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EXCLUSIVE: Mark Wahlberg Tells Us: There's No Way I'll Let My Kids Get Tattoos

The star of The Other Guys is OK with the fact that he has tattoos, but when it comes to his four kids, it’s a case of “do as I say, not as I do.”

Mark Wahlberg has never been shy about his own tattoos, flashing them whenever he takes his shirt off (which is a lot, by the way!) and he is comfortable discussing them when someone asks about his body ink. But when caught up with him at the New York premiere of his new film The Other Guys and asked the 39-year-old actor what he would say if one of his four kids ever wanted to get one? His answer was only two words: “Hell no!”
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August 3, 2010

EXCLUSIVE! Emmanuelle Chriqui Says There’s No ‘Entourage’ Wedding This Season! Plus, She Might Be Joining ‘Gossip Girl!’

Do you think Emmanuelle would make a good fit on Gossip Girl? We know whose love interest she would play!

No wedding takes place between characters Eric and Sloan on season seven of Entourage, at least “not yet,” Emmanuelle Chriqui told exclusively June 15 at the Fashion Delivers “Pay It Fashion Forward” Forever 21 Fundraiser at Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge in NYC. Despite the engagement that took place last season, could it be that Emmanuelle is getting tired of playing her down-on-luck in love character, Sloan?

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June 17, 2010

Mark Wahlberg — Love It That You Said The Birth of Your New Daughter Grace Means “A Couple Of Days of Peace And Quiet!”

Are you a mom? Do you identify with Mark and his wife wife Rhea, who look at a hospital stay as a” vacation”?

“It was the first time we had a couple of days of peace and quiet even though she [wife, Rhea Durham] had to go through the pain of giving birth,” Mark Wahlberg tells Ellen Degeneres in an interview that airs today on her show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Marky Mark, it’s so cute that you look at the birth of your fourth child, daughter Grace, as “vacation time.” We sure bet after three children — Ella, 6, Michael who is about to turn 4, and Brendan, 16 months — a trip to the hospital to have a fourth is a walk in the park, especially when it means that you get to spend some alone time with Rhea. And, we agree with you — the hospital room, “it’s [definitely] like a hotel room.” Read more

January 15, 2010

Mark Wahlberg: Disturbed by David Beckham

Have you ever been completely annoyed by one of your neighbors? Take that feeling, multiple it by forty and then you’ll know how Mark Wahlberg feels!

Some neighbors are just total pains in the butts. They make too much noise, they party too hard, they sneak their garbage into your trash can. But according to Mark Wahlberg, David Beckham and his brood take the cake for infuriating behavior.

“Man, the Beckhams. It used to be so quiet on my road. Then David moves in with his family. Suddenly we’ve got paparazzi hanging out day and night,” The Lovely Bones star, 38, sighed to the U.K.’s Daily Mail. “Now they’ll follow any car that drives down the road. I take strong exception to that kind of thing. When I take my kids to the park I don’t want strangers sticking their lenses in our faces.”

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December 29, 2009

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