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Liberty Ross Protecting Kids By Saying Daddy Is Working

Liberty is not letting her husband Rupert Sanders back in the house after cheating scandal with Kristen Stewart, but she’s telling her kids a different story, a source tells HollyBaby EXCLUSIVELY! Find out all the details!

Liberty Ross is still fuming over the affair her husband Rupert Sanders had with fellow SWATH actress Kristen Stewartthat she doesn’t want him to come home for fear of a huge blowout fight in front of the kids!

August 3, 2012

Should Liberty Ross Take Her Philandering Husband Rupert Sanders Back?

Will Liberty Ross give her marriage a second chance? Should she? Can a cheater ever change or is the situation so hopeless that she might as well kick Rupert Sanders out the door for good. Relationship expert Diana Falzone gives her advice.

When news broke that Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders were having an affair, Sanders’ wife and mother of his two children, Liberty Ross, was beside herself according to an exclusive report.

August 2, 2012

Liberty Ross To Rupert Sanders: You Won’t Direct Kristen Stewart’s ‘Snow White’ Sequel

Rupert Sanders was originally lined up to direct ‘Snow White and the Huntsman 2,’ but since news broke that he cheated on wife Liberty Ross with Kristen Stewart, Liberty is reportedly demanding he give up the gig! Read on for all the details!

Liberty Ross is reportedly giving husband Rupert Sanders an ultimatum after news broke that he had an affair with Kristen Stewart — he can’t direct a Snow White and the Huntsman sequel!

August 2, 2012
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Why Liberty Ross Decided To Give Rupert Sanders A Second Chance

Following Rupert’s high-profile affair with Kristen Stewart, we’ve learned EXCLUSIVELY that Liberty is giving her husband a second chance. Read on for the inside scoop!

When news broke that Rupert Sanders had cheated on his wife, Liberty Ross, with his leading lady Kristen Stewart, Liberty stayed relatively quiet as we wondered if her marriage was over. As we’ve just learned, she’s actually giving her cheating husband a second chance. Perhaps this explains why he’s just been seen still wearing his wedding ring?

July 30, 2012

How Paparazzi Got Their $250K Photos Of Rupert Sanders & Kristen Stewart Cheating

Kristen’s illicit affair with Rupert was illustrated through paparazzi photos — reportedly worth $250K! Read on to find out all the details of this inside story — on how the paparazzi got the infamous photos!

Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders — and the entire “momentary indiscretion” that took place on July 17 was caught on camera!

July 30, 2012

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