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'Teen Wolf' Season 2 Scoop: Holland Roden Promises More Skin!

No, seriously. Holland fills us in on the girls’ intense new training sessions!

Teen Wolf fans, are you sick and tired of all the guys on the show taking their shirts off for no reason? Yeah, we didn’t think so. But you might be surprised to learn that the guys won’t be the only ones showing skin when the show returns for its second season! “The guys were objectified last season, and I’d say it’s now the girls’ turn to take the clothes off!” Holland Roden told on Oct. 15 at Spike TV’s Scream Awards.

October 17, 2011

'Teen Wolf' Recap: Allison Finds Out Scott Is A Werewolf! Ruh-Roh!

Scott’s hairy secret is out! Do you think Allison will come to his rescue, or will she help her family take him down?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from years of watching teen dramas, it’s that formal dances never end well. The Aug. 8 episode of MTV’s Teen Wolf followed this rule to a T, setting the stage for next week’s season finale: Mr. Argent figured out Scott (Tyler Posey) is a Beta, Lydia (Holland Roden) suffered a bloody attack from the Alpha, and — worst of all — Allison (Crystal Reed) now knows about everything!

August 9, 2011

'Teen Wolf' Recap: Scott Gets Shot & Allison Finally Makes Some Furry Friends!

It was a night of revelations, confrontations, and — thanks to Stiles — awkward teen moments aplenty!

The Alpha Wolf proved his bark is just as strong as his bite on the Aug. 1 episode of Teen Wolf by playing some hardcore mind games with Scott (Tyler Posey.) It turns out he’ll do anything to get our furry friend to join his pack, including taking Scott’s mom out to dinner — and putting her on the menu.

August 2, 2011

'Teen Wolf' Recap: The Alpha Is Finally Revealed! Did You Guess Him Right?

There are only three episodes left this season! Let’s hope they’re all as good as tonight’s…

If you missed the July 25 episode of MTV’s Teen Wolf, you missed the most mind-blowing episode of the season — and no, I’m not just talking about the amount of gratuitous shirtless-ness, courtesy of one Tyler Hoechlin. In this one episode alone, Jackson (Colton Haynes) figured out Scott‘s (Tyler Posey) big secret; Scott learned about Allison’s (Crystal Reed) family of werewolf hunters;  and, oh yeah, the freakin’ Alpha was freakin’ revealed!

July 26, 2011

‘Teen Wolf’ Scoop: Colton Haynes Tell Us Love Triangles Are On The Way!

Jackson & Allison? Lydia & Scott? Read our interview with Colton & tell us which ‘Teen Wolf’ couples YOU support!

There’s been a whole lot of extracurricular flirting going on in the halls of Beacon Hills High, and Colton Haynes tells us it’s leading up to some serious relationship drama on MTV’s Teen Wolf. “I can’t say exactly how many partner swaps there will be, but I can say we’re all pretty familiar with each other,” Colton tells “As the show goes on, we all sort of intertwine at some point.”

July 12, 2011

'Teen Wolf' Recap: Allison Tells Scott She Can't Trust Him — Are They Over For Good?

Plus, Scott comes clean about his killer urges! Run, Stiles, run!

Those of you hoping for a low-key, laid-back hour of MTV’s Teen Wolf were probably disappointed with the July 11 episode, which found our fave five trapped in the school and fighting for their lives against the terrifying — yet, sort of undeniably cheesy — Alpha Wolf. And while almost everybody made it out alive — still no sign of busy-browed Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) — we learned a shocking secret about Scott (Tyler Posey) that literally changes everything.

July 12, 2011

'Teen Wolf' Recap: Allison Discovers Her Family's Past & The Alpha Attacks Derek!

Do you think Derek will survive the Alpha’s attack? There’ll be a whole lot less lurking in Beacon Hills if he doesn’t!

The July 4 episode of MTV’s Teen Wolf was all about control — but while Scott (Tyler Posey) spent the hour gaining control over his transformations, Jackson (Colton Haynes) spent the hour totally losing control, as the effects of Derek’s (Tyler Hoechlin) scratch began to sink in.

July 5, 2011

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