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Vampire Diaries Spoiler Prom

‘Vampire Diaries’ Scoop: Elena ‘Lashes Out’ At Prom With Damon & Stefan

The Salvatores are ‘determined to get through to Elena,’ but not all goes according to plan. Read on for more spoilers!

Prom is supposed to be the most memorable night of a high schooler’s life, but when you’re dancing in Mystic Falls, things tend to go south quickly. Such is the case for Elena (Nina Dobrev) on the April 18 episode of The Vampire Diaries, as she “suddenly lashes out in a way no one could have predicted.” Both Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) show up to the dance — I’ve lost track of who actually attends Mystic Falls High at this point — but “the evening begins to spiral out of control despite their efforts.”

March 27, 2013
Vampire Diaries Silas Massacre

‘Vampire Diaries’: Damon & Elena’s Search For Katherine Ends In Tragedy

Plus, Silas calls on Bonnie for his third massacre! Is there no stopping him?

Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) took a bite out of the Big Apple on the March 21 episode of The Vampire Diaries, indulging in all the usual tourist activities: feeding on innocent New Yorkers, hunting down the cure for vampirism, and — for whatever reason — getting tacky pink highlights. Like, really tacky. But when they weren’t painting the town red, literally, Damon was regaling his girlfriend with tales from his days in 1970s New York — including his secret fling with Lexi (Arielle Kebbel)! I know, I was surprised too.

March 21, 2013
Vampire Diaries Stefan Elena

‘Vampire Diaries’ Video: Stefan Confronts Elena About Her Lies

Watch Stefan and Elena’s heated exchange in the hallway. (No wonder she chose Damon!)

For the record, no good conversation begins with “We need to talk,” and that includes Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) little chat with Stefan (Paul Wesley) on the March 14 episode of The Vampire Diaries. Dressed to the nines in her cheerleading uniform, Elena is confronted by her ex in his just-released clip, and they don’t exactly exchange pleasantries.

March 8, 2013
Vampire Diaries Spoiler Stefan Elena

‘Vampire Diaries’ Scoop: Stefan Has An ‘Unexpected’ Plan For Elena

Damon’s ‘not sure how to react’ when Stefan shares his intentions. But what could they be?! Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) past will catch up to her — in more ways than one — on the March 28 episode of The Vampire Diaries. Not only will she and Rebekah (Claire Holt) team up to hunt down Katherine, who…

March 7, 2013
Vampire Diaries Spoiler Stefan Elena

‘Vampire Diaries’ Pics: Stefan & Elena Share A Tense Moment

Plus, Damon gets caught red-fanged! Who did he nom on this time? Browse seven pics from the next new episode and find out!

Aren’t cheerleaders supposed to be peppy? Because Elena (Nina Dobrev) couldn’t look any gloomier in this new shot from The Vampire Diaries‘ March 14 episode if she tried. Maybe that’s because she’s locked in an uncomfortable conversation with ex-boyfriend Stefan (Paul Wesley). When the show returns from its three-week hiatus, Stefan and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) force Elena back into her normal high-school routine — but it doesn’t look like “normal” is what anyone’s going to get.

March 1, 2013
Vampire Diaries Stefan Elena Video

‘Vampire Diaries’ Video: Stefan Tells Elena A Secret ‘Between Friends’

Watch this new clip from the Feb. 14 episode for an update on Stefan & Elena’s complicated relationship.

This week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries may be airing on Valentine’s Day, but love is definitely not in the air between Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena (Nina Dobrev), as they officially solidify their relationship status as “friends.” But in true TVD fashion, Rebekah (Claire Holt) misinterprets the interaction as more than friendly as she watches the exes interact from a distance.

February 11, 2013
Stefan Rebekah Vampire Diaries

‘Vampire Diaries’: Why Stefan & Rebekah Are Perfect For Each Other

The past three episodes have shown Stefan & Rebekah’s development as a couple, both physically and emotionally. Who could possibly deny ‘Stebekah’ now?

When Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) called it quits on the Nov. 15 episode of The Vampire Diaries, some fans feared the sensitive Salvatore would never find happiness again. Little did they know, his perfect match — and ex-girlfriend, Rebekah (Claire Holt) — was just a dagger pull away! Allow me to explain why Stefan and Rebekah make a bloody good couple, and why I really hope they’re given a future together.

February 8, 2013

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