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‘Katrina’: Ryan Murphy Reveals Which ‘People Vs. OJ’ Cast Member Will Be On New Show

Big news! Ryan Murphy has cast an oldie but a goodie on ‘American Crime Story: Katrina.’ The new cast member was on the first season of the anthology series, ‘People Vs. OJ,’ and we’re sure he’s excited to have them joining him once more, as they seem to be a real favorite of his. Check out who is lucky enough to be coming back with Ryan, after the jump!

September 22, 2016
Jessica Lange Returning American Horror Story

Ryan Murphy Teases Jessica Lange’s ‘American Horror Story’ Return: ‘She’ll Be Back’

She’s not gone forever! Jessica Lange may have said she was ‘done’ with ‘American Horror Story’ after ‘Freak Show,’ but Ryan Murphy admits that ‘she’ll be back.’ We can all start freaking out… NOW!

Never say never in the world of American Horror Story. Jessica Lange, 66, may have opted out of being the leading lady in American Horror Story: Hotel, but she’s not done with the series for good. Ryan Murphy, 49, reveals in a new interview that he’s been talking to Jessica about working on a deal to bring her back and promises “she’s not gone forever.” Gasp!

August 27, 2015
Caitlyn Jenner American Horror Story

Ryan Murphy: Maybe I’ll Put Caitlyn Jenner On ‘American Horror Story’

This could be the best news, like, ever. Prior to the premiere of ‘American Horror Story: Hotel,’ series creator Ryan Murphy revealed to us EXCLUSIVELY that he might put Caitlyn Jenner on the series!

Following Caitlyn Jenner‘s iconic Vanity Fair cover, comparisons were immediately drawn between she and American Horror Story star, Jessica Lange. Of course, with Jessica officially not returning to the anthological series for American Horror Story: Hotel, we’re in the market for a glamorous lady replacement– and series creator Ryan Murphy would consider Caitlyn! Check out what he revealed to us EXCLUSIVELY about including her in the series!

July 1, 2015
Scream Queens Taylor Swift

Ryan Murphy Offered Taylor Swift A Role In ‘Scream Queens’ — Interview

Could Taylor Swift really play a mean girl? Well if it were up to Ryan Murphy, she’d definitely be part of the sorority in his new Fox show, ‘Scream Queens.’ He told exclusively that he actually reached out to see if she could do it!

It seems like Ryan Murphy can get absolutely anyone he wants — from Glee to American Horror Story to Scream Queens, he’s always landed huge stars! However, one person who turned it down was one of his favorite singers, Taylor Swift! So, why couldn’t she do it?

June 29, 2015
lady gaga sing ahs

‘AHS Hotel’: Will Lady Gaga Sing? Ryan Murphy Reveals The Truth

Lady Gaga will make her official acting debut in ‘American Horror Story: Hotel,’ but that doesn’t mean she won’t sing at all right? Right? Ryan Murphy revealed some serious scoop!

We are slowly starting to learn a little bit more about American Horror Story: Hotel, which will debut on FX at some point in October. However, most of the elements regarding Lady Gaga‘s character have been kept pretty tightly under wraps– until now! Series creator, Ryan Murphy, is spilling some deets on Gaga’s role, including whether or not we’ll hear those glorious pipes of hers on the horrific new season. Check out what he had to say!

June 22, 2015

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