Ellie Bamber: 5 Things To Know About The Star Kate Moss Cast To Play Herself In Biopic

Ellie Bamber is a British actress who has appeared in projects for Disney+ and Netflix. Learn about the rising star here.

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Ellie Bamber
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  • Ellie Bamber is a rising British actress who was born in 1997
  • She has been cast to play Kate Moss in a new biopic about her relationship with the late artist Lucian Freud
  • Aside from acting, Ellie has a passion for cooking and fashion

Supermodel Kate Moss will be portrayed by Disney+ actress Ellie Bamber in a new biopic that covers Kate’s relationship with artist Lucian Freud — the grandson of psychologist Sigmund Freud, Variety reports. Kate, now 49, posed for the late painter and sculptor for nine months at his studio in Holland Park, London at the height of her career as he created a nude portrait of her, which went on to sell for $5 million in 2005. The biopic covers the artistic journey and the bond Moss and Lucian, who died in 2011, formed throughout the process.

Ellie, 25, plays Elora Danan on the currently streaming Disney+ series Willow, which premiered in 2022. She began acting professionally in 2012, with her first role being on the ITV television mini-series, A Mother’s Son. She notably starred in the BBC One and Netflix collaboration The Serpent in 2021 and BBC One’s The Trial of Christine Keeler in 2019 and 2020. Read on to learn more about Ellie.

Ellie Bamber
Ellie Bamber arrives at the 2022 Fashion Awards in London (Photo: Scott Garfitt/Shutterstock)

1. Ellie Bamber Began Acting At The Age Of 12

Ellie was raised in Berkshire, England (where Windsor Castle is!) with her younger brother Lucas. Her father is a private investment manager, per Country & Town House, and her mother is a producer as well as her manager. She began performing in local theater at the age of 12 after being inspired by her drama teacher. Just a year later, she starred in the musical, Aspects Of Love, in London. The rest is history.

2. Ellie Bamber Is Making Moves

Ellie has a whopping seven projects coming up, according to her IMDb page, so it’s likely television and film lovers will only see more and more of the British-born rising star. Some of her upcoming films include Anna, a biopic about journalist Anna Politkovskaya‘s fight for free speech in Russia, the crime-drama Seven Sorrows of Mary, and the romance-drama, Prisoners of Paradise. Ellie seems to be ready for any and all genres of filmmaking, which is what she told InStyle when asked about how she chooses the work she will take on. “I just say yes to what’s really interesting. That’s basically the only rule,” she noted.

However, fans may notice that several of her roles are physiologically intense or have a very dark premise, and Ellie told Country & Town House there’s a very good reason for that in 2022. “I am really interested in exploring the human psyche and how we, as human beings, work,” she shared. “I’m intrigued by all types of characters who have different types of flaws and [experiences of] human suffering. I am not afraid of getting too dark because I can separate it in my mind.”

Ellie Bamber Willow
Ellie Bamber as Elora Danan in ‘Willow’ (Photo: Lucasfilm/Disney+)

3. Ellie Bamber Is A Cooking Fanatic

When Ellie isn’t working her magic for the camera, one may find her cooking up a delicious treat in the kitchen. “I love to cook. My favorite thing to make right now is from the River Cafe Cookbook, which is a bit of an establishment in London,” she gushed to InStyle in Jan. 2023. “It’s a pasta dish, and I made it once for my brother and his friends — it was only supposed to be five people, but then it turned into 10, then 15. Eventually, there was so much pasta that I felt like I was cooking it for 50 years! But it’s kind of fail-proof, that recipe!”

She also loves cooking with her father. “We usually make curries but we made a lot of pizzas and fresh pasta during lockdown,” she recalled to Country & Town House. “We would figure out what to cook, then I would source everything from our little local shop. It was special.” How sweet.

4. Ellie Bamber Is Also Passionate About Fashion

Ellie Bamber loves dressing up and has an eye for high fashion. In 2017, Chanel invited her to be an ambassador and lead their runway show. “I love fashion because it is an outward reflection of my mood of the day. It can transform you and take you to a different place – particularly with acting,” the Nocturnal Animals explained to Country & Town House.

Recalling a time when she watched a Chanel show without walking it, she told the special story of when she met the woman who designed her dress by chance. “Chanel’s garments are pieces of art. Their archives, ateliers and the way they work is so fascinating,” Ellie began with pure enthusiasm. “I once went to a Chanel show where I was wearing this incredible embroidered dress. A woman came up to me and said, ‘I made your dress!’. We then had this long conversation about how long it took her and what went into it. It was such a privilege to meet her.”

Ellie also loves shopping for vintage pieces on thrifting app, Depop. “It’s great for finding cool, vintage pieces. I think it is important to buy second-hand and not just wear and discard,” she said. “Fast fashion is so damaging to the environment. We need to protect the planet for future generations.”

She revealed during her InStyle interview that her brother introduced her streetwear, which she also finds on the app. “My brother Lucas, he’s gotten me into all of it … I’m pretty obsessed with Depop. I just bought this pair of Supreme sweatpants that look like they have paint splattered all over them, and then I’ve also found these Wales Bonner x Adidas trainers,” she raved, before calling them “brilliant”.

5. Ellie Bamber Is A Social Activist

Ellie became vocal during the reignited Black Lives Matter movement in 2020 after George Floyd was murdered by a white police officer via suffocation. In May of that year, she shared a link on her Instagram page and encouraged people to donate money, sign petitions, and educate themselves on the racism Black people face in today’s society.

She opened up about her commitment to supporting the anti-racist cause in her interview with Country & Town House. “We need to confront these racial biases and look at ourselves, do the work and bring up these conversations with friends and families so we can stand up to racism. There is a lot of work to be done. I have been reading up on it, watching films and educating myself because systemic racism is a real crisis,” she said.