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Lourdes Leon Wants Blue Hair! Should Madonna Let Her Daughter Dye Her Locks?

Madonna’s 14-year-old is bored with her dark brown hair and wants a colorful change. Would you let your teen dye her hair an unnatural color?

Lourdes Leon was looking forward to turning 14 because Madonna, 52, forbid her to alter her hair color until then. Now that she’s of age, she’s considering making a big change. The teen took to her Material Girl blog to reveal that she wants to dye her hair blue! Do your kids crave crazy hair colors, HollyMom?

December 17, 2010

Madonna's Kids Have Been Infected With Head Lice! She's 'Turned Completely Paranoid!'

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Here’s something all moms with school-age kids can relate to. Who knew we had something in common with Madonna?

Madonna recently confessed that her kids have been battling one itchy situation — head lice! The singer admitted on The Ellen DeGeneres Show recently that “there’s some head lice going around in my house” and that “it’s a reoccuring occurance.” Now, the Material Mom can’t stop thinking about the tiny bugs invading her $40 million home and her children’s heads! “One of her kids picked up the head lice at school, and Madonna’s been totally panicked ever since,” a friend told the National Enquirer. “Madonna’s turned completely paranoid.”

November 22, 2010

Can You Believe Madonna's Actually Considering Adopting Another Baby?

Madonna’s youngest daughter Merci is bugging her famous mommy to bring home another baby!

Woah – Is Mama Madge looking to add another adopted baby to her family? Hey HollyMoms, we hear that Madonna has plans to travel Malawi —  where she has already adopted two children David Banda, 8, and Mercy, 5 — just before Christmas. Reports suggest that her youngest daughter Mercy has been asking the superstar mommy for a little brother or sister. That would make five kids total for Madonna, who also has two biological children — Lourdes Leon, 14 and Rocco Ritchie — from previous relationships! Do you think Madonna can handle that many kids?

October 26, 2010

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