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Jhene Aiko Files Divorce

Jhene Aiko Files For Divorce From Dot Da Genius Amid Big Sean Dating Rumors

Oh no! Jhene Aiko filed for divorce from music producer Dot Da Genius August 9, and to everyone’s surprise the couple have actually been separated since June 2015! This comes at an interesting time too since she’s rumored to be in a hot romance with rapper, Big Sean! Get the details!

August 12, 2016
Big Sean Jhene Aiko Kiss

Big Sean & Jhene Aiko Share Shocking Kiss At Concert — Watch

Whoa! Big Sean and Jhene Aiko kissed at the end of their performance on stage at Powerhouse 2016 on June 3. Is it just an act? Click to WATCH!

What’s going on here?! Big Sean, 28, and Jhene Aiko, 28, took to the stage at the Powerhouse 2016 concert for a very sexy performance. The two singers really got into their groove on stage, and they even shared a kiss at the end of the performance! These close friends know how to give fans a show!

June 4, 2016
Nick Jonas Chains Remix

Nick Jonas Releases Hot Remix Of ‘Chains’ With Jhene Aiko — Listen

When Nick Jonas isn’t releasing the sexiest tracks, he is remixing them! In his latest hot remix of ‘Chains’ with Jhene Aiko, you’ll want to break free on the dance floor!

Nick Jonas, 22, is on an unstoppable hot streak. Just when we thought we couldn’t become more obsessed with the heart-throb, Nick dropped a remix of “Chains” with Jhene Aiko from his self-titled album on March. 2. Jhene’s feminine voice perfectly fits with the seductive lyrics in this song — check it out!

March 2, 2015
chris brown post to be video

Chris Brown, Omarion, & Jhene Aiko In 'Post To Be' (Courtesy of YouTube)

Chris Brown Has Dance Off With Omarion & Jhene Aiko In ‘Post To Be’ — Watch

We can watch Chris Brown dance ALL day long — he’s just so talented! In his new video for ‘Post To Be,’ Chris shows off his dancing skills in an epic dance off with Omarion and Jhene Aiko — you have to watch!

I mean, who wouldn’t want to see Chris Brown, 25, dancing around a beautiful new white Ferrari for over 3 minutes?! Thankfully, his new music video is just that and we are loving it! Who do you think won the dance-off — Chris, Omarion, or Jhene Aiko?!

February 18, 2015

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