The Best Messenger Bag for Students and Graduates

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The simple yet practical silhouette of a messenger bag is what makes it so serviceable and worthwhile. They’re a straightforward and manageable way of hauling your everyday essentials like your laptop, files, chargers, smartphones, and so much more. There’s a reason this bag style has been around for so long and not run of fashion. In fact, plenty of people would not be able to leave their house without this handy bag slung around their shoulders, simply because of the abundance of advantages and gains that this case offers. Although these bag models can accommodate almost the same quantity of items that a regular backpack can, they are preferred over the latter because of the convenience they provide concerning adding and removing items. We harvested some of the highest-rated messenger bags in 2022 that are assured to promote convenience.

Compare the Top Messenger Bags of 2022

Newhey Bag  —  Best Overall

messenger bag reviews

Key Features

  • Contains a padded removable and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Incorporates a secure magnetic snap closure and zippers
  • Includes an internal cushioned laptop sleeve
  • Offers 4 internal and 5 external storage compartments
  • Embraces a waterproof and durable cowhide leather material
  • Available in 5 contrasting leather colors

The Newhey messenger bag is the optimal contender for everyday use. With a waterproof and durable exterior surface, this case is made from premium quality horse cowhide leather, making it suitable for long-term use. Other than that, this bag also offers four internal storage compartments for organizing your laptop and notebooks, along with five exterior pockets for handy access to all your go-to items. Furthermore, to boost user efficiency, this messenger bag also incorporates an adjustable and removable canvas shoulder strap in its build that can simply be adapted to fit your desired length. The handle is also padded to boost comfort while carrying and help ease shoulder fatigue. Other handy features include a secure magnetic snap closure, along with durable zippers to boost efficiency. To ensure the safety of your laptop, this bag comprises a padded internal sleeve to securely accommodate your device.

OIWAS Bag  —  Best Messenger Bag for Women

messenger bag reviews

Key Features

  • Made from a hard-wearing waterproof canvas material
  • Contains a padded shoulder strap with adjustable properties
  • Includes multiple interior and exterior pockets
  • Offers a sturdy top handle for convenient carrying
  • Available in a chic and girly mauve color

This messenger bag is made from a waterproof canvas material that offers 600D of strength, making sure the contents stay safe and dry in the event of a downpour. The Oiwas messenger shoulder bag can also be used as a handy laptop bag or a spacious book bag. Additionally, this roomy case houses multiple divisions and cavities to store all your essentials in a neat and organized manner. Moreover, this case comes in a range of five exciting colors, including a fashionable mauve shade to amplify any outfit. The front flap of this messenger case comprises a sloped zipper pocket to handily accommodate multiple small-scale items like your phone, earphones. The shoulder strap of this bag can be adjusted to fit your torso flawlessly, while the durable build is envisioned to last you years on end.

Ravuo Bag  —  Best Messenger Bag for Men

messenger bag reviews

Key Features

  • Adopts a water-resistant canvas construction
  • Includes an adaptable shoulder strap with voluminous padding
  • Encompasses a front zippered pocket for carrying on-the-go items
  • Embodies multiple roomy storage chambers
  • On sale in 5 neutral woody colors
  • Embraces an anti-theft design with front buckles and zips

This cross-body messenger bag entails a front flap closure for secure sealing and is made from a water-resistant canvas fabric to ensure a weatherproof construction. This versatile build can be used for work, school, and numerous recreational activities. The Ravuo messenger case adopts an anti-theft design that comprises a pair of sturdy front buckles and a main zippered compartment to keep the inclusions safe and sealed. Additionally, you’ll also come across plenty of pockets and slots to organize your belongings, while the adjustable handle allows you to attain your ideal fit. The bag itself is available in five neutral masculine colors for multi-faceted usage.

Rothco Bag  —  Best Pocket-Friendly Bag

messenger bag reviews

Key Features

  • An affordable option with a price point below $25
  • For retail in an array of six dark and pastel colors
  • Made from a cotton canvas material
  • Embraces vintage brass embellishments for a classical look
  • Adopts a hook and loop front flap closure
  • Includes two side pockets for storing bottles

If you’re on the lookout for a messenger carrier that's low in cost yet maintains its integrity and quality, then the Rothco shoulder bag is the pick for you. This side bag not only adopts a heavy-duty canvas build to ensure optimal longevity and performance, but it also features a range of vintage brass-metal hardware to give the case a more classical look. The Rothco messenger bag contains a diverse variety of pockets and offers ample space for storing a large number of items in a well-mannered fashion. You’ll also come across two handy side pockets to store water bottles efficiently. This bag grants you access to an alterable strap and upholds a secure build with its hook and loop front flap.

Sweetbriar Bag  —  Best Spacious Messenger Bag

messenger bag reviews

Key Features

  • Fosters a classical messenger bag design
  • Carries multiple spacious inner and outer pockets
  • Includes dual side compartments for bottle storage
  • Offers an adjustable shoulder strap with supplementary padding
  • Made from a 100% cotton canvas material
  • Available in a military khaki hue

This canvas-made messenger bag holds multiple roomy pockets and compartments, including a main cavity for storing larger items like laptops and textbooks, along with smaller nooks for stashing more compact supplies. The Sweetbriar messenger bag also offers two convenient side pockets that are sizeable enough to effortlessly accommodate water bottles and energy drinks. You’ll be able to comfortably carry this messenger in a cross-body or tote fashion with its conveniently placed top handle and adjustable shoulder strap with complementary padding. This military-style bag is attainable in 6 distinct colors, including a camouflageable khaki shade.

Buying Guide: Messenger Bag


Why Should You Purchase a Messenger Bag?

Acquiring a premium-quality messenger style bag is a task in and of itself. To make this arduous chore a bit easier, we, ve listed down some dos and don'ts along with some guidelines relating to the bag’s material, size, weight, and design to help you along your journey of obtaining the best messenger bag that meets your unique needs. You’ll want to invest in a messenger bag that’s slim in stature, yet spacious enough to accommodate all your everyday essentials without a hitch. Similarly, it’s also wise to stay on the lookout for handy features like water bottle cavities, front flap pockets for stashing more compact items, and an adjustable strap that's got enough padding to comfortably sit on your shoulder without causing cramps and fatigue. Therefore, in order to take possession of a durable and high-grade pick that will last you months on end, consider the following factors.

Key Deliberations When Buying Messenger Bags


Your future messenger bag should offer plenty of storage compartments and ample room to store all the necessities without weighing you down and causing unnecessary bulk. A too-stuffed bag will ultimately defeat the purpose of efficiency and convenience. That being said, it really comes down to the amount of material you wish to store and whether you need your prospective messenger bag to accommodate a laptop. Messenger cases with built-in laptop sleeves generally tend to be on the larger side, coming at around seventeen inches. It's also wise to adjust the capacity of the bag according to the amount of reading material and folders you plan to carry.


Although messenger bags adopt a standard original style, Some models do alter their construction slightly, by adding supplementary features and accessories to enhance user efficiency and performance. These include embellishments and hardware that make the bag resemble a certain era or time period. Most messenger bags replicate the classical vintage appearance, except for a few. The design may also vary drastically based on the environment it’s bought to be used in. For instance, a work messenger carrier will generally be more modern-looking and structured than a bag intended for college use. This category also includes aspects like colors, patterns, logos, e.t.c, all of which depend entirely on your preference.


Onto the perhaps the most crucial component to consider before buying a messenger bag-the material. There’s a wide range of options to be explored with regard to the construction material of your bag. One of these possibilities is real leather. When considering a bag made from authentic leather, keep in mind their high-end price points and substantial weights. They do offer some perks, however. Real leather has a reputation of not only displaying polished looks, but also supplying its use with smooth, and velvety exteriors, boosting its luxurious feel. Another option that deserves the spotlight is nylon. Nylon is not only extremely resilient and hard-wearing in build, but also puts up a strong defense against everyday wear and tear, in addition to providing handy water-repellent properties.

Canvas is another fabric that is widely used in manufacturing messenger bags. This fabric material is often used in unison with other materials, such as leather. While these bag types do offer incredible strength and brawn, they are deficient in the quality of water-proofing. PU or faux leather is the counterpart to real leather and a famously utilized bag material worldwide. For folks who desire the same exotic, sleek look that real leather offers but are not willing to make the investment, this option works fabulously. Not only will you obtain a stunning-looking exterior inside your budget, but also get your hands on a hard-wearing build that will last far longer than its twin.

Features to Pursue

Multiple pockets

Present-day laptop bags already possess a built-in laptop sleeve with an ample amount of padding to keep your device safe and secure. Apart from a general main compartment, you’ll also require several side-compartments and handy slots to keep your small-scale items neat and organized. Hunt down a messenger bag that possesses sealable front compartments for depositing on-the-go items to assist easy access when you’re in a rush. It’s also worth considering a pair of open side pockets for efficient bottle and flask storage.

Security traits

If your messenger bag is going to carry valuable items like your laptop, then it requires the same degree of protection. To achieve this, certain messenger bag models accompany features like concealed back zipper pockets that don’t meet the eye as easily. This can carry items like your cards, mobile phone, and wallet. This can keep your carrier safe and secure on the commute and elsewhere.

Water proofing

Sooner or later, your messenger bag is going to encounter rain. And when it does, it’s definitely better if you’re prepared. Although leather bags are inherently repellent to water, not everyone can afford an exorbitant leather bag. This is where synthetic nylon comes into play. Nylon equips the bag with a durable water-resistant coating on the outside, making the water droplets simply roll off without being absorbed.

Qualities of Messenger Bags That Boost Comfort

A messenger bag without the proper support can lead to dreadful neck and shoulder cramps when carried for long periods without pause. This is why purchasing a case, equipped with the relevant features to make it more comfortable and user-friendly, becomes of utmost importance. Consider bags with wide alterable handles that contain supplementary padding for enhanced support. Other components like handy top handles also allow you to alternate the carrying position if your shoulder feels fatigued.