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11 22 63 Trailer

‘11.22.63’: James Franco Tries To Stop JFK’s Assassination In Intense New Trailer — Watch

Your next TV obsession has arrived. The first trailer for ‘11.22.63’ is here, and it’s incredible. James Franco travels back in time to try and prevent JFK’s assassination from ever happening, and he ends up playing one deadly game. Click to WATCH!

James Franco, 37, must do whatever he can to stop one of the most devastating days in American history from happening in 11.22.63, based on Stephen King’s best-selling novel. James’ mission isn’t easy, especially since the past will stop at nothing to not be changed at all.

January 9, 2016
Adam Sandler Hanukkah Songs

11 Jewish Celebrities Adam Sandler Still Hasn’t Featured In His Hanukkah Songs

Put on your yarmulke, here comes Chanukah! Yep, it’s that time of year again, when you’ve got Adam Sandler’s parody song on repeat. Here’s the thing — there are a ton of celebs that Adam has left out of his songs, even with four iterations!

You won’t believe who still hasn’t garnered a mention in Adam Sandler‘s famous “Chanukah Song”. Everyone from Adam Levine to Queen Elsa, AKA Idina Menzel, has been featured, but there’s a surprising list of huge celebs who haven’t yet made it into the song. Check them out here, and tell us who you think should be featured in the inevitable “Part 5”!

December 6, 2015
James Franco Emma Watson Tattoo

James Franco Shows Off Bizarre Neck Tattoo Of Emma Watson — See Pic

James Franco really loves Emma Watson– so much so that he got a portrait tattoo of the actress’ face on his neck! No, seriously. See for yourself!

James Franco, 37, wants to wear his love for Emma Watson, 25, on his sleeve– uh, his neck. The eccentric actor took to Instagram on Oct. 28 to show off some seriously fresh ink featuring the literal face of Emma! Yeah, you need to see this, like, immediately! Check it out!

October 29, 2015
James Franco Friends Spoof

James Franco Becomes Rachel & Joey In ‘Friends’ Spoof — Watch

Well, we never expected to see James Franco rocking the Rachel haircut! The actor transforms into Rachel Green and Joey Tribbiani for a new episode of his AOL Original Series ‘Making A Scene.’ Click to WATCH!

James Franco, 37, is taking on the cast of Friends. On the newest episode of his AOL Original Series Making A Scene, the actor dresses up as Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel Green and Matt LeBlanc’s Joey Tribbiani for one hilarious spoof. Yes, it’s that epic.

October 22, 2015
James Franco Bar Mitzvah

James Franco Gets Bar Mitzvahed For Charity At Age 37: ‘I Am Now A Man’ — Pic

Congratulations are in order for James Franco! The actor participated in Jewish tradition on Oct. 3 by finally getting bar mitzvahed at 37 years old. Although the whole thing was for charity, the ceremony was completely legit, and James excitedly posted about it on Instagram. Check it out!

At 37 years old, James Franco is finally a man…at least in the eyes of Jewish religion! Participating in an event to raise money for his pal, Seth Rogen’s, Hilarity for Charity, James finally did something he’s been wanting to do since he was just a teenager — have a bar mitzvah — and it was all for a great cause. Get the scoop!

October 5, 2015
queen of the desert trailer

Robert Pattinson Falls For Nicole Kidman In ‘Queen Of The Desert’ Trailer

It’s here– and it’s really intense. A first trailer for the upcoming film, ‘Queen of the Desert’ has just been released, and it features Robert Pattinson like we’ve never seen him before. Check it out now!

In Queen of the Desert, which will hit theaters at a still-to-be determined date later this year, Nicole Kidman will take on the role of the famed explorer and diplomat, Gertrude Bell. As she travels the world, Gertrude comes across several interesting and notable romantic interests, including one played by Mr. Robert Pattinson. Oh, and a super dapper James Franco. Ya know, if you’re into that sort of thing. The whole movie looks epic and awesome! Watch the trailer right now!

June 15, 2015

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