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Kris Humphries Threatens To Reveal Kim Kardashian's Secrets

If Kim can’t settle with Kris Humphries, all her most personal texts and emails plus her reality scripts can be exposed in court. Plus she, her family, Ryan Seacrest and Reggie Bush and more can all be forced to testify.

Hold on to your seats – the Kim versus Kris divorce battles are getting ever closer to court and a Kris Humphries insider warns Kim: “She’s really not in a good place. It’s only going to get worse”, the source tells

April 4, 2012
Reggie Bush Kim Kardashian

Reggie Bush: Crawling Back To Kim Kardashian?

Reggie is regretting his decision to push Kim K. away! He’s trying to get her back now that she’s got her eye on a Saudi prince.

Men want what they can’t have — isn’t that what always happens when it comes to love?

March 7, 2012
Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush married

Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush Planning To Elope — New Report

Kim has reportedly been hopping on private planes in the middle of the night to fly down to Miami to hook up with Reggie — but he won’t marry her until she gives in to his demands!

Kim Kardashian isn’t even officially single and she’s already planning her next wedding! The E! reality star is reportedly doing everything she can to win her ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush back and that includes giving up her reality TV career!

February 22, 2012

Kim Kardashian Crying on Her Ex Reggie Bush's Shoulder — Getting Back Together?

The ex-loves are talking ….  a lot! And that’s not all, according to a new report. Kim and Reggie had lunch on Sat, Oct 29th  before she filed her divorce papers from Kris Humphries on Oct, 31st, and apparently they’ve been in touch ever since.

When Reggie Bush appeared on Live With Kelly, this morning, Jan 9 th, he made it clear that he is totally single and that may be good news for his ex, Kim Kardashian , who is leaning on her ex for support as she goes through her divorce from Kris Humphries.

January 9, 2012

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