Having One of the Best Laptop Bags Is a Work-Life Essential

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When you’ve got a laptop in your arsenal of tech supplies, you will inevitably need a laptop bag. A laptop carrier comes especially in handy when dealing with long commutes and hours of travel, be it on foot, a car, or the local subway. Businessmen and women can vouch for the importance of owning a sleek and compact laptop bag that can accommodate your gadget securely and efficiently. It’s no mystery that traveling with a laptop on hand (especially an expensive one) can be a perilous feat. From rushing through TSA, to desperately getting things ready in the morning, the slightest dents and scratches can land your laptop straight inside the repair shop. While you may require a rather functional piece with multiple pockets and compartments, perhaps even some padding here and there, sacrificing on style is not an option. Join us as we analyze the finest laptop bags in 2022 for travel, work, college, and so much more.

Comparing the Top Laptop Bags of 2022

Amazon Basics Laptop Bag  —  Best Overall

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Key Features

  • Compact design can accommodate laptops up to 15 inches wide
  • Incorporates a well-padded shoulder strap
  • Contains additional storage pockets for depositing accessories
  • Embraces a durable weather-resistant construction
  • Includes multiple wide and easy-to-grab zip closures

This slim and portable laptop bag is ideal for lodging laptops as big as 15 inches without making them appear too stuffed or bulky. You’ll obtain a padded shoulder strap to comfortably carry the bag on your shoulder for long periods without suffering cramps or fatigue. This Amazon Basics laptop bag accommodates extra storage compartments in addition to the main laptop cavity for stockpiling accessories like pens, earphones, mouse e.t.c. in an efficient and organized manner. This durable pick is also weather-resistant with sturdy zippers and secure handles to promote a long-lasting and convenient construction.

NUBILY Laptop Bag  —  Best for Women

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Key Features

  • Made from a water-repellent PU leather material
  • Includes explosion-proof zippers
  • Contains two adjustable handles along with a long detachable cross-body handle
  • Available in 12 modish and fashionable colors
  • Contains multiple interior compartments inside the main zipper pocket
  • Incorporates a padded internal laptop slot

The Nubily laptop bag is an exquisite option with elegant looks and proper functionality combined. The premium craftsmanship of this bag employs a PU leather material externally and a polyester lining on the inside of the bag. This not only makes it incredibly water-repellent and odor-free but also makes it ultra-sturdy and durable for continuous usage. The explosion-proof metal zippers ensure and safe and secure storage space, while the adjustable shoulder handle duo makes it remarkably comfortable to carry. This ultra-versatile bag by Nubily can not only be carried in a cross-body fashion but also be used as a tote bag due to its adjustable dual handles. Additionally, you’ll get access to a main zippered compartment along with multiple interior pockets and slots for efficient storage.

Bagsmart Laptop Bag  —  Best for Traveling

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Key Features

  • Durable, water-resistant fabric
  • EVA foam padding
  • Expandable for extra storage
  • Anti-theft zippers
  • Easy to open and access at TSA checkpoint
  • Multiple design options to choose from
  • Durable vegan leather handles

If you travel a lot for work or simply like to bring your laptop with you on vacation, then this laptop bag by Bagsmart is your best bet. Thanks to the convenient luggage strap, you can securely anchor this computer bag to your suitcase's handle while walking through the airport. Or, if you prefer to carry it, the padded shoulder strap is a convenient and comfortable option. With multiple pockets and compartments, you can easily store more than just your laptop in your bag, meaning you can keep all your electronics, tech accessories, books, and notes in one convenient space. Plus, this bag is large enough to store laptops as big as 17.3 inches.

Voova Laptop Bag  —  Most Durable

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Key Features

  • Incorporates 3 impressive fabric layers of ultra-protection 
  • Embraces a main zippered pocket in addition to two spacious side slots
  • Combines a pair of suppressible magic handles
  • Encompasses multiple sturdy strap hooks, loops, and zippers
  • Embodies a water-repellent exterior

This laptop bag is loaded with elements that make it supremely hard-wearing and sturdy. The bag incorporates 3 resilient fabric layers including a spill-resistant surface, a shock-proof sponge layer as well as a soft and fluffy plush lining to grant the laptop a supreme degree of protection. In addition to these protective layers, the bag also includes multiple compartments and divisions to ensure efficient organization and storage. This comprises a front zippered pocket as well as two separate side divisions for handy stashing. You’ll come across a unique suppressible handle pair, along with sturdy metal zippers, hooks, and loops. 

MOSISO Laptop Bag  —  Most Lightweight

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Key Features

  • Includes three high-quality defensive layers
  • Contains an ample amount of interior padding to protect the laptop
  • Promotes an adjustable and removable handle pair
  • Available in a wide range of exquisitely vibrant colors
  • Issues a lightweight and portable construction for convenient carrying

The Mosiso shoulder laptop bag encompasses a lightweight construction for convenience and undemanding carrying. The bag adopts a three-layered structure that includes an outer polyester surface, a shock-proof sponge layer along fluffy internal cushioning to foster a safe and padded environment for the laptop to rest in.  The smooth gliding zippers on this bag allow for efficient and effortless access to your laptop, while the ergonomically padded shoulder strap permits adjustability and enables swift removal. This specific laptop bag is compatible with numerous laptop types including a 13-inch MacBook Air. 

Dachee Laptop Bag  —  Best Design

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Key Features

  • Available in 17 exotic floral and cacti patterns
  • Has a water-repellent and shock-proof exterior 
  • Made from a thick high-quality canvas material
  • Contains two spacious side pockets for storing on-the-go items
  • Incorporates several sturdy metal buckles and zips
  • Includes a set of concealable top handles.

If you’re looking for a unique and distinctive laptop bag that’ll stand out from the ordinary, monotonous look, then the Dachee laptop shoulder bag has got you covered. These bags are available in an impressive range of acutely appealing designs, including multiple floral and miniature cacti patterns. Anyone with a bright and bubbly personality would adore these laptop bags that incorporate style with factuality. The Dachee laptop bag has a shock-proof and waterproof exterior that boosts use-efficiency while promoting a safe and secure build. Additionally, this case also incorporates several durable metal zippers and buckles to promote the longevity of this case.

Finding a High-Quality Laptop Bag: A Buyer's Guide

Even though a laptop case seems like a simple enough acquirement, there are plenty of things that can go wrong if you don’t consider a handful of key features such as sizing, material, and the purpose for which you’ll utilize the bag. Accidentally getting a small size that doesn’t accommodate your laptop is no joke. This is why it’s crucial to analyze a few central components that make a laptop bag superior in comparison to hundreds of other ordinary bags. To make your purchase stand out and have it properly cater to your individual needs, you’ll need a bag that’s specific to your requirements. To help you achieve this, we’ve listed out the top factors you should take into consideration before making your purchase, and some common mistakes you ought to avoid.

Factors To Take Into Account When Buying a Laptop Bag


Unsurprisingly indeed, size is one of the main things that anyone interested in buying a laptop bag will need to consider. This is not only to ensure your laptop fits comfortably inside your future bag, but also to make sure you don’t accidentally get too large of a size that might look rather obnoxious and add unnecessary bulk to the case. A moderately sized laptop case is anywhere between fifteen and thirty liters. However, these are in actuality just general guidelines and may not apply to your circumstances. Bags that are blatantly just laptop sleeves with handles and don’t contain much else in terms of storage compartments and pockets, can be as compact as 8 liters and still accommodate a small-sized laptop. 


Without a doubt, you’ll want to invest in durable and hard-wearing materials that will last you a good chunk of time before showing signs of wear and tear. Furthermore, try looking into materials like nylon, polyester, canvas, and synthetic leather. While you may opt for bags made from real leather, however, you should be prepared to pay a steep amount. It’s also wise to keep in mind that these types won’t deliver anywhere near the same amount of durability as faux and PU leather-made bags would. When we talk about durability and sturdiness, nylon is at the top of the list. You can expect canvas bags to be slightly on the heavier side however, you’re likely to find a great deal of design diversity in this specific category. 


A bag is, in its very nature, is a fashion statement. While it may not be the primary purpose of a laptop bag, it’s certainly not to be pushed to the side or overlooked. Since you’ll be utilizing this storage bag on a regular basis, it’s only fair to make sure it looks okay, if not great. When considering the style and design of these compact cases, there’s a lot to look into. First and foremost, you’ll come across bags that are more focused on maintaining a sleek and functional look rather than excelling in various patterns and colors. The style will vary depending on the intended purpose of the bag, for example, a workplace laptop bag will usually accommodate more pockets and compartments in addition to adapting more professional and elegant looks. On the other hand, college or uni laptop bags will generally have more flexible looks that translate into various exotic patterns including floral prints and a wide range of vibrant and playful colors. 

Features Worth Having in Laptop Bags

Multiple compartments

Let’s be honest, one pocket just isn’t enough. Especially when it comes to models like laptop bags that require additional storage space to stash all the accessories that come with a laptop such as chargers, earphones, a mouse, and sometimes even a power bank. This cannot become possible with a limited number of pockets and depositories. Extra compartments can also come in handy to lodge any important papers and folders and prove to especially come in handy when traveling by providing the extra storage slots to neatly organize your travel documents and any other knick-knacks you might have. 

Durability and sturdiness

This is where the location of your travel area or current surroundings comes into play. For a travel laptop bag, you’ll be better off investing in a hard-wearing and sturdy material that won’t buckle under dire circumstances as easily and survive any grim surrounding proficiently. To acquire an especially long-lasting piece, it’s crucial to not forget the metallic embellishments that a case would contain, such as the zippers, any hooks, and loops as well as possible metal handles. Ensuring these components are made from a sturdy and resilient material drastically impacts the durability of your laptop bag in the long run. Look for heavy-duty straps and handles that are ideally made from wear-resistant material to ensure maximum longevity.

Accessory elements 

Having a handful of bonus features seals the deal for a premium quality laptop bag. These might include elements such as a nifty USB charging port to efficiently recharge your phone while traveling. Some modern-day laptop bags also contain retrievable handles that can neatly withdraw into the side pockets, for when you need them out of sight. You can also expect to come across bags with shock-proof and water-repellent fabrics. These exteriors significantly boost the durability of the bags and ultimately lengthen their lifespan by putting up a fight against all types of inclement weather. This might also factor into the bag’s stain-resistant abilities and protect your bag from catching splashes and blemishing as easily. 

How Much Do Laptop Bags Typically Cost?

It's important to consider your budget when shopping for a laptop case. These bags can cost you anywhere between approximately $10 to $35. This is immensely affected by the type of material used in the manufacturing process and how high in quality it is. Generally speaking, it's a lot more convenient to invest in an expensive yet durable one that will last you years on end, rather than having to replace a cheaply made one every year or so.