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O.J. Simpson Desperate To Date Kris Jenner When Out of Prison — Report

O.J. Simpson is eligible for parole in just one year and it turns out his first order of business will be to find Kris Jenner and date her! Do you think he has a chance?

O.J. Simpson has the hots for Kris Jenner. The former NFL star is currently serving time in prison for armed robbery and battery but his time in prison is possibly coming to an end. Now that O.J. is about to be up for a parole and a new report claims he wants to date the famous momager because he’s “always had a crush on her.”

April 19, 2016
O.J. Simpson
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O.J. Simpson Verdict: 5 Reasons He Got Off After Murder Charges

‘American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson’ has come to its powerful conclusion, and a new generation witnessed the moment in which OJ was found not guilty. Let’s take a look back at the five reasons why the court reached that verdict.

April 6, 2016

Kanye West Fills In As O.J. Simpson In Hysterical ‘The People Vs Kanye’ Spoof — Watch

What do O.J. Simpson and Kanye West have in common? Well, everyone is talking about them. Funny Or Die just released ‘The People V. Kanye West,’ which is an epic spoof on all the crazy antics of Kanye’s life, mashed together with the drama behind the O.J. Simpson case.

Kanye West, 38, lives a life that’s just a few degrees of separation from the real world, as we all know. In a new parody, the nuttiest elements of Kanye’s existence come together with the events of the O.J. Simpson trial, and it is everything. WATCH!

March 17, 2016

O.J. Simpson: Investigation On Buried Knife Complete — Did They Find His DNA On It?

The verdict is in! A knife that had been buried on O.J. Simpson’s property for years has been under investigation because authorities hoped there was chance it was the weapon used in the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman and now the results are in.

Could the LAPD have found DNA evidence that connected this 5″ buck knife to the murder of O.J. Simpson‘s wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman? A shocking new report claims that the investigation is over after authorities did exhaustive testing, so what did they find?

March 15, 2016
O.J. Simpson Double Jeopardy

O.J. Simpson: Does Double Jeopardy Apply After New Murder Evidence Found?

Now that we’ve learned a knife was reportedly found buried at O.J. Simpson’s estate, long after he was acquitted of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman’s murders, many Twitter users are wondering if he can be tried again. spoke to an attorney, and we have the answer!

Can O.J. Simpson be tried again now that a knife was reportedly found buried at his estate, long after he was acquitted of double homicide, or does double jeopardy award him immunity? Those are the questions we asked an attorney, who spoke with EXCLUSIVELY, and gave us the answers!

March 4, 2016

O.J. Simpson Shocker: Buried Knife Found At His Estate & LAPD Cop Kept It For Years

Wait, this is just nuts! An LAPD cop was allegedly given a knife that was buried in O.J. Simpson’s lawn in the 90s and instead of turning it over to investigators he kept it and was going to frame it in his house. Luckily, someone found out and he turned it over!

Talk about a shocking and infuriating twist. The timing on this is a bit unclear but sometime in the 90s a construction working allegedly found a “folding buck knife” buried on O.J. Simpson‘s property where his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were found murdered. The cop was off duty and doing security for a movie across the street but according to TMZ, he kept the knife for years instead of turning it over as evidence.

March 4, 2016

Kris Jenner Recalls The Heartbreaking Moment Of Nicole Brown Simpson’s Murder

So scary! Kris Jenner was best friends with O.J. Simpson’s late wife Nicole Brown Simpson, and now she’ recalling the terrifying day that she found out Nicole had been brutally murdered. With ‘American Crime Story’ burning up the ratings, the real life saga is red-hot again.

How horrible! Kris Jenner, 60, is sharing the news of how she discovered that her best friend had been murdered and it’s so chilling! She was supposed to meet her pal Nicole Brown Simpson for lunch the day after she was found in a pool of blood outside of her Brentwood, CA condo. Read on for the shocking phone call that she received that confirmed her friend had been killed.

March 1, 2016

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