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Fashion’s Night Out: What You Need To Know & Where You Wanna Go

As the world prepares for New York Fashion Week, we have put together a guide with everything you need to know for Fashion’s Night Out — find out where all your fave celebs will be and what major deals you could score!

Starting at 6PM on Sept. 6, Fashion’s Night Out is taking over! Regardless of what coast you’re on, find out what’s happening in your neck of the woods and get ready to step out, shop and have fun! With appearances by Kim Kardashian, Nicole Richie and Lucy Hale, read on to find out where your fave celebs will be. Here’s what you need to know to survive the evening:

September 5, 2012

Russ Says: ‘Lawless’ Should Be Nominated For Multiple Oscars

Is it Oscar season already? With the new film ‘Lawless’ hitting theaters August 29, it just might be! The films stars Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy, Guy Pearce and Gary Oldman who all shine in what is easily a top contender for the Academy Awards!

Based on a true story, ‘Lawless’ is an amazing gangster tale about the infamous Bondurant Brothers who ran their own business of moonshine and tempt to delve into a life of crime, corruption, loyalty and love. Its a brutal tale of a family trying their best to get through the days of prohibition. And if all things go as they should, the filmmakers should hear the infamous words, “And the Oscar goes too…”

August 27, 2012

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