Up Your Style Game With These Trendy Woven Handbags

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The last thing you may need is a new handbag, however, you can’t simply ignore the cool woven straw bags that have been posted all over your social media feeds. While many of these bags may be out of reach due to their designer status, there are a bunch of great options out there that are easily accessible and sometimes even cuter.

Below we have found a robust variety of women’s woven bags. Most of these bags are handmade using straw, rattan, and seagrass materials, making them sturdy and durable for everyday use. They are also adorned with either leather or faux leather straps, buckles, and buttons that make them easy to open and close.

We have also included both round and rectangular-shaped options in a variety of sizes that will make great beach bags and stylish vacation totes.

Our Favorite Women’s Woven Bag

Novum Crafts Bags  —  Best Overall

Handmade in Bali, this woven purse is made from premium quality natural grasses and genuine leather. Also known as rattan, this boho-style handbag is round with a leather top closure and shoulder strap. This bag is roomy enough to carry everything you need and will be your staple, go-to straw bag.


  • Each bag comes with a free feather headband
  • Comes with a surprise patterned-fabric lining in the bag


  • There may be slight color iterations due to dyeing process

YYW Hand-Woven Bag  —  Runner Up

Another great handmade option, this straw beach bag is made from 100% natural, hand-woven seagrass. This large bag is fully lined with a small inside pocket, has a top drawstring closure, and a comfortable to hold round, wooden handle. This bag is great for the beach as it easily holds a towel, water bottle, sunscreen, and a book, is also durable, and will hold up for years to come.


  • There are a few lighter and darker colors from which to choose
  • The bag is spacious enough to fit all of your beach-day essentials


  • It does not zip-up

Caissip Handbag  —  Honorable Mention

This cool woven bag has seventies vibes, is round in shape with a casual style that is perfect for days or nights. Take this bag for a day at the beach, shopping, or any errands you may have. This bag is also fully lined with an interior zipper and has a small pocket for holding any accessories that need to be reached fast.


  • This bag can be worn as a shoulder or crossbody bag
  • It has a really unique weave design on the front


  • The straps are not real leather

Ayliss Handbag  —  Best Value for Money

If you prefer a rectangular-shaped bag, this straw one is a great option and, with its generous size, will get you through a full day at the beach. Fill the bag with your phone, wallet, camera, water bottle, sunnies, a hat and towel, and any other personal belongings you deem necessary. This bag is also versatile, is fully lined, and has an inner accessory pocket.


  • This bag has a top zipper closure
  • It's very versatile and can be used as a purse or beach bag


  • The straps are not real leather

XMLMRY Bag  —  Editor's Pick

This stunning round number is handmade, natural, and unique and makes a great everyday bag. Its straps and buckles are woven into the rattan material ensuring their durability and it has a sturdy metal button clasp for style. This bag is fully lined with a bold floral material and is large enough to carry all the essentials including a phone, sunglasses, wallet, keys, and some makeup.


  • This bag comes in a few different color options
  • There are multiple shapes to choose from


  • The straps are faux leather

Dokot Woven Bags  —  Also Consider

This woven bag is another great option for the beach or a night out. Made from 100% handmade natural yellow grass, this bag is fully lined and features a convenient drawstring closure for security. It has a large capacity that will fit all your daily necessities for a day at the beach, a day running errands, or an impromptu overnight stay, and has a sturdy, rounded top handle for easy and comfortable carrying.


  • There are three different colors and styles to choose from
  • It's a perfect size to use as your daily handbag


  • This bag may not be very steady when placed on the ground

Buying Guide: Women’s Woven Bag

Handbags are a must-have for all the women out there. Whether you live in a big metropolitan city or on the coast, a woven handbag is a necessity in 2022. Out of multiple types available in the market, woven bags are getting the most attention for all the right reasons. These specially knitted and designed bags are multi-featured and come with a lot of benefits. If you are convinced of their versatile nature, refresh your wardrobe with the finest women’s woven bags in 2022. We have brought this handy buying guide to help you.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Women's Woven Bags


The weight of your handbag is probably the most important thing to consider. It is because you are going to have it for the maximum part of the day. If the weight is not appropriate, your hands or shoulder will start aching after a short while and you will think twice before taking it out with you again. So, whenever you plan to buy a woven handbag, make sure you look for the weight calculations and make an estimate of whether you will be able to carry it with ease or not.


Women’s woven handbags should offer much more than just a style statement. When you go out, you need to take certain things of common use with you. Where do you plan to put these things? A woven handbag is certainly the answer and it should have enough capacity that you should be able to accommodate things of common use.

The capacity should be enough to keep some makeup essentials, mobile phone, wallet, and other little things like car keys or mobile chargers. Moreover, you can also go with the option with multiple pockets so that you can keep your essentials in different compartments.

Surface finishing

Another important thing to consider before buying a woven bag is the quality of surface finishing. It will speak a lot about the overall quality and functionality of the bag. Whether you prefer going with a matte finish or a slight glossy touch, the choice is all yours as both these will add a touch of elegance and decency to your personality. Make sure you never go with a bag that has a rough surface, as it will look cheap and cause discomfort throughout the day.

Wear resistance

The material that you choose for the woven handbags should be wear resistance as you will be carrying it with you almost every day. The bag should not lose its original condition and appearance even if it comes in contact with slightly sharper surfaces. A suggestion is to go with straw or faux leather woven bags as these are the most durable in nature and can last a lifetime.


It has been seen that women’s woven handbags come with a specific odor of their own, depending on the type of material used. At times, the odor is unpleasant and bothersome, which will not allow you to use the bags for longer durations. So, make sure you check the customer reviews about the odor associated with your desired product.

Are Women's Woven Bags Formal Enough?

For sure, they are. The versatile nature of these rich-featured bags can help you in more than one way. You can have it for your company’s annual dinner, a formal business meeting, a wedding party, or a casual hangout with your friends. You can even have it with you when you go out to buy the monthly grocery since these are sturdy enough to hold a lot of weight. It is because these bags have enough capacity to keep all your belongings with you. These are surely formal enough and you can trust them for your professional working routines too.

How Can You Make a Style Statement With a Women Woven Handbag?

Women’s woven handbags are a thing of great interest for women nowadays due to the style and aesthetics they offer. These are trending for all the right reasons and can add a touch of elegance to your personality. No matter what type of handbag you like, make sure it is a versatile choice and you can carry it with most of your dresses. You can go with the colors in contrast to make an impression.

Moreover, the design and build of the handbag should be modern and trendy. To have an idea, you can closely focus on the daily life routines of the top Hollywood stars. Worry not if you don’t live in California or New York because you can take help from Google for the most trendy women’s woven handbags to make an instant style impact.