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January Jones, You Win Most Glamorous Leading Lady At The Golden Globes!

The Mad Men star has me going mad for her flawless hair and makeup!

Obviously all the ladies looked gorgeous at the Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 17 but January Jones stood out amongst the sea of beauties. Her bright lips, bold brows and flawless coif were so fresh and gorgeous. So, what was the thinking behind January’s look? “She wears red lips a lot as her character but we wanted to show a modern version of how a woman wears a red lip now – we ushered it into the future,” says her makeup artist, Rachel Goodwin. “As soon as I saw the dress I knew I wanted to put her hair up,” says hairstylist Mark Townsend. “I think that adding the satin ribbon as a headband gave a classic French twist a very modern edge.” We couldn’t agree more with Rachel and Mark. Her look was just retro enough and completely and perfectly modern. To learn how to get January’s hair and makeup, Read more

January 19, 2010

High Fashion! Hot Hook Ups! Hairy Legs? In Case You Missed It, Here's The Best Of Our Golden Globes Coverage!

All the style, news and gossip you could ask for from the Golden Globes, courtesy of

Hang on a sec… You’re saying you missed our extensive day-long coverage of the Golden Globes? You still don’t know about Jennifer Aniston‘s peek-a-boo panties, or that Taylor Lautner was spoon-fed at an after-party? You know what, it was a holiday. We forgive you. But don’t deprive yourself of all the beautiful photos, style tips and hot gossip from one of the biggest nights in Hollywood! Here’s the best of our coverage of the Golden Globes. Read more

January 19, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy Piven Gets Cozy With E! News Reporter Ashlan Gorse AND 'Mad Men' Star January Jones

Jeremy, we’re on to you … we know your motto is ‘so many women, so little time!’

Oh dear god … are Jeremy Piven/Ashlan Gorse the next Jon Gosselin/Kate Major ? Watch out, Ashlan … you know how things turned out for former Star reporter Kate when she got played by reality dog Jon Gosselin. Yeah, ‘nuff said. Woof!

The Entourage star, 44, was getting his flirt on with the E! News correspondent, 29, at HBO’s Golden Globes bash Jan. 17. We spotted the two rubbing arms (and backsides), chatting intimately and – yes – even holding hands at the Beverly Hilton poolside party.

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January 18, 2010

Read's Predictions For The 2010 Golden Globes! Who Do YOU Think Will Win?

Do you agree/disagree with our predictions? Let us know!

The Golden Globes are just a few hours away, but there’s still time to get those predictions in! Who will take home the gold at tonight’s big ceremony? Everyone here at put our heads together to came up with a list of potential winners in the top categories. Have a look at our list and tell us what you think. Click here for the list!

January 17, 2010

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