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DWTS Security Increased

‘DWTS’ Security Increased As Donald Trump’s Daughter Tiffany Supports Mom Marla Maples

So scary! Tiffany Trump is going to the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ finale to support her mom Marla Maples, and the security will be on high alert because of it. They want to make sure no one tries to mess with her because of her dad. Yikes!

This is crazy! Security is increased for the DWTS finale, and it’s all because of Donald Trump, 69. The presidential candidate’s daughter Tiffany Trump, 22, will be in the audience to show some support for her mom Marla Maples, 52, and everyone is making sure she is not harmed. Find out all the details below!

May 24, 2016
Donald Trump Gushes Over Daughter's Breasts

Donald Trump Fawned Over Baby Daughter’s Boobs — Watch Insanely Uncomfortable Clip

It may be the grossest thing Donald Trump ever said because the GOP presidential candidate once gushed over Tiffany Trump’s boobs – when she was only a baby! ‘The Daily Show’ found that Donald once raved about his infant daughter’s breasts, so click to watch this awkward clip.

Just when voters thought Donald Trump, 69, couldn’t get any more disgusting after his misogynistic comments or his insults towards minorities, Trevor Noah, 32, and The Daily Show discovers proof that Trump has always been incredibly repulsive. If Donald’s lusting after Ivanka Trump, 34, made your stomach turn, what he said about Tiffany Trump, 22, may be even worse.

April 6, 2016

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