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Kate Gosselin Defends Return To TV: ‘I Have 8 Kids To Support’

‘Kate Plus 8’ is set to return for a one-hour catch up special in June. Of course, her ex-husband Jon Gosselin does not want his kids back on television. talked to Kate about returning to television, and she told us EXCLUSIVELY that she had to go back because she’s got to support those eight kids somehow, right?!

Kate and ex-husband Jon Gosselin have differing opinions on how they should provide for their children. While Jon is firm about the fact he doesn’t want them back on television, Kate says she going back to TV helps her provide for their kids. In an EXCLUSIVE interview, she shows that she is open to any opportunity that allows her to do so. Even if that opportunity goes against Jon’s wishes.

March 21, 2014
Celebrity Apprentice Cast Kate Gosselin Brandi Glanville

‘Celebrity Apprentice’: Kate Gosselin & Brandi Glanville To Join Cast – Report

We know what you’re probably thinking — this show has been on for so long, the Trump must have run out of celebrities to apprentice! But apparently he has not. The next cast of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ will soon be revealed, and the names in the running have rendered us extremely excited for some serious drama to come.

Celebs are lining up left and right to be fired! Celebrity Apprentice will soon return for a seventh season, and a whole new crop of celebrities have come out of the woodwork for a chance to work with Donald Trump. Check out the list below!

March 14, 2014
Kate Gosselin Yells At Kids

Kate Gosselin: Screams At Kids & Holds Hands With Married Bodyguard

Kate Gosselin reportedly went on a verbal rampage during the Demi Lovato concert on March 2. Sadly the tongue lashing was directed at her own children. To make matters worse, she was also seen holding hands with her married bodyguard.

Kate Gosselin, 38, was at her best being at her worst when she took her twin girls Madyand Cara to the Demi Lovato concert in Fairfax, Va., on March 2. Allegedly, she was seen harshly screaming at her kids on several occasions, and witnesses also saw her holding hands with married bodyguard Steve Neild.

March 7, 2014
Jon Gosselin Custody

Jon Gosselin Demands Custody: Kate Needs A ‘Psychiatric Evaluation’

In a new interview, Jon Gosselin reveals that he plans on demanding custody from ex-wife Kate Gosselin until she receives a “psychiatric evaluation.” Here’s what Jon had to say about the final straw in his battle with Kate over their children.

It’s the custody battle that never seems to end! Jon Gosselin is planning on fighting for full custody of his eight children until ex-wife Kate Gosselin receives a “psychiatric evaluation.” In an interview with E! News, he tells the outlet that he is completely convinced that Kate is not a suitable mother. This was made clear to him after the People cover story featuring Kate and twins Cady and Mady, 13, where they dissed Jon — he’s convinced that they didn’t really say those things.

February 4, 2014
Kate Gosselin Sister

Kate Gosselin’s Sister: Kate Severed All Contact With Kids’ Family

It’s not just their dad, Jon Gosselin that reality TV mom Kate Gosselin, doesn’t want her children to have a relationship with: Kate’s own sister revealed she hasn’t seen the family in over six years because Kate severed all connections to the non-famous relatives.

Kate Gosselin‘s sister, Kendra Wilber, spoke out after years of silence about her Jon & Kate Plus 8 relatives, revealing that she hasn’t seen the twins, 13, or sextuplets, 9, in about six years because Kate has cut off all ties with her children’s extended family. The kids’ dad, Jon Gosselin fears that his ex-wife is isolating the kids from the real world, and the kids’ aunts worry they will one day be heartbroken by the lack of contact.

January 28, 2014
Jon Gosselin Couples Therapy

‘Couples Therapy’: Jon Gosselin Reveals He Never Cheated On Ex Kate

Jon Gosselin revealed on the newest episode of ‘Couples Therapy’ that he and ex-wife Kate Gosselin pair had ‘so many kids’ they didn’t ‘have time’ to work on their marriage: but the stress never caused him to cheat on Kate.

Jon Gosselin revealed a major shocker in his therapy session with girlfriend Liz Jannetta on Couples Therapy: the pair admitted that they both cheated on each other during their relationship, but Jon revealed that he had never cheated on his ex-wife Kate Gosselin.

January 23, 2014
Jon Gosselin Kate Gosselin Custody Battle

Jon Gosselin Will Sue Kate Gosselin For Primary Custody Of Sextuplets

Jon Gosselin has had en0ugh! After watching his ex-wife, Kate, humiliate their twin daughters on the ‘Today’ show, he’s hoping he can save their 9-year-old sextuplets from a similar fate by becoming their primary caretaker.

Jon Gosselin feels his kids aren’t safe in Kate Gosselin‘s care, so he’s planning to sue her for primary custody of sextuplets Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Hannah, Joel and Leah, 9. The kids are terrified of Kate and “they tell me they want to live with me,” Jon says.

January 22, 2014

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