Hair Color Makeovers: Jordyn Woods & More Revamp Tresses For Summer & Expert Shares How You Can Too

This summer, tons of celebs shocked us when they debuted hair color makeovers & luckily, we spoke to an expert colorist on how you can change your tresses, too!

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celebrity hair color makeovers
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Some of our favorite celebrities have completely changed up their hair color this summer and a few were seriously drastic. From Jordyn Woods to Ariel Winter, the stars wanted major change for the season and a few underwent serious hair makeovers. Jordyn, 21, just debuted brand new jet black hair after rocking honey blonde locks these past few months. Jordyn was just on the red carpet at the LA premiere of 47 Meters Down: Uncaged on August 13, when she had long, blonde wavy hair with gorgeous light honey highlights. However, just a few days later on August 17, she took to Instagram to post a selfie with long black straight and sleek hair. She posted the selfie with the caption, “blonde hair was cool but blacks a vibe.” Perhaps one of the most drastic hair makeovers of the summer came from Ariel, 21. The Modern Family star has had long straight jet black hair for years, so it completely took us by surprise when she debuted bright red hair back in May. She compared herself to Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, when she posted a selfie of her new hair on May 3, with the caption, “part of yourrrrrr worrrrrld,” which are lyrics from a song in the film. Other celebs who showed off brand new hair colors this season include Amber Heard, who went from blonde to pastel pink, Emma Roberts, who went from blonde to dark brunette, and so many more, which you can see when you click through the gallery above.

While starting a new season with a fresh new hair makeover seems refreshing and fun, there are actually some risks you face, especially if you dye it in the summer. Joanna Delgado, a colorist at Pierre Michel Salon in New York City, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, what some of the challenges are when drastically changing your color and how you can properly care for your new ‘do. Sharing her “dos and donts” of coloring your hair, Joanna said, “Make sure you are 100% sure and ready. Once you go dark, it’s hard to go back to the exact shade you started with. Not to mention, extreme changes in hair color, (three levels or more), changes and compromises the integrity of your hair.” Before you jump right into a new color, Joanna suggests, “Play with wigs to see how certain colors and tones look against your skin tone. Your colorist may think a certain shade will be flattering, but you never know how you will love it on yourself. Also, follow your hair colorists’ recommendations in terms of maintenance and upkeep. I give all my clients ‘homework’ on how to treat their hair color and maintain vibrancy and tones.” The one “dont” that Joanna wants to be very clear about, “Don’t seek change based on emotion. Women like to change their look after a break up/divorce or after having a baby. From experience, clients act on impulse without thinking it through and then regret it. Sleep on it and after a week or two, if you are still sure and ready, then go for it.”

Dying your hair poses some risks and Joanna shared what they are. “All hair color is maintenance. The amount of maintenance differs based on how far you stray from your natural shade,” she admits. “Staying within two levels, which is close to your natural color, is less maintenance than when you lighten three levels or more. If someone goes from a dark brown base color to a dark blonde base with light blonde highlights, they risk some breakage. Talk thoroughly with your colorist on what the risks are. Drastic changes are sometimes worth doing in several sessions to keep your hair looking healthy,” she concluded.

celebrity hair color makeovers
Jordyn Woods debuted brand new jet black hair on August 17. (Backgrid)
celebrity hair color makeovers
Jordyn Woods ditched her light honey blonde hair which she just wore to the LA premiere of ’47 Meters Down: Uncaged’ on August 13. (Shutterstock)

Even though there are risks, Joanna ensures you shouldn’t worry, as long as you are taking safety measures and practices. One safe way to color your hair, she shared, is to undergo several sessions to get to the light color, rather than dying it all at once. “Going to a knowledgeable colorist that uses good, gentle products and highlighting with a lower strength developer will work the same as using something strong. The only downside is that it will take longer in terms of processing, but it’s worth it,” she said. As for how to maintain your newly colored hair, Joanna suggests, “Color-treated shampoos and conditioners or sulfate-free shampoos. They help maintain the color because fewer color molecules are stripped during the shampoo process.”

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