Jenna Dewan’s Kids: Get to Know Her 2 Children Amid Third Pregnancy Reveal

Over ten years after she became a mom, and four years after she had her first son, Jenna Dewan is pregnant with her third child.

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Jenna Dewan
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Jenna Dewan is continuing to grow her family. In 2013, the Step Up star, 43, became a mom with the birth of her and her then-husband Channing Tatum‘s daughter Everly, now 10. After getting divorced from the Magic Mike actor, Jenna got engaged to Steve Kazee and in 2020 they welcomed a son named Callum, now 3. On January 17, Jenna shared the news that she’s pregnant with her third child. The soon-to-be mom-of-three proudly showed off her bare baby bump in the bathtub, as Steve played the guitar outside the tub.

Jenna has cherished motherhood since the birth of her first child. “I really love being a mom,” she told Romper after announcing her third pregnancy. “That’s something I knew my whole life, but I really know it now,” she added.

As Jenna prepares to welcome her third child, get to know her daughter and her son below.

Everly Tatum

Jenna’s daughter, Everly “Evie” Elizabeth Maiselle Tatum, was born on May 31, 2013. Everly was five years old when her parents split up. Since the breakup, Jenna and Channing have continued to have a positive co-parenting relationship over the years.

Everly has grown up to be a beautiful young girl. She’s even followed in her mom’s footsteps as a dancer! In May 2022, Jenna revealed that Everly started doing Irish dance.

“Everly has been obsessed with Irish legends, folklore, music, for her entire life. Fairies, all of it. I showed her Riverdance and she was just like, ‘I want to do this, Mom, find me a place, ‘ ” Jenna said in an interview with PEOPLE. “So I found this woman [at] Celtic Irish Dance Academy in Burbank. We were there last week and she loves it but it’s hard. I’m so proud of her for keeping with it. She’s picking it up real quick.”

Jenna also gushed over her daughter in a June 2023 interview with Hollywood Life. “Evie is just the most incredible little soul because she’s so unique. She is so herself. She is super into a wide variety of really interesting things,” the Supergirl actress said. “Irish dance is a perfect example and she’s really starting to realize what she likes and what is different from me, different from her family members, from her friends. She’s really coming into her own and maturing and grounding a little bit, but still with the ‘Evie spark’ that’s there.”

Everly was 7 years old when she became a big sister to little brother Callum. “She is amazing. She is a really good big sister,” Jenna said about her daughter in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “I am everyday impressed by her. She is helpful, she is funny, she plays with him. He adores her. ” Jenna continued, “She is in charge tonight, so she was like, ‘This is what we do. We put the books [here], then we go to bath, then we go to bed.’ She is like a little mama. It is so sweet.”

Callum Kazee

Jenna’s son, Callum Michael Rebel Kazee, was born on March 6, 2020. Steve explained the meaning behind his and Jenna’s first-born child’s name on Instagram at the time. “Callum: Gaelic for Dove because he has been so sweet and peaceful since landing in our arms. Michael: My middle name. Rebel: I wanted a way to honor my mother. Her name was Reba but from a very young age, her father called her Rebel. And so … Callum Michael Rebel Kazee was born,” he wrote.

Since Callum was born, Jenna has enjoyed every minute of raising a son.

Back in 2021, Jenna revealed to Women’s Health that Callum is obsessed with his mom’s dance skills. “I’m always dancing, even in the kitchen. Callum laughs and smiles when I dance, especially when I give him a good hair whip. It’s as if it’s the funniest thing that ever happened,” she said. In June 2023, she told Hollywood Life, “Callum is just exploring and finding, and he’s so independent, he is always busy! He’s obsessed with basketball, so I’m an Irish dance mom and a basketball mom. It’s like both polarities happening!”

After announcing her third pregnancy, Jenna also revealed how Callum is gearing up to be a big brother. “[I told him] when the baby is ready, the baby comes out. And he’s like, ‘I want the baby right now. Can you just pull it out of your mouth?’ Steve and I died laughing,” she told Romper. “I said, ‘I wish, baby. That would be amazing if we could pull it out my mouth. But no, it definitely goes a different way.’ ”

Baby No. 3

Jenna announced her third pregnancy on January 17, 2024. She shared an Instagram video of herself in a bathtub showing off her growing baby bump. In the clip, Jenna filmed Steve playing guitar in the background, then panned the camera over to herself to show her belly. “Think if I make @stevekazee serenade me every night the baby will get his voice?” she wrote.

In her interview with Romper, Jenna revealed that her third baby will her last. She also said that her and Steve aren’t finding out the sex of the baby beforehand. “You don’t race to the end because this is the last time,” she said. “So there’s a bit of joy and a little sadness. I’m really trying to enjoy it all and not try to just get through the days.”