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Lucy Hale’s Relationship History: Every Man She’s Ever Dated From David Henrie To Skeet Ulrich

Lucy Hale has always had memorable on-screen romances, but now fans are learning more about her personal life! Take a look back at the men Lucy Hale has dated and been linked to!

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Lucy Hale
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Lucy Hale is widely known for having quite the eclectic career. The actress, 31, has been the star of such series like Pretty Little LiarsKaty Keen, and more! Throughout her career, she’s had a number of memorable on-screen romances, but now that her star has risen to a new level, fans are wondering more and more about who Lucy has dated IRL! To learn more about Lucy’s romantic history, take a look at this comprehensive timeline below to learn more about her past relationships and the men she’s been linked to!

David Henrie

Lucy Hale and David Henrie dated for roughly two years in the late 2000s [Copyright 2007 John Elliott / Hu/Newscom/The Mega Agency].
Although a number of fans who watched David Henrie on Wizards of Waverly Place were under the impression that the actor was somehow romantically linked to his on-screen sister, Selena Gomez, he actually dated Lucy! Lucy made a guest appearance as David’s love interest, Miranda, in two episodes of the Disney Channel original series. She appeared in the second episode of season one in 2007 entitled “First Kiss” and reprised her role as Miranda in the tenth episode, “Pop Me and We Both Go Down.” David and Lucy’s romance lasted for roughly two years, between 2007 and 2009. After the pair split, they appeared to maintain an amicable relationship.

Alex Marshall

Lucy had a rumored romance with Alex Marshall in 2010 [AP].
Lucy’s career reached a whole new level once Pretty Little Liars premiered in 2010. As such, more eyes were on the actress’ personal life. For sometime after the series’ debut, Lucy was seemingly linked to The Cab band member Alex Marshall. While both stars were fairly coy to confirm the romance, it doesn’t appear that they lasted more than a few months in 2010.

Chris Zylka

Lucy and Chris Zylka dated for roughly nine months [John Shearer/Invision/AP].
After her rumored relationship with Alex, Lucy went on to date Amazing Spider-Man star Chris Zylka. The pair dated for roughly nine months, but it turns out that their breakup wasn’t completely amicable. In September 2012, Chris replied to a fan on Twitter about his relationship with Lucy, saying he didn’t “have a girlfriend. She decided she was too good.” From there, Chris went on to apologize for his remarks, and directed his statement to Lucy. “I’d like to apologize about my previous comments,” he said. “Lucy is not only one of the most talented people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, but also one the most beautiful, inside and out. Anyone who’s ever watched, or had the pleasure of meeting her, knows this to be true.”

Graham Rogers

Lucy and Graham Rogers together in 2013 [Pularazzi / BACKGRID].
Lucy was in a relationship with Graham Rogers for a time in 2013! The two were quite smitten with one another and reportedly took a trip together before they decided to call it quits in September 2013. During their short-lived romance, however, Lucy told Us Weekly that the two were “having a good time.”

Joel Crouse

Lucy dated Joel Crouse for a few months in 2014 [BACKGRID].
In 2014, Lucy started dating country crooner Joel Crouse. The pair were first spotted at a Lakers game, where they enjoyed each other’s company as well as the basketball! After a few months, however, the pair seemingly fizzled out.

Adam Pitts

Lucy seen out and about with Adam Pitts in late 2014 [WP#RSP/ZOJ/WENN/Newscom/The Mega Agency].
Lucy also seemingly dated Lawson drummer Adam Pitts for a time in late 2014. Although the two never confirmed their relationship, they were spotted out and about together. Neither ever spoke about their breakup, and by early 2015, it appeared that the romance was over.

Anthony Kalabretta

Lucy and Anthony Kalabretta dated for nearly two years [WP#RSP/ZOJ/WENN/Newscom/The Mega Agency].
One of Lucy’s longest relationships was with Anthony Kalabretta! The two started dating sometime in 2015 and were often photographed out and about together. Lucy tried to keep the relationship as private as possible and rarely discussed her romance publicly. By the spring of 2017, it looked like the two had officially called it quits and seemingly unfollowed one another on social media, leading some fans to believe the split wasn’t particularly friendly. In the time since, though, the former couple has shown that they’re seemingly on good terms!

Riley Smith

Lucy seen out with Riley Smith [MEGA].
After her longterm relationship with Anthony, Lucy dipped her toes back into the dating pool by going on a few dates with her Life Sentence co-star Riley Smith. Unfortunately, the show was not renewed for further episodes or picked up elsewhere. The pair seemingly went on a few dates, but their romance didn’t appear to be particularly serious.

Ryan Rottman

Lucy was seen out with Ryan Rottman [Terma,SL / BACKGRID].
In July 2018, Lucy was spotted out and about with Ryan Rottman. The pair enjoyed a day out together, but beyond this single sighting, the pair were not seen out together.

Colton Underwood

Lucy and Colton Underwood were spotted on a hike together in July 2020 [AP].
No one could forget when social was set ablaze as speculation swirled around Colton Underwood and Lucy’s potential romance in July 2020. The former Bachelor lead was spotted on a hike with the actress, leading many to wonder the status of their relationship. “Lucy is in no rush for a relationship with anybody at this point and actually really enjoys being single,” the source shared EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife at the time.

“But at the same time, she doesn’t see anything wrong with spending time with Colton and really enjoys his company so if it leads to something more, then that’s fine, too.” Roughly one month later, any type of romance between the two was definitely over, and Colton squashed the speculation himself. “I am a single man right now,” Colton said in August 2020.

Skeet Ulrich

Lucy and Skeet Ulrich were seen out together in Los Angeles in February 2021 [AP].
In February 2021, Lucy was spotted packing on some PDA with Scream star Skeet Ulrich! The twosome was spotted out in Los Angeles, where they were seen hugging, holding hands, and even sharing a smooch. Prior to getting together, the two may have actually crossed paths during the cross-over episode of Katy Keene and Riverdale, the latter of which Skeet stars as Jughead’s dad. The two appeared together on season four episode 12, entitled “Chapter Sixty-Nine: Men of Honor.” Although Katy Keene was eventually canceled by The CW, it looks like Lucy and Skeet maintained more than just a working relationship!