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‘The Originals’ Recap: A New Enemy Rises Against Klaus & Elijah

The penultimate episode of ‘The Originals’ took everything we thought we knew and threw it out the window. Blood was spilled and new alliances came to light. Read on for all the details on the crazy episode.

The May 6 episode of The Originals was the definition of a game-changer. The season had been building up to the war between the supernaturals and the birth of Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Hayley’s (Phoebe Tonkin) baby. In the episode, the midnight spell was enacted, Cami (Leah Pipes) discovered a shocking secret, and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and Klaus finally engaged in battle. Let’s head to New Orleans!

May 6, 2014
The Originals Mikael

‘The Originals’ Recap: Mikael Returns To Wreak Havoc In New Orleans

‘The Originals’ upped the stakes on the April 29 episode, and the character you love to hate returned to New Orleans!

The Originals only has one episode left until the finale and it is going to be game-changing. On the April 29 episode, Hayley’s (Phoebe Tonkin) life was in major danger, Father Kieran (Todd Stashwick) was laid to rest and one of the most infamous characters made his way back from the dead! Read on for all the latest supernatural happenings in New Orleans!

April 29, 2014
Klaus Kills Father Kiernan

‘The Originals’ Recap: Death & Mayhem Strike New Orleans

The war between the vampires, werewolves and witches is just getting started and the final few episodes of ‘The Originals’ are going to be absolutely insane.

The city of New Orleans has reached its breaking point and the supernatural entities of The Originals are going to be in for the battle of their lives. On the April 22 episode, a catastrophe led Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) to uncover some interesting family secrets, one character met his demise and someone is harboring a deep, dark secret.

April 22, 2014
Originals Recap Davina Alive

‘The Originals’ Recap: A Fan-Favorite Face Returns To New Orleans

Klaus’s trust issues just became a whole lot more clear. The March 4 episode of ‘The Originals’ unearthed one of Klaus’s worst nightmares — and we even felt bad for him!

The Mar. 4 episode of The Originals made you realize that in the Mikaelson family, the king of evil easily goes to Mikael Mikaelson (Sebastian Roché). Klaus’s (Joseph Morgan) hatred of Rebekah (Claire Holt) carried over from the last episode, but his reasoning for being so hurt was uncovered in a past filled with heartbreak, pain and bloodshed. Plus, a fan-favorite character returned! Find out who it was below…

March 4, 2014
The Originals Daniel Gillies

‘The Originals’ Recap: A Brutal Betrayal Destroys The Original Family

The Mikaelsons have always been dysfunctional, but on the Feb. 25 episode of ‘The Originals,’ past and present betrayals irrevocably changed the vampire dynasty.

The Feb. 25 episode of The Originals is that episode. That one jaw-dropping, game-changing episode that steers the hit CW show in a new direction. The deep, dark secrets uncovered have left the Original family scarred for good. Let’s dig in!

February 25, 2014
The Originals Sophie Dies

‘The Originals’ Recap: Celeste’s Assault Ends In Tragedy

The Mikaelsons may have been in Celeste’s crosshairs, but someone else paid the ultimate price.

It’s official: Klaus (Joseph Morgan) has 99 problems, and witches are all of them! Celeste and her fellow death-cheaters put the Mikaelson family through hell on the Feb. 4 episode of The Originals, eventually resulting in the death of one of their closest allies. … OK, fine, more like one of their closest frenemies.

February 4, 2014

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