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David Letterman & Famous Friends Say Farewell To ‘The Late Show’

David Letterman took one last run across the stage on May 20 on his last night as the host of ‘The Late Show.’ But naturally, he wasn’t alone for the finale.

It was tough to hear anything David Letterman was saying on Wednesday night’s episode over the applause and name chanting. But after 33 years and 6,028 episodes, Jim CarreyTina FeyPeyton Manning and many more all arrived at the Ed Sullivan Theater to pay tribute to the comedian on his last night as the host, before Stephen Colbert takes over in September. If you missed it, I’m here to fill you in — and yes, I covered the last Top 10.

May 21, 2015
bill murray cake

Bill Murray Pops Out Of A Cake To Say Goodbye To David Letterman — Watch

That’s how you say goodbye to a dear friend! When Bill Murray dropped by ‘The Late Show’ one last time, he was sure to leave a super sweet mark– uh, literally!

On May 19, Bill Murray paid his friend David Letterman one final visit at The Late Show, before Dave signs off the show for good on May 20. At the time of his last appearance, Bill had appeared on the show more than a dozen times, and he clearly was looking for a way to make his last one memorable. Cut to: an entrance fit for, uh… well, we’ll let you decide. Watch the hilarious clip right now, and laugh to keep from crying!

May 20, 2015
tina fey spanx david letterman

Tina Fey & Jay Leno

Tina Fey Strips Down To Spanx For David Letterman — Watch

David Letterman is retiring from the late night game and, before signing off, longtime guest Tina Fey paid her respects one final time in the best possible way.

Let’s see the rest of his guests top this one. On May 7, American hero Tina Fey dropped by David Letterman‘s Late Show for one last time, before Dave retires on May 20. While reflecting on her impressive 20 visits to the Late Show, Tina remarked that once Dave is out of the game, she will have no reason to ever put on a fancy dress again, as she has only ever done so out of respect for him. Of course, along with vowing to never dress up again, Tina also celebrated the end of her Spanx-wearing days– and she let everyone know how excited she was about it. Watch the incredible clip now!

May 8, 2015
David Letterman Disses Stephen Colbert

David Letterman Slams Stephen Colbert: A Woman Should Host ‘Late Show’ Next

David Letterman is all set for his final ‘Late Show’ appearance on May 20, so he has plenty of time to slam his replacement! As Stephen Colbert gets ready to take over, a new interview reveals Dave wanted someone else for the position!

Maybe David Letterman, 68, could do a “Top 10 Insults To Your Replacement” tonight? As he prepares to end his 33 year career as a late-night host, Dave threw a little shade towards the man set to replace him: Stephen Colbert, 50. According to a new interview, Dave explained who he wanted to see take over the Late Show. It turns out, if Dave had his way, Stephen wouldn’t have gotten the job!

April 29, 2015

David Letterman Jokes: Women Need To Be Treated Like ‘Whores’

The late night host allegedly made a remark so incredibly offensive before the taping of his April 20 that not one person in the audience laughed and everyone was silent!

You would think that David Letterman would know better! The Late Show host made a joke that reportedly did more than fall flat, it silenced over 100 people during the April 20 taping of his world famous show. The 68-year-old is known to kick off his daily tapings by answering burning questions from the audience and when one woman asked what his advice would be for the class of 2015, he didn’t have something very kind to say.

April 22, 2015
John Travolta Son Benjamin

John Travolta’s Shy Son, 4, Freaks Out On Stage At David Letterman Show- Watch

It was take your children to work day for John Travolta, but it didn’t go as smoothly as he was hoping. When the ‘Pulp Fiction’ actor asked for the tiny tyke to come out on stage to meet David Letterman, the boy took one look around at the audience and bolted! Click to watch the video.

John Travolta, 61, and Kelly Preston, 52, have one adorable son who very well may be the next big star — once he gets over his fear of the cameras. Benjamin Travolta, 4, accompanied his dad to his interview on the David Letterman Show on April 20 and made everyone laugh without even trying.

April 21, 2015
Dakota Johnson David Letterman

Dakota Johnson Pranks David Letterman: ‘Are You My Dad?’ – Watch

Dakota with the zinger! The ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ star made the late night host’s jaw drop when she jokingly asked him if he was her real dad. Click to WATCH!

Dakota Johnson, 25, put David Letterman, 67, in the hot seat during her Feb. 17 appearance on the Late Show With David Letterman. After he gushed about her mom, Melanie Griffith, 57, she hit him with the shocking question: “Are you my dad?” That Dakota is one funny girl!

February 19, 2015

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