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Exclusive: New Moon's Peter Facinelli: “I Almost Killed My Wife Jennie Garth!”

Want to know why Peter almost did in his wife … with a knife?

Peter Facinelli was so completely exhausted when he was in New York working (on Showtime’s Nurse Jackie, in which he stars), that when he got a knock on his door at 5 a.m. that went on and on for ten minutes, he was convinced that there was a psychotic killer trying to get in to murder him: “I was completely blitzed out of my mind … so I answered the door with a knife. My wife came to surprise me, and I almost killed her.” Peter said, “No one had been to my apartment since I’d been here working and I was convinced that my wife was in LA.” Luckily, Peter didn’t do any lunging when he opened the door, and his wife, 90210’s Jennie Garth, and their relationship, survived!

Peter told us the story at the Cinema Society and Dolce & Gabbana screening of New Moon, Nov. 19. It was such an hilariously unexpected tale, you really need to read the entire transcript, AND you can listen to the entire audio clip.

PLUS: How do you and your love keep the home fires burning when you’re separated by distance? Peter told us what he and Jennie do. Click here to find out what happened next!

November 20, 2009

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