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David Bowie Drops Surprise New Single On 66th Birthday

The aging rockstar is trying to revitalize his career with a surprise new single ‘Where Are We Now,’ which is already climbing the iTunes charts. Listen to the track — do YOU think he’s ready for a major comeback?

David Bowie hasn’t released a single in 10 years, but the Changes singer celebrated his 66th birthday on Jan. 8 by releasing a brand new single on his website titled Where Are We Now. The new track is off of a forthcoming album, The Next Day.

January 9, 2013

Five Reasons You Should See Jake Gyllenhaal As A Hunky Time-Travelling Solider In 'Source Code!'

He’s no superhero, but you’ll love a buff Jake as a time-traveling soldier!

Jake Gyllenhaal has to save Chicago from a terrorist attack in the thrilling Source Code, one of the most fun movies of the season! In it, Jake plays a time-traveling soldier who can take the identity of a dead person for the last eight minutes of their life in order to solve crimes. Chicago is on the brink of disaster, and Jake is the only one who can stop the terrorist force in time! saw the movie at The Cinema Society & Coach screening on March 31 and loved it. Here are five great reasons to go see Source Code!
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April 1, 2011

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