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Christy Mack Abuse Pics

Christy Mack Reveals Graphic Images Of Alleged Beating By MMA Fighter

Warning — the photos you’re about to see are very graphic and disturbing. On August 11, porn star Christy Mack posted photos of the injuries she allegedly sustained from a fight with ex-boyfriend and MMA fighter, War Machine.

Christy Mack, 23, and her MMA fighter ex-boyfriend, Jon Koppenhaver, aka War Machine, 32, broke up in May. However, that didn’t stop him from showing up to her home unannounced on Aug. 8. When he arrived, he found Christy with a male friend and allegedly assaulted both of them. While Christy’s friend escaped mostly unscathed, Christy’s severe injuries landed her in the hospital. According to her statement, Christy sustained injuries including 18 broken bones in her face, a fractured rib, and a ruptured liver. Severely graphic images to follow.

August 12, 2014

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