bag you choose has a scratch-resistant material and can be easily wiped clean.


Carrying the same bag every day can be boring. Thus, to mix up your look on occasion, choose a purse with an adjustable strap that you can switch out at your convenience. These removable straps allow you to carry the bag as a shoulder bag, handbag, or crossbody bag. Additionally, try to find a bag with a thick strap, as thin straps can dig into your skin and become uncomfortable after wearing it for an extended period of time.


In today’s advanced tech era, thieves are finding new ways to steal from you. They can now scan your debit or credit cards from a far distance without even touching them. To avoid this, make sure the bag you choose is equipped with RFID blocking technology because it can prevent low and high-frequency rays from scanning your credit card details. You should also check if your bag offers anti-theft features like a zippered closure as well as a slash-proof body and strap.

How to Wear a Bucket Bag

There is no fixed rule regarding how to wear a bucket bag. The best part about bucket bags is that they come with an adjustable strap that makes them very versatile. Depending on what you are wearing, you can change the style of the bag just by adjusting the length of the strap. For instance, if you are dressed formally and/or are taking the bag to school or work, carry it as a side handbag. On the contrary, you can wear it across your body by extending the strap length, to go with your casual wear.

How to Clean a Bucket Bag

Bucket bags are generally made of leather or polyester, which can be cleaned with a single wipe. For this, you need a soft, damp cloth. Don't use a harsh scrubber because its rough surface will scratch your bag. If your bag is looking particularly grimy, you can also use a gentle, diluted soap solution to spot clean it. Do not put your bag in the washing machine, as this can ruin the material of the bag. The best practice is to avoid setting it on the floor, as it will become dirty more easily.