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‘Teen Wolf’: Dylan O’Brien Teases A Major Death — Season 4 Spoilers

‘Teen Wolf’ fans are still recovering from Allison’s shocking death last season, but can fans expect another death of a main character? Dylan O’Brien dishes to all about that grim possibility. Take a look!

Season four of Teen Wolf is in high gear and it’s more intense than ever. The Benefactor, Peter (Ian Bohen) and Kate (Jill Wagner) are wreaking havoc in Beacon Hills, so will it all lead to the demise of one of our favorite characters? At the Young Hollywood Awards on July 27, star Dylan O’Brien, 22, teased the idea of another demise by season’s end. Have your tissues ready, Teen Wolf fans.

August 4, 2014
Teen Wolf Mid-Season Trailer Season 4

‘Teen Wolf’ Mid-Season Trailer: Scott, Stiles & Derek Fight To Stay Alive

A new mid-season trailer for Season 4 of ‘Teen Wolf’ was revealed at Comic-Con on July 24 and it looks pretty dire for our Beacon Hills residents. Check out the epic trailer below!

Will Season 4 of Teen Wolf end with yet another tragic death of one of our favorite characters? The new action-packed mid-season trailer for the hit MTV show debuted at Comic-Con on July 24 and Scott (Tyler Posey), Stiles (Dylan O’Brien), Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) and pretty much everyone else are in a serious struggle for their lives. However, they aren’t going down without a fight and are going to great lengths to save their friends (and themselves). Watch it below!

July 25, 2014
Teen Wolf Recap Deputy Parrish Identity

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: A Deadly List Threatens Beacon Hills

The July 21 episode of ‘Teen Wolf’ featured some seriously shocking revelations. More of the dead pool list was unveiled and someone’s true identity was revealed!

Teen Wolf knows how to surprise its audience and the July 21 episode was the perfect example of that. The Beacon Hills teens continued to face that dire dead pool threat, a certain someone’s identity was finally revealed and Scott (Tyler Posey) almost lost his head! Keyword: Almost.

July 22, 2014
Teen Wolf Recap

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: A New Werewolf Is Born & More Enemies Revealed

On the July 14 episode of ‘Teen Wolf,’ a new werewolf is born, new enemies arise in Beacon Hills and an eerie death pool list reaches the hands of our favorite supernatural teenagers.

The July 14 episode of Teen Wolf featured A LOT of monumental moments for the Beacon Hills teens. First, Scott (Tyler Posey) gets a new werewolf brother, unexpected foes make themselves known, Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) comforts Malia (Shelley Hennig) in her hour of need and what in the heck is this death pool about?! Check out our full recap of tonight’s Teen Wolf below!

July 15, 2014
Teen Wolf Scott Bites Liam

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: A New Werewolf Teenager Is Bitten In Beacon Hills

In the July 7 episode of ‘Teen Wolf’, we meet a new werewolf teenager, a new supernatural creature altogether, and Stiles talks about Scott’s butt again. Full recap of ‘Muted’ below!

The July 7 episode of Teen Wolf went back to basics — to werewolf teenagers, to lacrosse, and to mortal peril. (Not that our intrepid heroes have ever really left the stage of mortal peril.) In “Muted,” we meet newcomers Liam and Garrett and the creepy mouthless dude from the trailers that is likely working for The Benefactor. Furthermore, a new supernatural creature is added to the Teen Wolf roster, and, as ever, there are homoerotic undertones ahoy!

July 7, 2014

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