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Ravenswood Hanna Caleb Finale

‘Ravenswood’: Caleb & Hanna’s Future Revealed On Winter Finale

‘Ravenswood’ fans can also expect a major twist about a suspicious character, and an ‘intense’ confrontation with the creator of the curse!

After months of screaming “What?” and “Why?” at our TV screens, the winter finale of Ravenswood is finally upon us! With Hanna (Ashley Benson) making a surprise visit, and some major pact secrets being revealed, the Feb. 4 episode is guaranteed to be the show’s craziest hour yet, so hit up Tyler Blackburn for all the scoop.

February 4, 2014
Ravenswood Winter Finale

‘Ravenswood’ Finale Clips: Caleb Saves Hanna From A Deadly Bath

Hanna fights to win Caleb back on the ‘Ravenswood’ winter finale, but will she also be fighting for her life? Watch and see!

It looks like Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) forgot to tell Hanna (Ashley Benson) the first rule of life in Ravenswood: Never take a bath! Two new clips from the Feb. 4 winter finale feature Hanna paying a visit to the titular town, and quickly finding herself in way over her head — literally.

January 30, 2014
Pretty Little Liars 4B

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Winter Premiere Brings Makeups & Breakups

Plus, if Alison is alive… then who the ^%&$ is in her casket?!

“It’s not just that things have changed, it’s that they’re inside out.” That line, spoken by Aria (Lucy Hale) on the Jan. 7 winter premiere of Pretty Little Liars, may have been about her relationship with Ezra (Ian Harding), but it really applies to everyone and everything in Rosewood at the moment. By the time the hour was up, everything we thought we knew about the town’s residents — every relationship we’ve loved over the past four seasons — was completely turned around.

January 7, 2014
Ravenswood Caleb Dies

‘Ravenswood’ Recap: The Five Face A New Enemy On Midseason Finale

Plus, Caleb and Miranda’s romantic history is revealed — and it’s full of giant hats!

There’s a fine line between heaven and hell — and apparently, that line is called Ravenswood. The midseason finale of ABC Family’s pretty little ghost story found Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) and the rest of his makeshift Scooby gang trying to save Miranda (Nicole Anderson) from a new enemy, unaware they were going up against someone they already know!

November 19, 2013
Ravenswood 104

‘Ravenswood’ Recap: Caleb Makes A Family Connection

Plus, Miranda reunites with a (literal) ghost from her past.

Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) had a close encounter of the super-old kind when he connected with one of “Caleb River’s” relatives on the Nov. 12 episode of Ravenswood; and I put Caleb’s name in quotes because, honestly, history was never my best subject and I’m not sure how many Calebs there have been. Meanwhile, Miranda (Nicole Anderson) also reached out and touched a family member — only hers, somehow, had even less of a pulse!

November 12, 2013
Ravenswood 103 Recap

‘Ravenswood’ Recap: ‘The Five’ Uncover A Deadly ‘Pact’

Plus, the gang receives a terrifying message from beyond the grave! This show is scary and nuts and I love it.

Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) and Co. attended their first funeral on the Nov. 5 episode of Ravenswood — and considering the direction this show is headed, I’m positive it won’t be their last. With Miranda’s (Nicole Anderson) ghost standing by their side, the surviving members of “The Five” said goodbye to their fallen friend, not knowing they’d all be seeing her again. Real soon.

November 5, 2013

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