The Best Purse Organizers To Store Your Bags Safely

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Today, there are more than 100 types of bags available. That doesn’t even take into account how many different brands there are. To put it shortly, there are a lot of bags out there, which means they need to be stored somewhere!

Typically, purses are the means to carry things around. However, for many of us, they are more than just that. To say that purses are essentials would be an understatement. They also serve as aesthetic and fashion purposes, allowing you to level up your style game.

If you have a lot of purses, whatever the reason, you’ll want to take good care of them and make sure they don’t experience any more wear or tear than necessary. With that in mind, we compiled a list of the top purse organizers in 2022 that will save you room and let you store all your bags in one place for easy access.

Reviewing the Top Purse Organizers of 2022 in Detail

AARAINBOW Hanging Organizer  —  Best Overall

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Key Features

  • High storage capacity with a practical design
  • Only ideal for lightweight small and medium bags
  • High-quality Oxford cloth that does not shrink or deform easily
  • Foldable design to save space and make it handy for traveling purposes

This purse organizer will perfectly suit your needs if you are looking to store up to 8 purses (4 on each side). Since it comes with an upgraded stainless steel hook, you can hang it on the wardrobe pole in the closet or drying rack, or even nail it to the wall. Furthermore, this product is manufactured using polyester fiber and PVC, making it highly durable, resistant to tearing, and easy to wash. Its mesh fabric with wiring ensures that your bags are free of any odor, while the transparent window will let you identify them hassle-free.

More than just storing small- and medium-sized purses, this organizer can easily store towels, shoes, clothes, sheets, and more. Furthermore, you can also fold and keep the organizer in your closet if there is a time when you don’t need it.

mDesign Plastic Organizer  —  Minimalist Design

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Key Features

  • Heavy-duty and shatter-resistant material for prolonged use
  • 3 compartments that can store all kinds of purses
  • Minimalistic design that won’t consume a lot of space
  • Easy to clean with soap and water

Are you looking for a modern purse organizer that has a minimalist design? If so, this organizer is the right pick for you. It has 3 compartments (each 11" x 11" x 5.08" high) that can store your daily go-to clutches, small and medium-sized purses, and big bags. You can also keep books, cards, envelopes, and more in this organizer. The use of shatter-resistant plastic in the organizer makes it durable and sturdy because it can easily hold heavier bags. What’s more, you can easily place it on your countertops, dresser tops, shelves, and inside cabinets or closets.

Zober Hanging Organizer  —  Best for Lightweight Bags

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Key Features

  • 360-degree-swivel hook allows you to easily access the stored bags
  • Ideal for storing 8 lightweight purses
  • Grey in color with open sleeves for easy access
  • Durable, lightweight, and easy to clean

f you want a purse organizer that can generously store 8 lightweight bags for you and does not demand a specific spot, this is the perfect option for you. It comes with 8 open compartment sleeves and a 360-degree-swivel stainless-steel hook that allows you to turn the organizer for storing bags and accessing them quickly. Furthermore, the plastic slots with contrasting trim make it more durable, sturdy, and long-lasting. Thanks to the transparent vinyl pockets, you can identify your bags from a distance. We see this as the ideal option if you are looking to include something that not only saves space in your closet but is also easy to clean.

Zober Over The Door Organizer  —  Best Value for Money

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Key Features

  • Durable metal door hooks for over the door installment
  • Pack of two purse organizers, each having six pockets each for adequate storage
  • PVC plastic with deep pockets for easy access
  • Clear compartments enable easy identification of the bags

This pack contains two purse organizers that are made using PVC plastic, which means that they will last for a long time. Besides, each organizer comes with 6 compartments, out of which the top two slots are perfect for storing your smaller bags, while the remaining 4 can store large purses. It also allows you to conveniently store your towels, clothes, umbrellas, and more.

Additionally, the transparent compartments enable you to easily identify the stored content, while the open sleeves make it easier for you to remove them. The hook of the organizer will also effortlessly slide over all your doors, meaning that you can store your purses at any place of your choice.

LONGTEAM Hanging Organizer  —  Best for Heavy Bags

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Key Features

  • 10 pockets that cater to all sizes of purses
  • Heavy-duty material to support the weight of heavy bags
  • Breathable material that avoids odor
  • Anti-dust, portable, and long-lasting

This purse organizer comes with 10 heavy-duty compartments that are ideal for storing all kinds of bags. It is made of non-woven beige fabric that will go perfectly with minimalist decor. This material also makes it dust-repellant as well as breathable.

What’s more, it boasts two robust hooks along with a metal bracket on the top to easily withstand heavy weight. Given its foldable structure, it is portable and easy to use. As a result, you can place it over a standard closet, door, or shelves. What’s more, if you have small bags, you can store more than 10 of them without ruining their structure. You can also neatly organize small blankets, towels, and more in this organizer.

How to Find a Great Purse Organizer: A Buyer’s Guide

Purses are the easiest way to make a fashion statement. Though every bag has different cleaning requirements, there is one thing in common. All of them need to be stored properly to avoid deformity and extend their lifespan. Purse organizers come in all different forms, materials, and styles. But which one is right for you? Here is an in-depth buying guide to simplify your buying decision and find that perfect one.

Which Things Should You Bear in Mind While Choosing a Purse Organizer?


Most purse organizers are made using materials such as PVC, polyester, oxford cloth, durable plastic, fabric, and more. However, not all of these materials can handle the weight of your bags. If your purses are heavy, opt for a heavy-duty plastic or oxford cloth. On the other hand, you can use an organizer made from thinner plastic or fabric for more lightweight purses.


Purse organizers come in all shapes and sizes. Some have a minimalistic design and fewer compartments, while others have more pockets. Furthermore, a lot of them can be folded and stored in a cabinet when not in use. However, you cannot fold organizers designed to be placed on tabletops or shelves. So, if you are short on space, choose one that can be folded or hung behind a door or inside a cabinet.


Bags come in all shapes and dimensions, and thus, you’ll have to determine the purpose of your organizer before choosing one. Some organizers have pockets of equal sizes, while others come with compartments having different sizes. If you are looking to store only small purses, a purse organizer with the same-sized slots will work for you. However, if you have different-sized purses, you’ll need an organizer that fits small, medium, and large bags. So, make sure the purse organizer you pick can easily accommodate the collection of your bags.

Storage requirements

Since purse organizers vary in the number of purses they can store, it is vital to determine your storage requirement. Stuffing them forcefully into the same compartment will do no good. Make sure to count the number of purses you have before investing in a certain organizer. Furthermore, different organizers can handle different weights. If your purse is heavy, it is most likely to fall out of a compartment made to store only light bags. Thus, choosing an organizer that can fit all your bags and also handle their weight is necessary.

What Features Should You Look For in a Purse Organizer?


The purpose of the organizer determines the style and the number of hooks attached to it. Organizers that slide over the door have compartments only on the front side, and hence they do not require a 360-degree rotatable hook. What’s more, they come with two hooks so that the organizer doesn’t tilt on one side when you hang it on the door. In contrast, if the organizer has compartments on both sides, a hook that can be turned 360 degrees is a must because it will help you easily access your bags. The swivel hook also enables you to hang it on a closet rod easily.

Compartment sleeves

The sleeves of your compartment will determine the ease of use it will offer. If the organizer allows you to store and remove the purses only from the top, it might not be as convenient as you think. However, if the compartment has open sleeves, you can easily access them from both sides. Besides, organizers for heavy purses more or less resemble shelves in a closet. They are the easiest to use, as the front of their compartment is open, and you can easily place and pick up your bag.

Compartment cover

If you frequently change your bags, then plastic is the ideal compartment cover for you. A transparent cover will allow you to see them clearly from the outside rather than having to check every compartment. Besides, it is also helpful when you are running late and quickly need someone to remove a bag of your choice. If your compartment cover is not transparent, it will make it more difficult for them to remove the purse that you need, and it will waste more time.

How To Maintain a Purse Organizer

If your organizer is hanging in the open by a hook on the wall, you will need to clean it often to ensure that your bags are safe. Since most organizers are made of plastic, cleaning them becomes an easier task because all you need is a dry cloth. If you still want to clean them with a wet cloth, ensure that you use a mild detergent and squeeze out the excess water properly before wiping the organizer dry. Additionally, you can also keep a few camphor balls to avoid any odor.

How To Choose an Organizer That Matches The Interior

If your interiors are minimalist and in the shade of brown, white, or beige, a transparent organizer will effortlessly blend into that. Furthermore, if the decor of your room has an open tablespace on the side, opt for an organizer that you can place on it. It will give you the chance to showcase your bags, fill the space, and make it easier to grab them. However, if your room has bright colors and not much space, you can opt for a neutral hanging organizer.