The Best Crossbody Bag to Spice-up Your Wardrobe

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While totes, rucksacks, and handy fanny packs all have their bling and sparkle and no doubt, crucial purposes, nothing beats a classic crossbody bag to oomph up any look. The especially nifty thing about these useful little shoulder bags is the prodigious versatility and all-around resourcefulness that they provide. Apart from being, conveniently lightweight and simple to carry around, they’re also decently spacious to accommodate all the essentials with ample room to spare. Perhaps one of the most rewarding aspects of a crossbody bag is the guarantee of security and certainty that it shepherds. Unlike a backpack that fosters a constant threat of burglary, this bag brings both peace of mind and convenience alike. Let’s explore the highest-rated crossbody bags in 2024 that are reliable, efficient, and top-notch in looks

Reviews of the Top Crossbody Bags of 2024

SG SUGU Bag  —  Best Overall

crossbody bag reviews

Key Features

  • Features a lightweight construction
  • Carries multiple roomy pockets to accommodate your essentials
  • Made of an eco-friendly vegan PU leather material
  • Contains an ergonomic strap with adjustable properties
  • Includes a set of firm bottom feet to keep the bag afloat.
  • Incorporates gold accents for a sleek and modern design

This high-fashion crossbody bag is a top-of-the-line pick to jazz up just about any fit. Unlike many crossbody bags in the market, this unique piece accommodates not one, but two spacious zipper pockets to home all your necessities in an organized and efficient manner. The medium-sized dome harbors an ergonomically adjustable shoulder strap that's long enough to comfortably sit in a crossbody fashion. While the exterior of this trendy purse is made from a vegan PU leather material to make the piece considerably eco-friendly and effortless to wipe down, the SG Sugu crossbody bag is spacious enough to house ample items, including smartphones. You’ll be able to acquire this nifty satchel in 41 monochrome and contrasting colors that pair brilliantly with multiple get-ups.

FashionPuzzle Bag  —  Best Budget Bag

crossbody bag reviews

Key Features

  • Made from an easy-to-clean synthetic leather material
  • Adopts a safe and reliable zipper-closure construction to boost security
  • Comprises several intricate gold garnishes and hardware
  • Available in 26 different vibrant colors
  • Also includes multiple interior pockets and compartments

This triple-zip crossbody bag from the FashionPuzzle store features a durable faux leather build for a classy and timeless look. Additionally, this side purse also homes multiple secure zipper pockets to efficiently hold all your necessities, while maintaining an orderly fashion. Similarly, the bags’ adaptable shoulder strap provides enough leverage to carry as a crossbody bag or in a handy purse or short shoulder bag manner. Moreover, this crossbody piece embraces a luxurious-looking collection of gold-toned hardware to amplify its elegant and contemporary looks. Supplementing all these incredible features is an incredibly reasonable price point that is bound to catch your attention and remains to be our top affordable pick from the entire curation. A few other attending features of this low-cost bag are the sweeping variety of bright color options paired with an ultra-convenient open exterior pocket to carry all your go-to items.

WATERFLY Bag  —  Best Travel Bag

crossbody bag reviews

Key Features

  • Back and arm strap is made from a breathable material
  • Comprises multiple storage pockets with secure zippers
  • Houses a concealed and masked earphone hole
  • Contains a pair of conveniently-placed side mesh pockets
  • Includes a shoulder strap pouch to hold your smartphone

If you’re scavenging for a travel-friendly crossbody bag that can accompany you on your next trip, considering the Waterfly backpack-style bag would be a wise choice. This sling-style bag sets it apart from other crossbody bags in the market due to its unique design that resembles a genuine hard-wearing backpack. Apart from side mesh pockets and a pair of adjustable straps, this sling bag also incorporates several handy features like zipper closures, a sunglasses' holder as well as a discrete earphone hole, to boost efficiency while traveling. To top this off, Waterfly offers an ultimate after-sale guarantee to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

KAVU Bag  —  Best Sling-Style Bag

crossbody bag reviews

Key Features

  • Contains a front zipper pocket for smartphone storage
  • Encompasses a sturdy and durable 600D polyester build
  • Incorporates several roomy external and internal compartments
  • Includes a side buckle that allows for multiple strap adjustments

The Kavu store offers one of the most reliable crossbody bags to level up your wardrobe. This sling bag accommodates a statement rope strap, for a more sturdy and durable build. Furthermore, it also harbors several spacious main pockets in addition to the separate Velcro pouch located at the front of the bag, The Kavu crossbody case not only fosters a comfortable manual transit with its 600D polyester but also comes is a wide range of unique colors and patterns to match your everyday and travel attire effortlessly.

Adidas Originals Bag  —  Best Trendy/Contemporary Bag

crossbody bag reviews

Key Features

  • Contains a zip-oriented frontal pocket paired with a slit-style back pocket
  • Includes a set of durable and long-lasting nylon zippers
  • Made from a 100% polyester material
  • Exhibits the brand logo across the entire length of the shoulder strap
  • Displays an Adidas screen-printed logo on the forefront

Adidas’ trendy and high-fashion crossbody bag presents hip and voguish looks in unison with a sturdy and stylish wide shoulder strap with the Adidas logo printed along the length of the band. The bag itself is made from a 100% polyester material and displays a screen-printed logo on the forefront, making it brand-classified. You’ll find a spacious main front compartment sealed with durable nylon zippers, along with a conveniently placed slit-style pocket located at the back of the crossbody pack, for handy access. Over and above that, the Adidas crossbody bag also comes in a chic red color in addition to the classic black and white monochrome design.

Buying Guide: Crossbody Bags

Before hopping on board the sling bag train just to be faced with a plethora of different bag kinds and features, there are a few bits and bobs you ought to consider in order to secure a reliable and worthwhile crossbody bag, that won’t wear out prematurely. You’ll want to look into elements like price points, the kind of material used in manufacturing, the number of pockets and compartments, as well as a few bonus accessories like phone receptacles and earphone holes, to make the package sweeter than ever. A general rule of thumb for shopping for a high-quality crossbody bag is to look for an article that combines practicality with fashion and style, to ensure a top-of-the-line deal. After all, there’s no profit to be gained from a bag that's got killer looks but wears out after a couple of weeks of usage. Therefore, it’s always wise to analyze a few key points before going bag shopping.

What Are the Perks of Buying a Crossbody Bag?

Don't clutch bags, backpacks and ordinary shoulder bags fulfill the purpose of a crossbody bag? And why is there such a pressing need for a separate crossbody-style case? The answer to these questions isn't a simple yes or no. Yes, you may be able to lodge the same type of items in a tote bag that you would normally store in a crossbody version. Still, it doesn’t quite make up for the lack of convenience and portability that you would otherwise require in a handy-dandy crossbody model.

Not only are these nifty creations absolute game-changers when it comes to travel by letting you explore the tour without having to lug around a bulky bag, but it also drastically diminishes the security threats that you might face when carrying around a traditional tote or open-faced bag. With the bag wrapped around your torso, it takes away any apprehension you might have by saving you from being hyper-focused on the whereabouts of your belongings. Perhaps, the most practical aspect of these bag types is the practicality that they provide. Essentials like car keys, face masks, and your smartphone can be accessed efficiently and effectively, without being cumbersome. These user-oriented bags can accommodate all your on-to-go items for performing mundane activities like running errands and commuting in busy mornings productively while maintaining a chic and classy look.

Elements Worth Considering in Crossbody Bags

Material and build

First and foremost, you’ll want to look into the type of bag material that suits your taste and best caters to your individual needs. There’s a wide range of material options in the market, that you can choose from, each with its own pros and cons. When considering a crossbody bag that’s to be used first and foremost as a fashionable item rather than travel gear or a piece that would

inevitably require greater quantities of durability and longer life-spans to be labeled a worthwhile purchase, materials like faux leather, work brilliantly.  On the other hand, the nylon material is more commonly used for manufacturing crossbody bags that are specifically designed to travel. The hand-wearing and sturdy build of the nylon fabric ensure the optimal longevity of the product while being easy to clean and maintain at the same time. Another feature to keep an eye out for is an external mesh fabric layer with gash-proof properties to maximize the bag’s lifespan.

Size and spaciousness

Without a doubt, you’ll need a bag that can effectively accommodate all your essentials, and ideally leave room for extras. The size primarily depends on the purpose you intend to use the bag for. For example, a crossbody bag made for the intent of travel will be a lot more spacious and larger compared to a stylish faux leather bag that can also be used for making a statement. It’s crucial to note that these bags will usually be on the more compact and portable end of the spectrum when compared to a roomy tote bag. That being said, search for a crossbody case that will comfortably accommodate your phone, cards, passport (if you’re traveling), and wallet. Those are pretty much the essentials that you would most likely need to have on you at all times. Whatever you chose, make sure to avoid a too-bulky construction as it may end up weighing you down, ultimately, defeating the purpose of a compact and portable bag.

Pockets and partitions

Since these bag types promote a more slender and compact fit than the other bag styles, you’ll most likely come across just one or two main compartments. Some crossbody gear also encompasses a slit-style or zippered pocket located at the rear side of the bag. This can be especially useful for storing any urgent items when you’re on the move and serve a crucial role in maintaining the organization of your case. As far as partitions go, expect to find no more than one or two internal divisions in some bag models. Small internal pockets latched to the sides can also uplift the bag’s storage space and are handy to have for depositing discrete items like earphones that would otherwise become misplaced.

Bonus features

Some bags will also provide shelter to several extra characteristics that may end up drastically boosting your bag’s efficiency. One of these assets includes waterproof properties that your bag might foster. While water-resistant crossbody bags can offer a degree of protection against a light drizzle or a splash here and there, they are still not entirely water-repellent. Other features include zipper locks and gash-proof mesh fabrics to enhance the security of your bag.

Crossbody Bags Price-Points

The price may vary depending on the material used in production and the brand. Authentic leather bags are usually the most expensive out of the lot, while PU and synthetic versions may not cost you as much. Polyester is also an affordable material and is worth considering if you’re looking to combine durability with your budget. Again, your choice entirely depends on your taste and the purpose you intend to use it for.